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August 30th 2011
Hector has fixed many problem areas of my life, she returned my lover, solved a problem at work, got me re-hired after I was fired and removed a curse for my mother . Hector removed all negative forces and energies and attracted tons of positive energies into my life. How can I say it? Hector is the BEST! He uses his gift wisely effectively. He delivers on his promises and is always there for you. I’ve been working with him on spells since 2007 and he hasn’t let me down. He has supported me and has worked relentlessly to solve my problems.
This is the first time in my 41 years of life that I can truly say that I am happy and that I am finally able to live the life I always wanted. The only regret I have is that I should have done this already 20 years ago!
Andrew L
September 21st, 2011
To all who read this….You must have faith. There are greater forces at work than you can imagine. It will get better and each of your situations will improve whether it is what you intended to happen or not. I am currently waiting for my magic to do its wonders, however you must remember to have patience. Patience is knowing that your efforts are paying off even there is no tangible evidence to believe so. Have trust and faith…you are in good hands with Mr. Salva.
SEPT 17, 2011
I highly recommend Hector’s spell casting service. It worked for me very fast with the custom ritual spells Hector did for me. He is great because he really works hard on your case and even now that all my problems are already resolved, I still come to him and make check to make sure everything is staying on the right track. I feel he is more like family to me then my own family. He always puts a smile on my face.
Hello everyone! . About 3 years ago the love of my life broke up with me, andI felt like my life just stopped.  She moved and wouldn’t talk to me.  No matter what I did or said, she wouldn’t respond to me at all.  After trying for two months, I started to look for a magic spell or a witch to help me.  I had heard of it from my relatives that spells were real and that they worked.  So I looked on the interent.  Somehow I ended up on hectors website and  I read & watched the testimonials and felt a hope again. I wrote to Hector and T and was told to order a consultation. I ordered the consultation with Hector and was amazed. I was never too sure about whether or not psychics and all this stuff was real. But after speaking to Hector, I had no doubt that it definitely was real. About 3 weeks after, I ordered my first Spell to be cast by hector. About 4 weeks after the spell was sealed by me, my ex started calling me and talking to me on a daily basis. We ended up back together after two weeks of talking.
Now it has been three years since hector helped me the first time. Now she has left me again, this time it has only been 2 weeks since she left. So immediately, I contacted Hector and he is helping me to get her back. I feel much hope even though my heart aches like crazy.I have been in this mess before and hector fixed it so i am sure he can fix it.I know that you must have patience and when you are in a situation like this it´s hard, but but if you have a problem like me, hang in there, i know hector can help you and he will.  When I get my results, I will send another testimony to hector so that you can know.

“Houngan Hector, Just sayin’ thank you. Malae and I have got back together last week. I didn’t think he would come back home, after spending all that money with you know who, I lost faith that he would come back. But he did! Thanks again, oh and keep an eye out for the mail, I sent you a present “Shawnda Louis
North Carolina1/6/2005
“Thank you Hector . . . . my relationship is going pretty well…Thank you so much…You are truly the best at what you do……Thanks again for everything. You really helped me a lot with all the stressing I use to do before I met you last year….I didn’t know if he would ever come back . . . . But he has been more caring and loving towards me the past year than he ever was the 1st time we were together”.Linda Rivera
Philadelphia, PA7/14/2007
“Thanks Hector . . . after spending $40,000 trying to get Richard to come back, going to Haiti, and everything I did for five years I didn’t think it was going to happen. I decided to give you a try, since a friend recommended you . . . I really didn’t think anything was going to happen, but three days after you started working he started calling me more than ever before . .. . now we spend every waking moment together . . . I don’t know how you did it but thank you I owe you my life. Keep your magic fingers safe. Love,”Maria Pichardo
Yonkers, NY12-8-2009
Houngan, thanks for the reading. I needed the wake up call, he didn’t love me and it was time for me to move on. Thank you for being honest and encouraging me to do that, I have a new boyfriend and we honestly love each other and he treats me really good. I got a new gold bracelet from him this weekend!Janet Harrington
Memphis, TN8-15-2009


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  1. body
    To all it may concern,

    I just had my reading by Hougan and I am absolutely amazed. He knew what I was inquiring about and knew details without me saying a word. This is something I believe in very much and I have come across many that have just said what needs to be said and to say work needs to be done for money. That is not the case with Hougan, he truly has his clients best interest at heart. He is the real deal !! There is no way he could know the things he did, about the situation I was inquiring about and other things not to do with the situation I was inquiring about. An amazing energy !! Thank you very much.

    • Today all of MY energy flooded in, and I felt energized and could appreciate everything I’ve created here in my new life. I felt back to myself- which is glowing and bursting with love and excitement of being a woman. I felt back to feeling the honor I have to walk my path, back to feeling my capabilities as a woman doing my work, back to having all my energy within me and sparkling, and others being captivated by it as I walk by.

      People started being interested in me, espeically teens. People started going out of their way to get my attention and to smile at me. This has never happened my entire life! I’m being seen now for me and my beauty, not what people projected or judged upon me. It was like the lies I was wearing from my past relationship and past work life went away, and I was reminded of who I am– well who I was when I first set out to live here. But, I get to enjoy it now, because I’ve built a good life here so far and gotten my foundation to support me.

      I’m starting to tell people my story of what I’m creating now, instead of describing the past abuse. It comes effortless to me. I don’t even think about the past. It’s so dead to me– complete history now. It’s done. Goddess it feels good to say that! I don’t have to find people to tell the confusion and upsetting stories to. I feel confident and satisfied that justice has been done.

      I realized today that, I have found what I was looking 5 years ago, and now I have all the power. It’s not a dream or future goal anymore. I have everything I set out to have. Power lies in my hands to wield it in to the world. This is the most transformational time and culmination of tangibility of everything I’ve been working towards.

      In addition, Papa not only got my man back, but several other better candidates lined up, who want to give me exactly what I want and need in a relationship.

      Thank you! Thank you!

  2. If you are reading this, trust me this man can help you. i was at the point of no return and giving up all together. my wife left me, my friends abandoned me, i was having problems at work and no matter what i did my wife didn’t want to come back. i went through about 18 spellcasters and was scammed, they didn’t do anything for me. not even the slightest result at all. i went to psychics who told me that she would come back and blah blah blah, i went to “healers” so called, to get my “energy” right so that she could come back, i did anything and everything.
    by the time i met with hector, i said if he can’t do this or if he turns me away, then i guess i will have to give up. i was very very skeptical when i came in, because i just felt there was really no hope, but was willing to give it one last shot.
    so i set up with his assistant (thank you for all your help!) and i went in for an in person reading. the first thing he told me was that he knew about my situation, that he saw i had been everywhere and that i wanted my wife back and called her by her name. i was honestly stunned. noone i had been to had done that, in fact, it kind of freaked me out a bit.
    he told me my case would take time to fix, that i needed to do alot of cleansings because of the spells i had gotten caste for me, he said that it would be a slow process but that we could get her to at least honestly consider getting back with me. i was about to tell him ‘ she has a new man’ when he suddenly said, you know she has a new man with a T name.” and that was correct tooo.
    so i decided to give it a shot. he told me he couldn’t guarantee anything and that it would take a while, but after everything he told me in the reading i felt, i just had to give it a shot. he was so on point, so direct, he used phrases that my wife had used when we seperated, he named her by name, he told me what was going on . . . no way i was not going to at least try. I felt a bit stupid, that i had paid tons of people who were not even half as good as hector to help me. i felt like if only i had met him before (i am glad he finally put up this site, because i told him he wasn’t easy at all to find. i found him almost by accident)

    to make a long story short, that was almost 10 months ago when i had that first reading. since then i have completed most of the process and during that process, at first i started to feel better, then as time went on, my life started going back on track. things started to go my way again. then after about my third step in the process, my wife called me sobbing. she had broken up with the other man. little by little, with hectors help, we got closer and closer. we were able to rebuild our friendship, a little step at a time.

    now we are dating again. we are taking it slow this time. not everything is great all the time yet, but overall we are doing very good. we are already talking about me moving back in.

    so if you are reading this, and you need help, and you are like me and you went everywhere and don’t know whether or not it is worth it, im telling you it definately is. hectors work is really worth its weight in gold and hector is an awesome man, a very gifted man and i feel really blessed that he shares this gift with me and helps me and other people with it. he made me a believer again, not only in magic, but in love and in people. i will always work with hector and only hector as he is the only one i trust, because his work is awesome and he does a great service to people with it. and his staff is a pleasure to work with tooo.
    thank you again hector
    please use this testimonial on your website to help other people
    Andre W.
    Philadelphia, PA

  3. I had a reading by Papa Hector and it was remarkable. He told me things that he couldn’t have possibly known, he named the names of people involved in my situation. I will definately be having him work on my case.

  4. houngan hector helped me alot. if you need real help then go to hetor he can realy help you out. i broke up with my boyfirend and treid many casters for 6 months before meeting hector and hector was able to get him back to me even tho he alraedy had another girlfiend, hecto broke them up and got him back for me, he is the best of the best i highly recoomend him and his service thank you so much hungan i appreciate you and you are truly blesed.

  5. First I want to say thank you to Hector. You really gave me clarity about the situation. For those of you needing real help, this is your guy. He is the truth. I had spent thousands of dollars trying to get my girl back with other casters. When I came to Hector, I didn’t want the reading. I just wanted him to do the work. His secretary (thank you T) told me that without the reading, Hector would not help me. In the reading, Hector told me the truth. I didn’t want to hear it and it was hard to take, but he told me anyway. He told me she was a waste of my time, as she was not going to come back. No matter what spell. So he suggested I do a cleansing to move on. It took me three weeks to get used to that idea. But after a while, I realized Hector was right. So I did what he said. And now, I have a girl who really cares about me and who is actually my friend and really has stuck by me. I know that she would not have come into my life had I continued to persue my ex and that I would have just been miserable for longer. So all I have to say is Thanks, you truly are the best. Whenever I need help, I will definately come to Hector. And I hope to meet you in person one day soon.
    Thanks so so so much,

  6. I did a few email readings with hector and was amazed with the last two I just had. I am trying to get back together with my ex and he told me things about the situation that I never even asked him about and only I would know. What I thought was impossible is very possible. I have tried others for readings before him and they didn’t help they were scams but houngan is the real deal. I also want to mention that I asked about getting a better full time job and he said its a 50% chance that I would get a part time job within 6 weeks. I did get a part time job with a higher position and a very nice raise in exactly 6 weeks! The best part is I didn’t know my application was still in the employers database it was already past the expiration. I am pleased with his service and with his secretary. Aytime I have a general question she gives me an answer right away. Get a reading you won’t regret it! Thank You Hector and staff!

  7. Hi I just wanna start off by saying that hector is truley amazing for those who dont already know I had a reading with him a little bit ago he told me lots of stuff but 2 things in perticular that he focused on I was breatjless less like I had goose bumps prob like 2 hors after his reading I see the person that the reading was about which I havent seen in about 5 ,months and every since that I have been told they person has been very curious about me that had me in shock I had a lot I mean alot of reading as well as so called work with nothing at all hector made me belive looking forward to working with him im telling ya for anyone who is truley looking for work seriously contact hector u will be stunned

  8. i only had a reading done with Hector and im starting to see results aready,just 20 minutes before my reading my ex contacted me and also the day after,it was just a casual conversation but the sound of his voice gave him away and that’s a sign cause i haven’t heard from him in a while,this all happened with just a reading.The reading was so accurate, Hector told me everything that was going on in my relationship without me telling him and what is needed in order to fix the problem,it was amazing.I would recommend Hector to anyone out there looking for help,dont waste any more time with other casters cause he’s the best and his secretary is amazing.I thank you.

  9. Houngan Hector is truly remarkable. I had a phone consultation that surpassed all of my expectations. I have been to other spiritualists in the past and NONE were able to tell me all that Hector did in just one reading. Having never met me, I was shocked with the precision of his details. He obviously knew things that others could have never known, particularly given that this was over the phone.

    His ability is unmatched, and he gained my trust in just one encounter. Add to all this, he is very easy to communicate with – very patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend him. Houngan Hector is AMAZING!!!

    • Fabulous psychic consultation. Very professional and was shocked how accurate Hector was without me saying anything! Ordered a candle and await results. Lovely man.

  10. I am more than sorry for ever doubting you. I should have know you possess true powers when you accepted my case. I am now a believer of what you do and that there are powers we normal humans can not understand. Thank you for bringing my husband back to me! I believe in you

  11. After I broke up with my ex I spent a lot of time wishing that I could just turn the clock backwards. He helped me do just that. In fact our relationship feels like the break up never even happened. We have never been this happy or passionate, all thanks to Him. The most happiest part of it all is that we celebrated the christmas together.Thanks!
    Victor L

  12. WOW!! sums up the reading that I had with Rev. Hector. I have to tell you that I was quite nervous at first to have the reading, Not sure of what information he was going to give me or if he would be able to help me with my situation. But I scheduled the reading with his Assistant/Secretary T, whom I have to say Is GREAT!! She replied to all of my emails and was very friendly and informative. I received the call exactly as scheduled from Rev. Hector, and found him easy to talk to which made me more at ease, Without any questions or comments, he started telling me what was wrong and the reason for my reading, Talk about hitting the bulls eye, he couldn’t be more right, He even told me about the conversations I had with my wife before she left me and the things she tried to explain to me when we separated, and though there were these complications and interference’s, he was able to help me fix and correct them so as we can get back together and move on beyond this. He was honest and told me this was not going to be an overnight thing and that this was going to take some time. I felt comfortable talking with him and plan on having him help me in the very near future, and have went ahead and ordered product from him to get things started. This was the BEST reading I have ever had and the most accurate one too, he is truly gifted as his web page says. I am so glad that I stumbled onto his page as it was not easily found. Rev Hector & his Assistant/Secretary T, offer A Terrific service and I would Highly Recommend them to everyone needing help in their lives. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for all your help thus far, and look forward to working with you.

  13. WOW!! sums up the reading that I had with Rev. Hector. I have to tell you that I was quite nervous at first to have the reading, Not sure of what information he was going to give me or if he would be able to help me with my situation. But I scheduled the reading with his Assistant/Secretary T, whom I have to say Is GREAT!! She replied to all of my emails and was very friendly and informative. I received the call exactly as scheduled from Rev. Hector, and found him easy to talk to which made me more at ease, Without any questions or comments, he started telling me what was wrong and the reason for my reading, Talk about hitting the bulls eye, he couldn’t be more right, He even told me about the conversations I had with my wife before she left me and the things she tried to explain to me when we separated, and though there were these complications and interference’s, he was able to help me fix and correct them so as we can get back together and move on beyond this. He was honest and told me this was not going to be an overnight thing and that this was going to take some time. I felt comfortable talking with him and plan on having him help me in the very near future, and have went ahead and ordered product from him to get things started. This was the BEST reading I have ever had and the most accurate one too, he is truly gifted as his web page says. I am so glad that I stumbled onto his page as it was not easily found. Rev Hector & his Assistant/Secretary T, offer A Terrific service and I would Highly Recommend them to everyone needing help in their lives. “THANK YOU VERY MUCH” for all your help thus far, and look forward to working with you.

  14. This spell caster that have helped me to get back my husband i meet with him and after 2days i got a phone call from my husband that have not called me for 5months. if you have any problem meet with him on i know that he is very powerful. thank you.

  15. I have been working with Rev.Hector since August of 2010- I am blessed to have found Rev.Hector. His readings have been spot on for me. I love his email readings because I have readings to fall back on as needed. To see how far things have progress because they have. I have performed several spells with Rev. Hector and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt– these spells have worked and are still working. I contact Rev. Hector for email readings often because when the spells manifest the results are very quick…

    I am blessed and honored to have found Rev.Hector he is a God-Send as well as the Spirits he works with…Rev.Hector his spell kit’s do work. I am excited and looking forward to his Candle service he will be offering in Feb.2012….

    God Bless you!

  16. As far as Im concerned, he is THE BEST there ever a nice person in the world is.. especially in a world filled with people who try to take your money and not do any good to you, he is a gem of a man who stands by his words and just makes it work. If he says he can make it work, it means he will make it work. Period!! He is very kind and when you talk to him, you’ll feel so much at ease and you can almost feel a calm spreading. Im not saying these for the heck of it… im saying these cz I felt it. I requested his intervention when things were not going great at my end.. in fact I felt like I hit rock bottom and my depression was getting the best of me.. Thanks to Mr. Hector, I am able to see the light of the day and Im truly happy and things can only go upards from here for me. For all this and more, Im deeply indebted to Mr. Hector and I wish there were more such genuine souls there on earth.
    Thanks to the spirits who helped me, Mr. Hector. My sincere gratitude also goes to Luck, who had been so patient and kind and answered (and is still answering) all my queries and help(s) me out so much.
    love and regards

  17. My entire life I suffered one setback after another, I could never get ahead and my relationships never lasted more than a few weeks. I was told by every psychic, tarot reader and spell caster that I went to for answers that I was cursed and there was nothing that could be done about it. I would never have any luck and would always bee cursed. I paid three casters 7000 dollars of my money to try to remove the curse and nothing lifted. each spell caster claimed to do the work, but nothing got better and when I would complain they would tell me I needed more work done.

    Last year in September (2011) I was on the internet and just by accident stumbled upon this website of Hector. I spend hours reading his articles and researching him. Finally worked my nerve up to contact him and had a reading. Papa Hector is the only practitioner that I have used who has helped me find relief for my problems. He removed the curse, gave me some protection and did some luck work for me, which cost me way less than what I paid to those other 3 spell caster. Finally, for the first time in my life, I am in a stable relationship in which we have been going on for months —- yeay—- and I have a job that I can progress. Thank you Hector, thank you so much, Papa Hector you are the man!

  18. Thank you Papa Hector, I am very happy. Although I didn’t get the answer I wanted, I know you told me the truth and finally I think I am going to be able to move past my ex and move on to better things for myself. I hope to work with you to get a new woman in my life for me. Thank you again for your honesty and sincerity, in the last 2 years, you are the first spell caster that I have met with those qualities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  19. Just wanted to comment again on Rev. Hector! He is the truth and I truly, truly appreciate all of the work and help Rev. Hector and Spirits do! Thank you for all of your help again!

  20. I’ve had a couple of readings with Hector and he amazes me every time. The very first one I had was last year and I was really nervous but Hector called at the exact time as the appt down to the minute and he was just so friendly. He picked up right away what was going on in my life without me asking a single question. He picked up initials of the people involved!! I’ve never had anyone do that before and I’ve been to my share of psychics! Hector doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, he tells you the truth!! I was very amazed with his accuracy!! When I got off the phone my hands were shaking because I was in shock! My first experience was so well that I came back to Hector again for another reading recently when things in my life weren’t so well! He once again picked up on things so well and described the people and situation! He’s going to help me get my life back the way I want. I really trust him and his spirits! I know it’s real and I know I’ll be back to leave another testimonial on his wonderful work and to tell you all my happy results because I know I’ll have them!

  21. My name is Sonia and I live in NY. i had problem with my ex boy friend some months ago. he was cheating on me which hurt me badly,and he was also avoiding me,He no longer picked up my calls.I was totally confused cos i didn’t know what to do. So i was surfing the internet for love spells to get him back and I saw Papa Hector’s Youtube Video Testimonials. I knew I had to contact him and get him to help me. So i contacted t and she told me to order a consultation which I did. He told me everything, as if he had been there. The reading was simply amazing, I didn’t really believe in psychics, but after the reading, I knew psychics were real. And he told me that I needed some spells, so I did what I had to do to get them done by him. To cut it short.My ex boy friend gave me a call and said to me that we should have a date,i agreed.On the date,He was begging me to have him back and i agreed we are now together again,. Thank you Papa Hector for rescuing my relationship…..continue your good work

  22. I had been waiting for a department move at my current place of work, for almost a year. The management were dragging their feet and never seemed to reach a final decision. Within 72 hours of sealing my spell from you, the move was finalized. thank you once again I know that I would still be in the same place without you. Papa Hector is a great man and the most genuine spell caster I have ever been to, if you need help, go to him.

  23. am writing this because I want to testify how great Papa Hector is. Everyone needs to know! I am a very satisfied and happy client. I can’t tell how long it’s been since I’ve bought spells online, but none of them had the same results than his. Margaret definitely moved in with me 2 months ago. It was just a few weeks after he cast a love spell for me. If know I should have messaged him before, but I was a bit scared that she could find out about the spell hee did so I removed his email. Anyway, I can tell everyone who are reading this that they are doing the right choice to go with Papa Hector for a spell. It was always great communicate with him and all the services he offer are just excellent. Walter

  24. I have a huge testimony to share that I broke in 2 parts I hope Mr Hector and Greatest Spells don’t mind, but I have to share this testimony with everyone. Last year, I needed some changes in my life, because I was sick and tired of all the drama and problems that was in my life. I was cursed real badly and I couldn’t hold on to a man nor a job no longer than 3 months and friends parted from me and even my family wouldn’t help me. Went to a few spell casters last year and nothing happened, but 3 months ago I went to Mr. Hector . I had Cleansing Custom Ritual Spell, and I noticed good things were happening. I was given some money from a old friend and this guy was nice enough to let me move in the building and he worked out payments for me at my job that I recently got back and people were being nicer to me even some of the rude people that gave me problems in the past. thank you, kelly.

  25. I have met with couples of scammers and they have all succeeded in milking me dry and fed fat on my resources until I finally met this great spell caster: Rev. Hector and ever since then my life has went through a turning point and now I am singing a new tune I am sure he can do same for you this I can guarantee…..don’t give up yet, all it takes is just to have a first reading, then he can tell you what he can do for you. He told me he would bring back my husband and he did! i luv you alot papa hector

  26. My finances were in the toilet, my girlfriend of seven years left me and took our son. My life was spinning out of control and I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. A buddy of mine referred me to Papa Hector in 11 and as skeptical as I was, I decided that praying and asking for help wasn’t working, so why not give this a try. Mr. Hector you have helped me turn my finances around 110%, I am running a part time ebay business and I am playing blackjack on on the weekends, last week I brought home $1700.00 in four hours at the table, I could never win like that before, but Mr. Hector with your help I am winning often and it has taken the pressure off my relationship and my girl and son are now back at home. Thank you papa.

  27. I never really believed in any of these things but when I was losing Jackson, I needed help and somewhere to turn badly. so i ordered a LOVE SPELL. 2 days later, my phone rang. Jackson was his old self again and wanted to come back to me! Not only come back, the spell caster opened him up to how much I loved and needed him. Spell Casting isn’t brainwashing, but hector opened his eyes to how much we have to share together. I recommend anyone who is in my old situation to try it. It will bring you a wonderful surprises as well as your lover back to you. The way things were meant to be.” contact papa hector he’s very nice and great. ….. Lisa a

  28. I had a reading with Rev Hector and it was truly an experience. I just provided him with names and birth dates. He managed to give me details of the situation and told me what’s wrong with my relationship and gave me the solutions. He even saw that I am starting a business with someone who is not my boyfriend. Rev Hector is a very nice and compassionate person. I am very impressed and believe that he is the real deal.

  29. Hello everyone, this is my testimonial for Papa Hector

    to all who are reading this, if you really need help, go to Papa Hector. Papa Hector can really help you, he really helped me! My spell worked, today actually! Hector is amazing and I can’t thank him enough. And as promised to the Spirits, here is my testimonial

    When I first came in to see Hector i had already been to alot of other casters. i went to about 10 casters and spent around 9 thousand dollars to get my boyfriend back. Some casters told me he would come back, wait till such and such time and he never did. Others promised me results in days or a week, the results never came. When I came to Hector, I saw his site, I said this will be my last shot. If it doesn’t work this time, I am not going to waist anymore time or money on this because if it doesn’t work, and this guy is obviously good at spell casting, then it never will.

    So I had a reading, at first, I said I didn’t want one. But t, told me that it was required by Papa Hector in order for him to take on your case. So i did it reluctantly. When Hector called me, all he said was hello and all I said was hello, and Papa Hector started to read me.

    Well he blew me out of the water. He told me exactly what my situation was, he told me that I had gone to casters, and the exact number of casters I went to. Then he went on and told me the names or initials of some of the casters, including the initials of my ex’s new girlfriend. He even told me about some things that had been going on at work. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it. None of the other psychics or casters had ever told me all that, with so much accuracy, and so much detail.

    So although the work that he quoted me was very expensive, I had to try it just one last time. He told me I needed a seperation spell, a communication spell and finally a reunion spell. I paid him and he did the spells. He was very very honest , and told me in the reading that I could expect to wait around three to four months before getting Charles back. He told me to expect results around the end of Feb, Beginning of March.

    Well, today is the 27th of Feb and Charles asked me if we could be back together this morning. Of course I said yes. THank you Papa Hector, thank you hector, thank you Spirits, thank you God. I cannot thank you enough. I didn’t think it was possible, I had lost my hope and most of any little faith that I had to begin with, but thanks to you, I have my love and my life back. Thank you. God bless you many many times over for all the help you give to people, you have a beautiful gift.

    I will always be a friend and faithful client to you. thank you t also for all your help during the process.

  30. I’ve never been so happy! This stuff really works. My hopes weren’t high when I started this journey 3 weeks ago but the better business spell delivered what it promised 🙂

    You are the best Hector, You are the only practitioner I would recommend to anyone because you have the gift!

  31. I had a reading with Hector right from the start you feel like your talking to a friend. He makes you feel very at ease. He got right to the the point to what i wanted to know. I have to say he is very honest. He could of easliy said i needed work done to resolve the problem. But was truthful enough to say things will come along. And if things to look to my liking then we’ll go to plan B. So i respect the fact that he was honest, becasue they are alot of scammer out there and only out to get your money and not sincerly help you. So I highly recommend Hector. I’ll be come back in the future. May God and San Miguel Bless you always. Thanks… Loretta, NJ

  32. I found talking to psychics over the years that readings are usually for love (with money number 2). Mine was for love. In fact, the last years I have had feelings for a few people, maybe REALLY loved one once, and have tried every “top rated” psychic under the sun who always told me the exact same thing. SUGAR. He would come back, he had feelings for me, he had walls, etc. Then when the prediction didn’t come to pass, they would just take more money and adjust the timeframe and bring up something untrue as to the delay, to reel me in. I fell for it. FOr many years after that i refused to see any psychics again, as not a SINGLE prediction had ever passed.

    Then came along Mike. Mike is my love at first sight, that has now happened for me once in my lifetime. Things started wonderfully then were not going as expected. I fell for the trap again, i spoke to psychics, who told me the exact usual things, and in fact, one of the most highly rated ones told me of an upcoming wonderful weekend that would ease my mind finally, and it was this weekend that he actually “dumped” me!

    I read about Reverend Hector and to be honest i couldn’t find anything negative anywhere so i thought oh well this is my last resort I should give him a try. I wish i saved all this money and time these past years and went to him from day one! The reason is simple. He tuned in to Mike’s energy and explained *exactly* how Mike treated me, without me saying a word or giving anything away. He picked up the third party involved, without me saying anything. But most of all he didn’t sugar coat it and explained what *I* needed to do also from my end to get this back on track. I fully believe for once there is hope. Because Reverend Hector does not take on cases that are unresolvable. This is well known. He is honest and caring. He was amazingly easy to talk to as if i had known him forever. But the way he pinpointed how Mike treats me specifically, is how i really know that he knows his stuff. I recommend if you are lost in a love situation and need to know the TRUTH, please order a consultation from Reverend Hector. Blessings to all.

  33. thanks to hector who help me bring back my ex wife in just two weeks he is a great spell caster he can help you in any kind of problem, he is honest and does what he says he will do.

  34. Houngan Hector gave me hope when I was ready to throw in the towel. No words can express how grateful I am to have found someone that is so real and dedicated. I am having work done as we speak and did a do it myself kit in the past. I have no doubt in my mind that my spell will manifest. Everything that this man has said to me has come into fruition. I’ve recommended everyone I know that I trust. Not only was I ready to give up on my situation, I was ready to give up on life. THANK YOU HOUNGAN HECTOR, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND SOUL!

  35. My husband has abandon me and the kids for the the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he was hold on by a woman whom he just met, for that, my self and the kids has been suffering and it has been heel of a struggle, but i decide to do all means to make sure that my family come together as it use to, then i went online there i saw so many good talk about this spell caster hector, so i had to contact him and in just 9 days as he has promised, my husband came home and his behaviour was back to the man i got married to.

    I cant thank enough what what he did for me, i am so greatful.

  36. thanks you houngan hector for helping bring back my beloved wife and my 2kids. I know I was a pain in the butt, very nervous and emailing T way tooo much. I am sorry for that. But your spell finally worked like you said it would, and I am soo sorry for not being more easy to work with and constantly nagging T. Thank you T, thank you Papa Hector, and most of all thank you to all Papa’s Spirits, who I know helped me sooo much. I definat recommend houngan hector if you need help, the spell may take some time to work and he will tell you that, like he did to me, but it will work. You just need to trust him, the Spirits and the process. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I will be ordering another spell for my business soon. I Can’t wait to speak to you again.

    luis m

    u s a

  37. My name is jeffrey, i have been having problems with my girlfriend and have been together with her for over 6 years now, I do love this woman a lot and do want to get married to her but at times i did feel a little confused about this and had wondered if she has been true to the relationship…until i have found Revrend Hector. He told me that she was not being true with me..I did later find out that she has been seeing her ex boyfriend I was overwhelmed and did not know what to do, although I still loved this girl and could not see myself with anyone else, I did not want to lose her and Hector assured me that he could help me with this problem, I contacted him once again to let him know that I did want to get help with this. With the powers that he has so now I have my girlfriend and I did work a lot of things out and she has came back to me and we are now back together and engaged I haven’t fully gotten over the fact that she has cheated on me but sometimes we do need to forget the past and move on to a better future and without hectors help I dont think it would have ever worked out. he is truly an Angel sent from above! I can’t thank him enough and I would reccomend his service to anyone who is having a problem like mine. I will definately be coming back to him again.

  38. thanks to Hector who helped me bring back my my girl friend in just
    2 weeks he is a great spell caster he has helped me so very very much, I am sure that he can probably do the same for you.

    Hi everybody I’m harrison I’m from texas. I want everyone to know that Mr. Hector brought back my wife who was living with another man. If you are in any kind relationship scandal ,he can help you like he did me. He really is the best and these are really the greatest spells.
    Thank you again Mr. Hector
    Harrison W.

  40. thanks to the great man who help me solve all my problem he has helped me bring back my wife and 2kids in just 2 weeks he is the real deal a great spell caster a can help with any kind of problem you can possibly have -contact him


    u s a

  41. Thanks very much for the spell you cast for me. I am pleased to tell you that it worked great and I am now back with my husband and everything is okay. Thanks so much once again and will definitely order again in the future. Be blessed and keep up with the Good work.


  43. Thank you to the Spirits for getting me my man back. Thank you Papa Hector for taking the time to do the spell for bringing my man back to me. I went to 3 different spell casters, but only you got the job done. I really wasn’t sure anymore if spells were real, but now I know they are. Like I said before I appreciate all your time, effort, and energy you put during the spell cast. He is more open and he admitted he loves me and really wants to try n a relationship with me again. After a year of seperartion we are now back together, and he plans to move in when his lease is up. THANK YOU PAPA HECTOR ………Jean

  44. Good day
    my name is peter
    i want to testify what mr. hector has done for me, no1 has able to do for 6 months. He has bring back my happiness please i must thank Mr Hetor for the spell he caste for me and it has really bring back my family together,i have be married to my wife for past 8 years without a child but when a friend of my tell me to go to mr. hector and have reading from he and after 2months my story change my wife was found pregnant today thank you mr hector

  45. I order one reading from Papa Hector and i was amazed about how accurate and how true the reading was . He always give the true answers at any question you try to find one answer ,at question which none in this world except him it not able to gave you .I am so happy i find him . My life it change from the day i contact him, cause i know that he it there to help me with any issue i have , giving me true answers and good advices . I am so thankful to him and i wish him for him much happiness and health for continue doing his good work helping the people.

  46. WHAT A BLESSING TO FIND SOMEONE GENUINE AND CARING IN A SEA OF COLD, MONEY HUNGRY FAKES! I wish I had known about Papa Hector years ago before wasting so much money and so many tears.

    I started my search for spiritual help about two years ago and searched online for countless spellcasters, psychics, Shamans, Buddhist monks, Christian “Prayer Warriors”. Kaballah trained Rabbis and ANYONE I thought could get rid of the bad luck plaguing my life. Although I wear a smile and joke around in my everyday life,no one around me knows about my deep inner pain over constant financial struggles and nothing but abusive relationships to recall. When Papa Hector told me me within the first 2 minutes of my reading that I had a lot of difficulty with romantic relationships, my mouth dropped in shock. He then revealed some things that I felt but never voiced and some things about me that I have kept a secret for over 15 years!!! This divine man is not only real, but the most caring and loving person I have ever spoken to. I have been praying everyday for the angels to bless, guide and protect me and I know that they have led me to someone capable of really making an enormously positve difference in my life. Do Not Wait. Cast your skepticism aside because Papa Hector is truly a powerful spirtual being with the ability to alter your reality and manifest what you need.

  47. I know I will be contacting you again very soon to do another spell. The first spell went according to your time line and I am very impressed. I have great faith in you now I am living with the results from your first spell. (Beautiful!!)

    Many thanks for your powerful spell work . I can’t say alot about my case, but I went to Hector to get my lover back. I am deeply impressed. Your authentic spiritual work is a refreshing change. I thank you for your sincerity and hard work. I know it takes dedication to work as you do with such honor, dignity and respect. I highly recommend your services and this web site to any and all needing help. I can’t wait to get you to work on the next spell that I need. thank you again Hector



    After 2 years of having spells cast by other casters, I was no closer to my ex than I was when I lost him. BUT 2 months ago I found comment about Papa Hector and his spell work. I read on another forum about people who used him and they were getting results. So I decided to contact him and give it one last shot. Papa Hector told me that I didn’t have a very high chance, even with the spell to get him back. But I was so amazed by the reading that Papa gave me that I decided, I had to try a spell this one last time. In the 2 years of having Spells cast for me, going to psychics and other spell casters, I had never had a reading so amazingly accurate and I didn’t even say a word to him! So even against his advice, I told Papa that I needed to proceed. So he cast the spell for me to bring back my lover.

    A week after he casted the spell my ex boyfriend called my phone and told me that he missed me and would like to see me. So we set a date. We went on the date, and after we continued to talk and chat for about 2 weeks. After the two weeks, he asked me if we could be back together and I told him yes! We have been back together since and we are planning on moving in together. It was truly amazing, the only part I wish is that I found Papa two years ago!


    For anyone reading this who needs help, I hope my testimony can help you and suggest you to go to Papa Hector, he helped me and I am sure he can help you in some way, he really cares about people.

    Kelly Tr.

  49. Hello everyone,my name is Brianna i have been in a relationship problem for the past 2years but now and a friend of mine introduced me to Papa Hector and 4 weeks after contacting Hector and having my spell cast,my relationship problem was over but i only abide by his rules and regulations. But now I am glad to be together with my boyfriend him, get his help and i promise your problems will be over. Thank you again to Hector, God and the Spirits.

  50. I am very satisfied with Reverend Hecter’s reading. he called when he said he would. His reading was very accurate. He did not ask me anything that would have pinpointed how accurate he was. I will defintely refer he to friends in need.

  51. Hector is the MAN, after using several spell caster with no results I was referred to Hector to get a reading. I was afraid that Hector would turn my case down because I was told that if the spirits tell him that he should not take the case he would turn me down, after using several casters without results, I was really afraid Hector would turn me down. But to my surprise Hector gave me a reading that was awesome, although he said it would take time, but will work, I was so happy. His readings were very accurate, things he told me was right on, things that I did not even shared with him. He even new my EX name, which is a rare name to say the least. Thank you Hector for giving me hope! Love David.

  52. When I got my reading I was nervous. He not only described what was going on, but in great detail. I am getting some work done and I will be back to share with you what happens. My husband filed for a divorce and he didn’t trust me anymore. I didn’t break any vows, but I snooped. We argued and most of all his mother is hard to get along with…she is jealous and hates me. I have cried for two months straight and I am down to my last chance. I did see my husband and we talked…but I still feel hesitant. I need this to be final and for him to come home and stay married. Whatever it takes, because I love him. I would like to even go to counseling with him when he comes home too! I need him to forgive me for his hurt and the past. I am a different person now, so this should help ofcourse. I wasn’t too bad before, but to him he feels I was. It is what he thinks. Wish me luck and thank you so far Hector for the amazing reading…I have had many you came the CLOSEST and right on the NOSE! Seriously, unbelievable reading!! and by the way…I didn’t tell him anything…HECTOR TOLD ME! Thank you to his assistant too! I appreciate what you will be doing…stay tuned I will give you an update in a month in a half!

  53. i am Janice, i am from Norway but live in the us. i moved here with my husband who left me. i want to used this opportunity to thank Mr. Hector for helping me get back my husband that left me and the kids two years ago. after reading some testimonies about papa, i decided to give him a chance and did all the instructions i was being asked to do’ just like after four weeks my husband that have abandoned i and the kids came back from the State with apologies , that he is very sorry for all of the pains, tears and stressed he caused us. i GREATLY APPRECIATE Papa Hector’s work and will be returning again for other issues that i have.

  54. I was very nervous initially when Papa Hector called me because I was worried that his spirit guide would tell him not to take my case. I am very relieved that Papa Hector gave an 80% chance to success for my case. I have been scammed before by other con artist. When Papa Hector gave you a reading, he can pinpoint what is going on in your life without you providing any info and most importantly it is EXTREMELY ACCURATE. He has great positive energy that after the reading I feel my life is enlightened already. My life was terrible last year and I thought I was being cursed. I asked Papa Hector whether if someone put a spell on me or not or whether I need cleansing or not. He was very honest and told me what was the real reason behind and said that cleansing is only optional because he didn’t see any curse or any thing in my path. He will not push any spells or add on a bunch of unnecessary things to try to scam you or get more money out of you and I respect him highly.

  55. I had a reading with Hector and it was truly an experience. I was amazed with how accurate and how true the reading was. I just provided him with names and birth dates. And just two sentences of my situation, and he managed to give me details of everything and told me what’s wrong with my relationship and gave me the solutions. At first, i’m thinking whether i should write my ex is stubborn, but at last i did not write it in the email, and when i read the reading, he tells everything so truely, about my ex being stubborn and the conversation we have. Everything is so amazing and he is the one i will put my trust in after seeking so many spell caster. the reading alone amaze me. Although is quite expensive for the work, but i think its worth. This website is hard to be found, but i’m glad, i found it at this desperate moment of my life. i’m defintely going to trust on hector and believe that his work will work for me.

  56. papa hector is the best of the best. he almost brings me relieve whenever there is an issue, i am working with papa on a number of issues, i will keep you all posted. his sectretary “t” is also very nice and is also prompt in replying to all my queries. even though i think my case is difficult , i think anything is possible for papa hector and his guides. thank you so much.. truely impressed will keep you guys posted as soon as my full results manifest 🙂

  57. Hector is AMAZING!!! I’ve had several readings him and he’s been accurate, forthcoming, and easy to communicate with in every single one. He was able to tell me things that no other spiritual worker could – answers that I’ve long waited to her. I finally feel now after so many years of searching for answers that my life is getting back on track. His work is fast and results are noteworthy. I am thankful to him and his staff and look forward to more readings in the future.

  58. Just had a reading done by papa Hector , i liked that he called on time,i was nervous because i know he is honest and wont hold back anything and sometimes the truth hurts, he told me that i didnt need to be & i can be helped, all i sent was names birthdays & a pic , and soon as i answered he started telling me about my situation right away with me having to say , he knew about the parties involved with my problem, i only thought it was 1 but he was able to see a 2nd person & even described my rival to a T!!! he made me understand the reason why i didn’t have success with my target , simply because of an “ex” in my way ,what made me believe even more was that he was able to repeat word for word the reason my target and i aren’t together and that took the cake!, so what he suggested was that i get rid of that person then everything else can proceed & im hoping for success which i strongly believe i will have , i am so happy to find this man , he as truly my angel , he haven’t done nothing yet for me but i did order a separation spell & can’t wait to get started ,just got to keep the faith! i highly recommend him to anyone having love/relationship problems , the consultation is VERY IMPORTANT because it will guide you to the right spell that you need

    • Hello Hope,

      I was reading your comments and was wondering if your separation spell has worked? I just recently had my first reading with Papa Hector and was told that I also need a separation spell to remove 2 rivals that are coming between me and my lover. Please let me know how things are working out for you and your boyfriend. God Bless!

  59. i want to thank hector for helping me get back my lover that ran away from me since 2010. i looked him up on forums and found out that he was very good. so i contacted his secretary and she told me to get an appointment which i did, hector said he could only see a 50% chance for me to get what i want, but i told him i have to try anyway. so he told me that it would be a risk, but i told him i have no other choice, so i had the spell done. i followed all his instructions and in 2 months, like hector told me would happen, he started caling again. at first it was very slow, but i didn’t push him, i just let it go like hector told me to do. after about 1 month of talking he asked me if i would give things another chance, of course i said yes. so far we are still together, and this time i think our relationship is better than it was before. so thank you hector for all that you do and all that you have done for me, and thank the spirits. love you always regina!

  60. Houngan Hector’s reputation is more than well-deserved. I had a telephone reading with him recently, and from the moment we began talking on the phone he cut to the chase and started telling me about many fine details in my relationship and personal life. As most of the previous testimonials will tell you, he was dead on right in every single aspect — although it was not an immediate realization for me. A few of the deeper matters did not make sense initially because I was overwhelmed by his piercing accuracy. Luckily, I anticipated this so I recorded our reading. After a replay, everything clicked and I understood that Houngan Hector had the clarity that I did not have. It’s difficult to sometimes break out of that tunnel-vision when you’re up to the head in a situation yourself.

    Even if you decide not to pursue spellwork with him, I would still recommend a reading from Houngan Hector. He clearly has the talent and you would at the very least benefit from his clear vision and guidance.

  61. Papa hector I wanted to to thank you for all of your work and effort. I requested a reunion love spell (to bring back my boyfriend) and within 3 weeks Bryce was back and calling me regularly, and little by little we fixed what i had messed up. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that this was going to work as i had gone to other casters with no results, but i had to give it one more shot. you told me to be patient and i was, and I cannot thank you enough for your work! I have already recommended two friends to you for help with their love lives and will continue to recommend you to anyone i feel needs you. I cannot thank you enough papa hector.

  62. I had a 5 question email consultation with Papa Hector… I have had ‘readings’ before with other spiritual guides and all would ask specific questions about what was going on in my life before answering my questions. This did not happen with Papa Hector, my email questions to him were so general and unspecific that it was truly AMAZING that he answered them with sucgh detail and with specifics. I was AMAZED AND IMPRESSED that he tapped into what was going on with my life without me having to reveal to much to him. It was like he was there in the conversations with my boyfriend, or really saw what happened to me over the last year. I felt his gift immediately because he knew so much what was going on without me having to reveal anything. I am looking forward to having custom work done by him. He has real gifts!

  63. Hector has truly amazing insight on a stunning level. I did not even have to divulge any information and I was given all the details of my situation and more. He answered every question honestly and sincerely and I commend him for that. I definitely recommend his reading and his spiritual work to all that are interested or are currently facing a problem

  64. Hey guys Hector is so amazing, had a reading by him and I couldnt believe how accurate he is. He tells the truth as it is and he doesn’t sugar coat. I’m happy my problem can be solved and will definitely be going ahead even though its pricey I believe its worth it especially.after viewing the you tube videos. My spirit usuallly senses when there is trouble but with Hector I was so comfortable, relieved as I could sense that my problems were coming to an end. I will keep yu guys informed but as for readings believe me there is no one like Papa Hector. Oh not forgetting his secretary who is so warm and friendly and replies to emails. Luv them both mcwa

  65. papa hector is a great man, he is full of the spirits, my reading was amazing, he told me everything what is happening to me and my situation, he was so accurate and detailed, you can feel the energy with calm as papa hector speaks with you, i have found the true vodou priest in papa hector. i know he is going to help me, i know that he will succeed with me, i feel all the energy and his power within me, thank you papa hector from the bottom of my heart, now its time for spells to work and manifest, thank you andreas

  66. I’ve had a few readings with Hector. He is a great reader, very friendly, and very honest. He answers all your questions and doubts. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for accurate and honest answers. He truely has the gift.

  67. I had a reading with Hector yesterday…WOW! He was spot on and knew exactly what was going on. I am ordering a spell today from him, i was told an 85% chance within 4-6 weeks. I have so much faith in Hector that i have no doubt he will come through for me. I will update once everything comes back together!!
    Thank you!

  68. My ex-boyfriend dumped me 5 weeks ago after I accused him of seeing someone else and insulting him. I wanted him back in my life but he refused to have any contact with me. So after researching around I found this site and contacted Houngan Hector. When I had my reading done, I was nervous and scared. I thought he said he wouldn’t be able to help me. But in the end, he told me he could help me to bring him back. I was expecting to have to spend a lot of money because I saw his prices are expensive. So I was really really surprised when he told me all I had to do was to have two candles burned to bring him back. I ordered the candles that Houngan Hector burns and had him do my candles. He sent me a prayer to say everyday and I did what he told me to do. Two and a half weeks after the last candle finished, my ex was calling me again and came over. He slept over that night and in the morning he asked if we could work it out and get back together, to which I said yes of course! And we have been back together ever since. Thank you Houngan Hector, your Lwa and your Spirits, you are of great help in the community and I think you are the best. I will be back again to have you help me on a situation at my job. Houngan is really a wonderful, nice, kind and caring person. He really cares about his clients and I would recommend him to any and all who need spiritual help.

  69. I knew this would be my final reading. I was prepared mentally to move in the direction that the spirit guides advised through Hectors asking. Favorable or not. I was given much favor!!..80-85% success rate to regain my love. My work is lengthy, but to gain the reward of lying beside my lover again is worth the sacrifice!! I feel more condifidant than Im able to describe…I know if this love is attaineable…Hector and the beautiful spirits he practices with will grant my hearts one wish.

  70. I recently had a reading with Hector, and he truly amazed me at how accurate he was. I felt like I was talking to a friend because he know so much about my situation without me telling him. I have been to other people for consultations, but none of them was a precise and accurate as Hector. I am looking forward to working with Hector, he is an honest man and that’s what I like most about him. If you are looking for honesty on your situation, I would recommend Hector to anyone.

  71. Thank you Papa Hector for your wonderful work, thank you, thank you. Thank you to the Spirits. I have sent them some flowers, please have T let me know when you receive them. My girlfriend left a week before our vacation to be with another man. I was desperate to get her back when I found Papa Hector. I tried 5 other people to do a spell to get her back and nothing worked. I was still alone and lots poorer. Then I found Papa Hector by accident. I don’t know how I found him, I don’t remember. But, when I first saw the site, I wasn’t sure. It seemed expensive, but after seeing and reading the Testimonials on the site, I decided I had to try and give it one last shot. So I had the reading, and it went very very good. Papa Hector recommended some custom rituals. I had them done, because the reading was so amazing, I hadn’t ever had a psychic reading that accurate (and I have been to lots of psychics before), so I had to try. After my spells, he sent me some things to do like some baths, and stuff. So I did them. Then about 4 weeks later, when I thought it probably wasn’t going to work, I got a text from her. And we started going back and forth by text, she asked to meet the next day. So we did, and that night we ended up sleeping together, and about a few days after we got back together. We have been back for about 4 months now and I can only thank the Spirit Guides and Papa Hector for that! Thank you Papa Hector, I love all of you , thank you T you are truly amazing, thank you to all the Spirits. To anyone else who needs help, Papa Hector is the Truth! He really helps his clients and it shows. He is the best.

  72. This is an update as i promised to the spirits. The first of my two spells has come to (almost) fully manifested. Papa Hector began my first spell on 9/3 & i received confirmation on 9/28 it has worked! I am still waiting on results for my second spell and will update as soon as i have results. My advice to anyone going through this is to keep your head up and always trust that you came to the best of the best. When my journey began i had very little faith (after being scammed) but when i found out it actually worked i was shocked to say the least! Papa Hector is amazing, he is REAL. I can not wait until my second spell comes into fruitation. Thank you Papa Hector, Spirits and of course T.
    I will update soon!!

  73. Hello everyone. I was searching all over the web for someone to cast a spell for my situation. I scheduled a consultation with Hector and I received the call exactly when I was told I was going to get one. I didn’t have to say anything to Hector he just began telling me what he saw, and he was getting a lot of things right. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was definitely happy with what he told me. He was honest with me and of what I kind of results I should expect. He was nice to talk to and I have decided to work with him. I can’t wait to see what happens. I want to be able to come back and write a story of success. To anyone who is looking for insite on what they should do with whatever situation they are going through, I would definitely recommend HECTOR. His reading was not generalized like many I have heard before. I can’t remember what I typed in the search engine in order to bump into his site, but I am glad I did.

  74. For all those in disbelief…

    I have been to many spell casters and talked to many physics, but they all have been scammers…. I would hope from one to another in hopes of one using there gifts to help people. How could someone use this gift and just tell you or help you enough to get your money… Then I stumbled on Papa Hector… Thinking to myself don’t fall for it again… I took a chance being that I never saw video testimonials on any web site before and reading about him made him seem like a nice guy.. So I scheduled my reading and boy was it accurate. He was kind called and the right time on the dot… He touched on my problem and then hit a few other areas that I didn’t even discuss. He suggested spell work… One for him to do and a kit for me to do to help save me money. I saved my money and purchased both. With in 1 day of him casting his part of the spell my ex was back and wanted to marry me and settle down!! It was amazing!! But shortly after I could not get over the fact that my ex had cheated on me and that was all I saw in the relationship.. Her and Him.. I was stuck in the past… So I emailed Papa Hector for help and he actually got back to me.. I thought since my work was done he wouldn’t care anymore unless I bought another reading, but he kindly explained that I needed to decide what was best for me and if I left her that I would never have another chance with her… So make sure it was what I wanted…

    I accepted the fact that we would no longer be together and I moved on.. She is doing great with life and has found someone else as did I. Now I believe I have found “THE ONE” she is perfect in every way and I am using Papa Hector again but this time to make an already existing relationship better! Not to bring back someone who cheated and left me. I plan to do a strengthen relationship spell because I am the first girl she has ever dated and I don’t want the weight of the judgment of society to give her cold feet when we are doing so great.. She has had a few struggles and she has over come with flying colors, but its only going to get harder for her and I want to support her spiritually as well as in the flesh!!! Thank You Papa Hector I know your spells really work!!! Can’t wait to work with you really soon!!! Thank You for using your powers for the greater good and not being a scammer… It means a lot to people like me… You’re a great person!

  75. This is my testimonial for Papa Hector, he is the gratest spell caster on the internet, i stumbled on his site a few months ago and had a consultation and two spells done by him. He told me that he didn’t recommend me tryin to get my ex back but i inisisted that he at least allow me the chance to try, even if I had to pay extra. So, he said he would do the work for me even thogh he didn’t recommend it. He told me it would take 2 months to get my ex back to me, my ex was with another girl, and also i had problems with his mother. I had did a cleansing spell first because that is what Papa Hector said I needed to be able to get enough clarity for my other spells to work. then he did a separation spell and a reunion love spell. I trusted Papa Hector and knew that he was doing God’s Work, I could tell it right away when I spoke to him on the phone. So i followed his directions very well, then my ex called me about 3 weeks after the work. He spoke to me nicely for a while, then said he was sorry and thought that he shouldn’t and hung up. I was scared and upset, I thought may be something went wrong. I ask t she said, just follow the directions and stay cool. So I did just that. Two weeks after that, my ex called me again. Things went well, and from there he started calling me more and more frequently, little by little. Finally just a few days after the 2 month mark that Papa Hector said, my ex was asking me if we could try things out again. He broke up with the other girl when he first called me the first time and that is why he called me. And so everything went on from there.

    Papa Hector I can’t thank you enough. I will be your client for life and you can count on me! Thank you for helping me when no one ese could and being there for me when no one else would.

    Thank you a million,
    Blessings to you and all your family and the Spirits most of all,

  76. Hello, thank you for the awesome reading i am looking forward to working with you. you really opened my eyes up about a lot of things with the reading that you gave me and i cannot thank you enough for that. who ever reads this if you are looking for help get a reading with Rev. Hector he will amaze you as he did me i am sure. he really is the best. he gave me answers on things i didn’t even ask about but i did need to know, he is the truth!

  77. I came across this site looking for a spell to bring back my ex. I had gotten two spells done before with no results and was looking for soemone who could really help me and not just take my money. I was really impressed with all the videos on this site, so i decided to give it a shot and have a reading. when Papa Hector did my reading, i have to say that i was really impressed by him and what he saw. he saw the situation and he also saw that i had been to two other casters, even giving me their initials. He told me he could help me to get my ex back but it would take some time for the spells to work. He told me that I would most likely get back with my ex after the new year. I decided to give the spells a try, and you can imagine how amazed i was (i think papa hector was too) when last week my ex contacted me and we have been talking with each other every night since. We are not back together yet, but i think we will be soon because it looks like we are headed down that path. So this is my testimony of my love spells that Papa Hector did that works. they really do work and i still am trying to figure out how, but I can say that i am relieved that everything finally worked out for me. if you need help, he is your man.

  78. I will love to share my testimony with all people because i never thought i would have another chance with my boyfriend, the man i wanted to marry left me for another woman, and when i called him, he never picked my calls,he deleted me on his facebook account and then set the status to having a girlfriend with the other chick. I was devastated. I went to three spell casters before hector and i had really lost hope. i lost a lot of money with them and got no results. so when i came to hector i was really leery of him and didn’t think he could help me. i though it is too good to be true, because all the other spell casters were supposedly good and none of them helped me. i saw the testimonials and read the other testimonials and decided to get the consultation. he said he could help me, but my chances of getting my ex were very low and he didn’t recommend it at all. But i insisted that he at least give me the chance to work with him and try and if it didn’t work, i wouldn’t be upset and i would move on with my life. He agreed. Since he is in jersey and im in nyc, i decided i would go in person to have my spells cast. he is a really sweet and gentle man, when i met him i was really surprised. he looks very young, and i had my doubts whether or not he would be able to help me. But i figured i came all that way and i said i would try so i tried it. He called a spirit to talk with me and do the work, it was a woman spirit and when it came it totally transformed hector’s face. that is when i thought to myself that it might just work. the spirit gave me some advice and did the spells. i had a separation spell and a reunion spell done. the spirit said it would take a while for my ex to leave his new girl but once he did, he would come to me very quickly. She gave me some things to take home and do. I did them, but i was really nervous. i think i messed up a few times and i told t and she said just keep going and i would be fine. so i did. it was like 6 or 7 weeks later and i saw that my ex unblocked me from facebook. I saw he had changed his status again to single. so i was super excited because i took this to mean that he had split up with the other girl. about 10 days after that my ex called me. At first, it was weird between us. he wanted to see me. so i went to meet up with him. he didn’t ask me back then. i got very anxious and told t, and she said to stay calm and everything would turn out okay. So i did the best i could although i was still worried. We met up a few more times after that, and still he didn’t ask me back out. so i got a consultation with hector and he said to expect my ex to ask me back out within two weeks from the consultation. i listened, but i wasn’t sure it would happen. then it was almost 2 weeks later, and i though, damn, hector was wrong. But the next day (there was like 2 days left from it being 2 weeks) my ex called and we got together. He asked me if i would be willing to try our relationship again, which of course i said yes. that was about 3 weeks ago, and so far we have been doing okay, we still have a lot of things to work out, but i am very happy. hector is the real deal and i am so glad that i found him and i recommend him to anyone who needs help. thank you so much hector you saved my life! Cammy

    • Hi, I just got a reading from hector I too wanted the same thing my ex back and hector said very similar chances very low what percentage did he give you just curious. I’m really hoping it will work. Thanks

  79. hector is a very sincere person and a very nice person. i just had my reading done and it was the best reading i have ever had in my life. even though he didn’t accept to work on my case, i can say that this man is very very honest. because he could have took on my case knowing it wouldn’t work but instead he refused to work on my case at all. he said it was a waste of his time and my money. i was sad at first but as i sit here typing this i realize he was right and that i need to move on with my life.

    i came to him because i wanted my ex back, but my ex has moved on and hector said that my ex could not be brought back with love spells, i had spent almost 4 thousand dollars over the past 2 years trying to get my ex back and it was for nothing because the other spell casters promised to get him back for me but never did. they just wasted my money and time. they would tell me to be patient that he was coming but he never did. so i really have to thank hector because he told me the truth, he could have tooken my money knowing it was a waste, but he didn’t. instead he told me the best thing was to move on.

    i will be your client and friend forever hector because this is the first time i have found a psychic and a spell caster that is so honest and blunt and i doubt, very much, that i will ever run into another like you.

    you are truly gifted my friend

  80. I never believed in love spells or magic until my man left me. Then i started to look for some help, i had tried every other way to get things to work out between us and it wasn’t going anywhere. so i started searching the internet for help, and i went to a few people who did mnot help me at all. they just made my problems worse, all these spell casters kept telling me was to wait and things would get better. i wasted one year waiting. i continued to search throughout this time and came onto hector’s site. i wasn’t too keen at first, but i watched the testimonials. i had lots of doubts because of the other spell casters had also said they would be able to help me. but i took the plunge and decided to get the reading. papa hector knew so much about my situation that i was truly astounded. there was no way he could have known many of these things, as no one other than me and my ex knew these things. But i was still a bit undecided and skeptical, doubtful really because i didn’t want to waste anymore money for no results. hector told me that it was possible to fix my case but he couldn’t promise me, because i had a very low chance of getting results. he told me had i come to him first this would have easily been resolved. he told me it would take about 6 months to work this out for me.

    i finally decided to take this last chance with hector. if it didn’t work i would move on, but i felt confident enough in hector that i knew that he would try his best to help me and my situation. so i just had to try once more. i really wasn’t confident that it would work. three months after the spell was cast, i had a reading with hector. he said my ex would be contacting me soon, but i really didn’t believe it. three days later my ex sent me a text. i was dumbfounded, i couldn’t believe it. my ex is one of the most stubborn people i know so i couldn’t believe that he contacted me first.

    after that, i didn’t hear from him again for a month. i thought that was it, nervously i got another reading, hector told me that that was just a sign that the spirits were working on it. that they were still working on it, and we should be back together shortly. about a month after that call, my ex texted me again asking me to meet up. so we did meet up and he slept over at my house. for a few weeks, we were just friend. hanging out, talking to each other more and more, etc. finally a few weeks before the 6 month time limit came, my ex told me that we were back together. he didn’t ask, he told me, which i was amazed. i said to him — how do you know i want to be back with you? and he said — i know you do, or do you not want me here? after that, we got back together officially and until now we are together. i want to marry him and have children with him, and i will be coming back to papa hector to help me with that.

    thanks a million times papa hector, i will support you and be your client forever! thank you for all the help that you give to us! and thank you to your spirits!

    i’m sure this won’t be my last testimony for you.

  81. I just did a reading with hector..and could not be more happy about it..Besides him being more like a friend giving me expert psychic insight, he knew my situation so well and confirmed things I already thought so accurately, that I got off the phone feeling so much better about the situation and work that is to be done to bring him in my life as a boyfriend..hector is a very cool person, a professional, and so trustworthy I felt like h knew exactly what was goin on before I even could utter another word. One of the best readings I’ve ever recieved. He is truly gifted and not to mention an awesome person!

  82. I just finished my reading and was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy. I am trained in cold reading techniques and it seems that there was less questioning and more direct information being transferred to me. Hector does seem to care about people and I believe he is using his gift for good.

  83. Just had my reading reading with Hector today, and it was awesome he made things so clear to me told it like it is, but was friendly at the same time. I felt like I was talking to a family member because of how much he knew about my situation without me telling him. If I ever have any major questions in life I would definitely consult with Hector, he’s the best at what he does. I am looking forward to working with Hector, on getting my girl back. Just from speaking to him I already know I’m in great hands and look forward to seeing success.
    Thanks again Papa Hector.




    NYC, NY

  85. I had a reading with Papa Hector and it was amazing. My jaw literally dropped, I didn’t say anything to him about my situation and he was able to describe it in very great detail, he even told me things that only I and my ex would know. I am going to get some love spells done by him to get my ex back, he is the best psychic i have ever been to and if you need help i really recommend him and his services. Thank you Papa Hector, I can’t wait to get started working with you.

  86. i want to thank mr hector for all of his help and his wonderful spells, at first i didn’t think he would really be able to help me as i have been scammed more than a dozen times before, but i got the consultation and was really amazed at the accuracy of his reading. so i decided to give him a try. the spells were really expensive so i was really worried about losing my money, but out of all the casters i have been to noone gave me a reading with teh accuracy that hector did so i decided i had to at least give it a shot. i did the spellwork that he suggested which was a shut up spell and a reunion spell. mr hector told me it would take about 3 months to see my results, and he was right. three months after having the spells cast, my husband contacted me and we have begun to work things out. and he has moved back in, everything isn’t perfect or great yet, but i am glad that at least he is back and we are working on getting things fixed. . . .so thank you to the spirits and mr hector, you provide a great service which is very hard to find (and you are very hard to find toooo).

    thanks julice

  87. I had a reading with Papa Hector a few days ago and am still reeling from the experience. I was extremely nervous about the reading because I had never had a psychic reading before but I always assumed they were bogus and basically “for entertainment purposes” only. Papa Hector has completely changed my view on this. The first thing that impressed me was that he called at the exact scheduled time and was so friendly. He immediately put me at ease as I was so nervous and skeptical about the reading. He also sounded really young but I didn’t dare ask how old he actually was. lol The next thing that impressed me was that we basically only said “hello” to each other before he started the reading. I didn’t have to “feed” him anything. I was amazed at how accurate he was. He was dead-on with the facts of my situation and even told me things that I didn’t know, but helped to explain my confusion related to certain aspects of my situation and why my boyfriend was acting the way he was/is. The last thing that surprised me about the reading was that Papa Hector said that my situation was 70 – 80% resolvable and that he would take my case. I was so surprised because I was certain that it was pretty much a lost cause, which is why I sought out Papa Hector in the first place. I just wanted everybody who reads this to know that Papa Hector, in my opinion, is the real deal and I believe that he truly cares about his clients. I am really looking forward to working with Papa Hector and doing everything that he has suggested that I do in order to resolve my situation in the best possible way for me. I am completely convinced that when it’s all done, me and my boyfriend will be happier than we have ever been and I will owe it ALL to Papa Hector and his Spirit Guides. Thank you so much Papa Hector for doing what you do. We all appreciate you more than you know!!

  88. I had a reading with papa hector I was not shock by his reading
    because I already have known the answer. I needed him to verify if it was true what I am sensing from my ex.
    For 9 months I have not heard or seen my ex that I have spent 4 years with. My ex was my friend, my lover and my everything. He was a father to my baby girl. He told me that he was not happy living in the state I’m living and hated his job. He wanted me and my daughter to move to a different country with him but I said no. In two months he left with out any goodbyes. I found him in July 2012 we were talking up until October 21. I hung up on him because he piss me off. It’s been two months I have not spoken to him. So I decided to look for help. I did spells of my own but did not feel it was strong enough.

    So I been searching for everything and I look at the real casters list n I found sister witch and hector. I was really interested in the sister witch but I also felt I should read hector page. From there I was convinced that I should give hector a try.

    Far as the reading consultation I already knew what was happening between me and my ex but what got me more interested is that he said there was another person is interfering with me and my ex other than the girl he is speaking with. I always felt there was another person is in the way but did not know who it was…

    Another thing hector mention that if I did a communication spell I have to be careful of the way I speak to my ex. I ask hector why ? Did he see a lot of arguing ? He said yes which is true.

    Plus I
    Did not have any bad vibes when I was speaking to hector. So I hope I made a right choice by choosing him. I can’t wait for my spell to

    I believe with hector help I can
    Accomplish my goals.

    • It is a good site and reading was very good indeed and very accurate. I am keen on the spells to acheive my desired objective.


    First of all I wanted to say that his assistant, T is pretty amazing. She has been great at responding to my emails and offer great words of encouragement during my breakup, she is like a friend during my tough time.

    In my situation, my boyfriend decided it was better if we were friends and broke up with me. I reached out to him as a friend after the break up and he didn’t want anything to do with me and cancelled all future plans to hang out with me. I was confused and devastated because this was a man I have fallen in love with and for the first time can truly say from my heart the man I want to marry.

    I got a consultation and Papa Hector was dead on about the situation between me and my guy. Per Papa Hector, I ordered the passion and attraction spell. I haven’t been in contact with my ex for about a month and I knew he was possibly seeing other women. I would ask Papa Hector what was going on and told me that my ex still has feelings for me and that they are growing stronger and that my ex will contact me so I shouldn’t have to worry.

    Well this is my testimonial that the spell is working. When I felt like I would never see my ex ever again when he pretty much told me he doesn’t want to see me- he contacted me via facebook. Then a few days later texted me throughout the day and the next day and next and even in the middle of the night. Just last night I asked to hang out with my ex and we hung out as friends till the wee hours of the night. We ended the night being intimate and even this morning.

    Papa Hector spell is working!

    Thank you so so so much!

  90. I had a reading with Papa Hector on 1/5/2013 because I was having problems with my marriage. Initially, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect from him. Immediately, papa Hector told me that the reason I was having problems in my marriage is because my husband was cheating with another woman. I suspected for months that my husband had been cheating but I couldn’t pinpoint for sure. I have decided to allow Papa Hector to do some spellwork for me this week. I will keep you posted and let you all know how my spell work turns out. I look forward to working with you Papa Hector!!!

  91. I couldn’t believe how he new what was going on in my life, was surprised that he called at the exact time he said he would. Papa hector was amazing there is no one other who knew things like he did. I see that he cares about people and wants to help. He said he would help me in my situation and i couldnt be more happier. He truly is gifted. THANKS SO MUCHH!!!!!!!

  92. I had a reading with Rev. Hector related to my breakup with my wife and it was really good I must say

    Firstly, he is soft spoken, and he knew the reasons straight away and why the situation with my wife was happening, who else is involved, who is influencing this, what evil work has been done for us to separate us both and how …and why she is not communicating with me for so long based on what advice given by whom

    Also he said one very personal thing which me and my wife could only know …which was one of the very personal thing which she was frustrated apart from other things but he cited that very clearly

    He also knew what was happening before the breakup and what things were going on with my wife’s family 2 months before the breakup

    He was also very kind to also express that I should focus on my work and he would get this resolved.

    He also said it is possible for himto resolve and he was confident about that.

    It was really good overall I must say and I really mean that.

  93. My long term bf has lost his feelings for me and is no longer considering the relationship serious, just interested in having fun casually and open to other women. I love this guy more than life and see future together, and not comfortable with his indifference towards me future wise, or his ways of having the cake and eating it too. I have tried everything in my power to rebuild the relationship, to have his feelings come back, and for him to reconsider, but he is set on the idea of me needing to look for someone else if i want marriage. I am heartbroken, been feeling hopeless and depressed. I found Papa online, via the search. I have never gotten a reading before, and have been a skeptic of these being vague, not materializing, etc…. However after reading so many positive testimonials here i have decided to give it a try. I have never been so impressed by a reading!!!!! Papa gave exact description of the situation, root causes of the problem, what is contributing to it, what can be done to potentially turn things around. He was precise and right on the money with at least 90percent of what he was describing. He gave me the personality of my bf, his living arrangement, his influences, his maturity level, everything!!! It was specific and accurate. But most importantly he gave me hope that he can help. After such accurate reading i am confident in Papas ability to help me to reunite this relationship and bring it to marriage. with G-d help i will be praying that is will happen! I will update the post once see results. thanks Papa in advance!

  94. I had an email reading and a phone reading with hector and I must said they were both really really good!!!! He really is the deal!!!! Can’t wait to see what will be in store for me!!!!

  95. Firstly it was really nice to speak to Papa Hector. He makes you feel very comfortable. He called me right on our scheduled time of the consultation. I sought out Papa Hectors help to find a job where I would be happy because in my current situation I’m not happy. At the beginning of our consultation Papa Hector just asked me a couple of questions and was very upfront with his answers and his insight into my situation. He asked me what I wanted to happen and I told him and then he advised me of what he recommended. He also asked me if there were any other issues I needed his help with. Then he described to me what the process would be for getting his help. And sure enough his secretary emailed me with the details of what Papa Hector recommended for me shortly after my consultation. They are very professional and helpful. I’m so glad I had a chance to speak with Papa Hector and receive his help in return.

  96. Hello,

    I would like to say that Ive looked hi and low for a REAL caster… After speaking with Papa Hector i knew he was REAL. He knew details immediately about my situation without any information from me and they were not vague, general statements. They were specific and concise details about my life that he couldnt have know.

    He was also informative and honest about what he can do for me and what his services entailed. He didnt mince words but was soft spoken and listen when i spoke.

    I am excited and look forward to working with Papa Hector!

  97. I had my spiritual consultation earlier today with hector and it was great. I don’t feel like he only told me what I wanted to hear, but was actually honest and open about all he saw. I have been going through a break up with my ex gf and have been trying everything to get her back in my life. After speaking with hector I know he will be able to help me on my journey to reclaim the love between my girl and I that I do desire. Thank you in advance hector and your staff for shining light through the darkness of my situation. With your help and the help of the spirits I know I will once again have her in my arms.

  98. I actually had a reading with Hector yesterday and was very surprised with some of the things he told me. It was a few things I hadn’t told anybody and my jaws dropped as to how accurate he was. He was very nice easy to talk to and even when my time was up he didn’t rush me off the phone. He answered all my questions and concerns. He gave me a 60-70% of the outcome of my situation, which I wish was a little higher but it’s more than half. He sounded positive it will work in my favor we just have to work harder being I was working with someone else. He didn’t talk down about the other person I had doing work for me, he actually said he see that they are doing work but it isn’t strong enough and wasn’t specific as to my needs. I think I’m going to work with him. I’ll wait for his secretary to contact me back and I think I’m going to start next week.


  100. I recently had a reading with Houngan Hector. I was amazed how spot on he was with the issue I was having. I would recommend his services to anyone he’s worth every penny.


  101. I recently had a reading with Papa Hector. He’s soft spoken and relaxed. He knows how to make you fell comfortable from the beginning. Once he started doing the my reading the only thing he had where some pictures I sent him and personal information. He started speaking and I started asking myself how does he know all this information about my situation. He gave details that only I know and I was extremely surprised when he asked me about them. That was the moment when I realized that he is the real deal and not a fake.

    He agreed to take one my case and will be performing some rituals for me. When I see the work he is doing for me manifest I will be back and update everyone one it. I am 100% confident that he will work.


  102. I had heard about Hector through a mutual friend and she had a great reading. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and I had alot of unanswered questions…….Hector answered my questions for me and then some…. He also told me how I can get my man back :)… thank u Hector

  103. I guess its my turn…I was hesitant but after i got my reading i was amazed at how accurate and informed he was about my situation. I honestly have not told anyone about Rev. Hector because people seem to get scared. I know he will be able to help me, i pray to God and i pray that Rev Hector succeeds in helping me. it is really quite amazing how on point my reading was, thank you for giving me new hope. 🙂 May u always keep up with the good work and i know “we people” can be so impatient and demanding and insecure, but i personally appreciate the prompt and kind responses. All the best to Rev. Hector and his assistant. Thank You!

  104. I had reading with Papa Hector yesterday. I was really amazed about what he told me. Papa Hector was very straight forward and told me the truth. He said he can help me to bring my love closer to me but I will have to continue sharing him with this other female. I was sad as he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear and what other psychics have been telling me. But I am glad he didn’t lie to me like others. I am happy I met Papa Hector and I know he will help me to his best.

  105. Hi! I want to do a follow up testimonial to spells that Papa Hector performed for me. I ordered the passion and attraction spell. The man I love broke up with me and I had a consultation with Papa Hector. He and the spirits were so accurate with knowing what was going on with the person I love. Papa Hector performed the spells last December and in January my ex contacted me wanting to hang out. We hung out or texted each other almost daily and in Mid February he told me that I meant a lot to him and we are now in a committed romantic relationship. Also to add, my ex (now boyfriend) was the one who asked to be in a relationship with me and this was someone who wasn’t ready for a relationship! Everyday I am so thankful to Papa Hector and the spirits. I feel so blessed and happy. Papa Hector is super special and a gift to the world. Thank you Papa Hecto and thank you spirits!

  106. Hector is beyond amazing!!!!! I have had many readings with him and he is always direct, knowledgeable, and accurate. His work has been able to solve issues that I once thought could never be resolved. I cannot thank him enough. He has made a tremendous difference in my life and in that of my family – I certainly recommend him. Not only is Hector is an excellent psychic and medium, but he’s a great person!

  107. This is the second time that Papa Hector has done a reading for me and I would have never returned if i wasn’t 100% satisfied with Papa’s services… Just like the first time Papa was intuitive and accurate with my current situation. He was able to accurately assess and diagnose the issue. He was very honest and forth coming with his advice… I felt a sense of relief knowing he understood my issues and was more than willing to help!

  108. Previous I have had a negative reading by someone, I walked away felling so low and depressed, I didn’t want to believe the things she said were true, she gave me no positive aspect or any hope. When I had my reading with papa H he told me things no one could know, it all made sense ,he told me things about a man and our situation no one could know. he also gave me advice on how to fix it. This guy is real and a nice guy also. I definatley reccommd him. X

  109. just had a reading yesterday april 12, 2013. Amazing how he was so spot on. tears were rolling down my cheeks while he was doing the reading. i knew and felt that this other woman did something to my husband which papa hector confirmed. i’m just waiting for his secretary’s e-mail so we can get things started and return back my husband to me. the secretary will e-mail me the works to be done. can’t wait and sooo thankful he accepted my case.

    more blessings to u papa hector



  110. I trust in Papa Hector. I know I’m in good hands and I know this will work. I’m having my husband back. for sure!

  111. Dear Hector and Soley
    I would like to congratulate you on the new design of your website – it looks awesome! I am a graphic designer myself and I can say that the design is clean and clear, easy to find all the info you want, and it looks so professional. No angels, stars and moons around! Well done – you did a brilliant job!

  112. I would like to say that I just watched the new videos of Hector explaining how spell casting really works – and they are great! First of all, people can see that Hector is a real person, a nice person – and he takes the time to allow people to understand what to expect from a spell. Also, many clients have lost so much money, faith and are suspicious of casters so he gives you confidence that he is a real person with a lot of experience, he is open about where he lives – you can go and see him! I congratulate you on the videos – they were a very, very good idea.

  113. As always hector is right on point with my readings. I’ve already had a few readings with him and he’s always make great connection. You rock….Thank you and all the great saints and of course GOD.. for shedding light into my suitations.xoxox

  114. Greetings.
    First of all, i would like to heartfully thank Papa Hector and the Spirits for putting so much efforts helping me bringing back my ex.
    I started working with Papa in November 2012. I had a phone consultation with Papa and i was so happy to know that the spirits agreed to help me, i was given a success rate of 75-80% .
    Papa casted two spells which was Tranquility Spell to calm target’s anger and Bring Back Lover spell.
    To my suprise, target contacted me just after 4days the tranquility spell was casted. I was so happy to receive a text from him after a month. I immediately emailed Papa’s secretary and followed her instruction.
    After that, thr was no news from target for more than a month. I waited and target contacted me again. This kind of situation was going on for 4months and target finally wanted to meet me. We met for dinner and it went well.
    Again, after a week, he acted weird and stop contacting me. I seek adviced from Papa’s secretary and she told me that its the sign the spell is working. Target was confused and dont actually know what he want.
    I was being patience and waited for him to contact me again. After 2 months, target contacted me and we were talking casually for sometime.
    Last week, target told me that he want me back and i’m the perfect woman for him. I was so happy to hear that. Things are not perfect yet between us but i believe that everything will get back on track soon.
    Papa Hector is the real deal!! And the Spirits are great!! Again, my heartiest thank you to Papa, the Spirits, former secretary T and current secrectary Soley. I really appreciate all their help!! THANK YOU!!

  115. I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed watching Papa Hector’s videos. I recently had my second reading with Papa and as always, he was spot on and even told me some things that I didn’t know related to my situation. He assured me that things are on track concerning the Separation Spell that he cast for me. Speaking with Papa is like speaking with a family member. He is so down to earth and real, and he puts me at ease each time we speak. I get the feeling that he truly cares about not only my situation but also about me as a person. I feel that these videos are just another example of how caring he is. Although the information is basically there for all to read in the F.A.Q. section, he has taken the time to re-iterate and expand on it with these videos. I feel really fortunate to know Papa Hector and privileged to be one of the ones whose case he and the Spriits have agreed to take on. I am sure I will be working with Papa into the forseeable future.

    Thank you Papa for all you do. I am truly and sincerely grateful to you, Soley, and the Spirits.

    God Bless!

  116. Dear Reader,
    I am writing this short post as a testimony to the services I have been receiving by Papa Hector and the Spirits in the past three years. My name is Hanna, I live in Eastern Europe, and I accidently learned about Houngan Hector’s website (well, if that was a coincidence at all). I will not go into very details about the spell work performed for me, however, I will be very happy if you find my letter genuine and honest, as it is being written at this very moment with the same feel and intentions.
    Prior to contacting Papa Hector, I have literally spent thousands of dollars on various readings, spells, all kinds of spiritual work, only to be left in tears after realising that all the promises were just that – promises, and my situation had not moved forward one inch. At that time, as I said, I learned about the website. I was hesitating, because I have worked with scammers thus far, but – being desperate as I was – I closed my eyes again and decided to give it a try.
    I must admit I did not like my first required reading from Papa Hector. This was because I have been told facts I did not want to hear. I thought that one particular detail mentioned on this occasion was way beyond possible. Despite the difficulty of my situation, Papa agreed to work on my case. Months later, after my spell had been cast, and the work was still ongoing, I found out about this single detail – imagine the shock and surprise – how could Papa ever know this? I have never mentioned it in my letters, I never hinted at it… This only made me believe and appreciate the way he works even more.
    I have used Papa’s services for different areas of my life. Some were amazingly successful, some were less successful. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping positive, despite the fact that things may not seem good on your end. Trust me – Papa would never accept to work on a case which he cannot improve. What’s more – he will tell you that, straight up! You need to follow instructions by Papa Hector and the Spirits – as easy as that (and trust me – you can do it, it will take you 5 minutes of your time daily). I would not suggest that you expect miracles (well, the outcome of my case had not been a miracle on its own, but to me – it was waaay beyond miracle), but an opportunity to have things move in the direction you desire, which is at most times – everything one needs. But you must also give yourself fully – the results will come – trust me! They have come for me!
    I have been exchanging emails at first with a wonderful lady, Papa’s secretary T. She was incredibly patient and considerate, and …. patient – there were times when I wrote nearly every day . I entered into a whole new world for me and needed guidance – which I received each time I wrote. I am now communicating with a wonderful person Soley – really a God’s child. I am amazed at how Soley caught up on all the previous communication I had with Papa’s former secretary and was instantly able to advise and extend comfort.
    I will be using Papa’s services again, for sure. I still need to sort several things up, and I need that extra ‘push’. In my own personal opinion (and mind you, I have tried probably 10 different casters and sought opinion from another 20 prior to contacting Houngan) – Papa Hector is the only real deal, the only ‘proper’ caster there is that can be found on the internet. Mind you, he is also available for meetings in person and the entire business is fully officially registered. You really have no reason to believe this may be yet another scam. I am the proof it is not, and so are other written and video testimonies. His spells indeed work. I promise – you will see the difference very soon.
    Thank you Papa Hector – my gratitude goes beyond any words. Thank you Spirits – all consulted Spirits that guided and protected me and took care of my situation. I believe in you now. I am forever grateful. Certainly, thank you Soley – I wish you realise one day the impact of your emails, the feedback and suggestions. They are calming, yet inspiring, yet comforting – I dare say – lifesavers –when things seem really really bad.
    Keep believing.

  117. Hello everyone I had a wonderful reading with hector on yesterday. He’s a very cool person to talk to and made me comfortable. Hector found the root of my problem and I will be starting my work really soon. Thanks Hector and Spirits I look toward to working with you guys

  118. Well I didn’t get the best answers back what I wanted to hear, but I am glad Hector told me the truth instead of lying like others. I appreciate that , he was honest, helpful, and caring even though he couldn’t help me.
    He even knew stuff that I didn’t even tell him, and he was so right about all of it.
    Better luck next time , but I am so happy I heard what was going on, so I can no longer worry.
    Thank You so Much

  119. Hi everyone,i had a reading done with papa Hector,i was amazed of how accurate he was,i finally found answers that i’ve been looking for so long ,he didnt tell me what i wanted to hear but the truth and those were things that no one else would know,he is well gifted and i thank you papa Hector.

  120. I need to thank Papa Hector for being honest and telling me how Adam felt for me. He knew my story without me having to tell him anything. Hector knew how things had grown strained between him and I. I was like he does see everything. If you want a true master’s help seek Papa Hector out. He will be completely honest and tell you if a spell is possible or not. If he wanted my money he would not have told me a certain spell was not possible in my case. Thanks so much for your guidance.

  121. I had a reading with Papa Hector and it was amazing he told me things I had no idea about. He opened my eyes I was so comfortable speaking to him he knew what was wrong and he is helping me. His services are the best!

  122. I completely enjoyed the reading I had with Papa Hector. He was genuine and very kind. I agreed 100 % with what he said and felt relieved after speaking with him. I can’t wait for the work to begin , I wish it was instant ! I have spoke with other casters and psychics but never felt that what they said was real.
    Many Blessings P. Hector !

  123. My reading with Hector was awsome, he was on point the moment we started, and knew things without me saying anything, very honest, he truely has the gift, can’t wait to start my work. Thanks God bless always xo

  124. I can’t wait for my appointment, which is scheduled tomorrow. After a long search I feel I’ve finally reached my destination. Without even having spoken to reverend Hector yet I have greatest respect for him. God richest blessings.

  125. I had a phone reading with Papa Hector and “boy oh boy” he was amazing he was on spot about everything. I’m so glad that the holy spirit guides and Papa Hector himself have accepted my case, I for once after a year know that I’m in the best hands and will definitely get my desired results.

  126. Papa Hector and Soley are amazing. Papa Hector is dead on with his consultations and gives you the hard truth whether you want to hear it or not. Papa Hector really cares and gives good solid advice in my situation. He is someone I consider a friend and someone I will turn to always. I am forever grateful to Papa Hector and the Spirits for helping me in my situation-Gemma

  127. OMG Papa Hector!
    You have literally altered the course of my life in less then 3 weeks!
    I really wanted to purchase one of your amazing readings and then a love and money spell.
    But due to my ex husbands girfriend putting a curse on me, my finances was awful to say the least, i didnt know how id work with such a reputable, renowned powerful caster as yourself when i had next to no money.
    So i scrolled your site looking for something i could afford to start me off.
    Well i orderd the Blockbuster candle setting on your alter.
    I waited patiently to hear back from your assistant. Then Soley contacted me to tell me the candle setting had been started and that i should stay positive….
    Well i cant even believe it but literally within 72 hours my luck started to change, doors started to open for me, all the bad luck just slowly crumbled away.
    Now 3 weeks later every thing i atempt seems to go my way and is as easy as if i had some guardian angel constantly by my side.
    Even my ex girlfriend has come back wanting to tr again 😉
    I have NEVER seen pure VISABLE results from ANY caster online or in person, and trust me i have tried sooooo many, you could go so far as to say possible upto the amount of £4000 (UK Sterling not U.S) so about £8000 US dollars within the last couple of years with false promises, liars and out right con-artist.
    No one has ever taken my money and actually delivered results.
    You set a candle for me on your altor, told me to have faith, and that was it- my life is now worth living again!
    I was on the verge of going into server depression and possibly worse, you were my ABSOLUTE last hope, i had to spend my money on you and hope that i had finally found a genuine caster. And i did!
    Words just dont cut it Papa Hector, you are an absolute God sent.
    I love you with all my heart and i will be back very very soon, as now that my finances are changing day by day, i am finally in a situation to get one of you readings and then a spell.
    Youve brought me back from the living dead Papa Hector, i will never forget this and i will tell anyone that needs help to forget EVERYONE lese and just go straight to you.
    Godbless you a million times over.

  128. Spirit Anaisa and Papa Hector, I’m so grateful to you my ex has started calling me and we’ve been talking on regular bases. I can’t wait to get another reading from you and proceed to the next level.
    God’s richest blessings.

  129. When I spoke to Papa Hector, he made me feel comfortable and secure right from the start. He gives you a sense of assurance. He tells you what you need to know, and if it is worth doing the spell or if you should save your money. He gives you other advice that is necessary should he tell you that It isn’t worth doing the spell. I did what he told me and saw results by the end of the day. I emailed him my update and now I will come back for help regarding other issues in my life. My sincere gratitude Papa Hector! Thank you to his secretary and the spirits as well.

  130. My entire life( I’m now 47 years old) I suffered one setback after another, I could never get ahead and my relationships never lasted more than a few weeks. I was went to every psychic,spell caster and tarot card reader that I went to for answers but they couldn’t help and so I thought that nothing could be done about it. I would never have any luck and would always be cursed I cried day and night a lot. I paid a lot of casters a lot of dollars to try to remove the curse,& bad luck and nothing lifted each spell caster claimed to do the work, I never saw results or got better so I kept looking.

    This year March (2013) I was on the internet and just by accident stumbled upon this website of Papa Hector. I spend hours reading his articles and researching him. Finally worked up my nerve to contact him because I believed in my heart after reading the pages of testimonies that he could really help me so I had a reading, we got disconnected a couple of times I was scared but he was so patient and kind he made sure I got my reading. Papa Hector is the only practitioner that I have used who has helped me find relief from all my problems. He took care of my issues and I did a job spell and it work incredible, gave me some protection and did some luck work for me, which cost me way less than what I paid for with all those other spell caster. Finally, for the first time in my life, I came back to the states and had interviewer’s waiting for me to come to the work for them. I’m now hired and so happy for the first time in my life I see the changes in my life and that’s because PAPA HECTOR IS SO REAL HE IS THE ONLY PRACTITIONER THAT CARED FOR REAL. Thank you Papa Hector, thank you so much, Papa Hector you are the man

    I’m writing this because I want to testify how great Papa Hector is. Everyone needs to know! I am a very satisfied and Happy Client

    He is the real deal Papa Hector gave me back my life and hope

  131. Papa hectors reading was spot on about my entire situation. I am excited to start my spell work shortly!! I will be posting a video testimonial when i get the results i desire which i know i will get with Papa hectors help. He knew so much about my situation stuff that no one else would know. I am really excited to start working with him and recommend his readings to everyone in need of clarity and assistance!!

  132. I know for sure that my Ex and I are going to be together once again, because I’m the few of the lucky ones whose case Papa Hector has accepted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Papa Hector.

  133. I had a reading this morning with reverend HECTOR and I was very nervous at first but he made me feel at ease right away. Without me telling him anything he shocked me by revealing what happened in the past (he was so right on!) . He answered all of my questions in such a straightforward manner and even if some answers were painful I knew they were truthful (sometimes it helps to have someone who can help you with your questions so you could just move on from the hurt) . Thank you so much! God bless you!

  134. Papa Hector is truly gifted and special. I consider him a friend because he looks out for my best interest and tells truth even though it may hurt. He gives the most amazing advice and told me things in a reading that somehow he just knew that only me and the person I love would only know. He is honest, direct and kind. He is accurate with his readings. I have had a passion spell performed for me and because of him the man that I love continually wants to see me and spend time with me. Thank you Papa Hector and the Spirits, because of you I have a clearer understanding of my situation and how to move forward with my best interest in mind.

  135. I just had a reading done by Papa Hector and all I can say that he is really amazing. After reading all the comments here, I can’t agree more with everyone who is really amazed with the reading and the information he shared. He made you really feel relax and at ease. Everything that he told me are right on the nose. He answered all my questions without hesitation. After what I heard, I am definitely going to do the spells that he recommended. Don’t hesitate, if you need a real reading, this is the guy you need to to turn to, Don’t waste your money with anyone else.

  136. I just had a reading done by Papa Hector and all I can say that he is really amazing. After reading all the comments here, I can’t agree more with everyone who is really amazed with the reading and the information he shared. He made you really feel relax and at ease. Everything that he told me are right on the nose. He answered all my questions without hesitation. After what I heard, I am definitely going to do the spells that he recommended. Don’t hesitate, if you need a real reading, this is the guy you need to to turn to, Don’t waste your money with anyone else.”

  137. I’ve been on a long, dark road for several years getting myself out of an abusive relationship. I came to Papa Hector to complete this, to get my justice and to begin a new life. i’ve been anxious and progressing, but struggling for years. After his clearing work, the concerns and worries lifted. I started smiling! I started having peace in relationships with people. I started seeing that people care about me. People enjoy me. People see me. One day, a woman in a car half a block away saw me walking down the sidewalk and backed her car up, told me to go ahead and walk by and to take my time, and then she smiled and waited to pull out until I passed! After a year of intense anxiety i’ve sought medical care for, the final healing took place for me! This is what I felt:

    The tremble of a full breath for the first time. Slow, deliberate, my chest raises and I take in the charm, the support, the love all around me. My lungs widen and my chest shakes as it rises, expanding. I feel all around me and take it in. This is for my spirit. This is what she needs. Every crevice she exists in my body is tended to and I sense it. Little pockets of her all thru out me. She has been spoken to. She has been acknowledged. Her deepest need, to be surrounded by positivity as the life i grew up in was far from positive and felt like torture to her. And this positivity can be here now because I’ve built the structures for it to come. And I’m supported by the best healers out there. And she trembles because I’ve walked myself here, blindly, trusting myself and my teachers. Her language is so much more vast but she is acknowledged on the spirit plane too. An army of lovers, giving to her. The simplicity hits the depths of every single piece of my being. And all I can say is… thank you. thank you. But I know they see me. I know they get me. My spirit has already spoken their language back, and my human mouth stumbles to attempt the best description with limited words.

    I soak in what positivity truly is. When I don’t have to ignore the things around me to have it. I can fully experience total positivity, when my entire environment looks like it, from the people, the systems, the job, my home, my friends, my coworkers, my town…

  138. I am posting another testimonial about papa’s work and my spirit guide, Anaisa Pye..beautiful, wonderful mulatta of my devotion..I started work with papa in about January of 2013. He had a gf for this whole time but they have recently broken up..and on the phone the other day, he told me he regretted how he treated me, how he would start being there for me, and how he would stop taking me for granted. The results of my seperation, shut up, and union love spells are beginning to take shape. I started an shrine to Anaisa..and talking to her, lighting candles for her and making offerings of fresh flowers as much as I can, and Everytime something good happens with my case..he calls or is sweetened towards me. I believe my full results are almost here, when his heart is healed from the relationship he had that recently ended..I believe we will be married someday. Anaisa is the most beautiful, most wonderful, understanding and compassionate spirit I could have ever known and she has changed my life forever. I ask her to be more like her and believe she gives me that..she lends me her powers when I talk with my target because I believe everything is Changing and he is falling in love with me the way I dreamed he would the first time. So please, listen to hector when he gives advice, and give Anaisa as much praise as you can because she is the best and so amazing..I am blessed and thank God to be devoted to her and love her all the days of my life…she is going to bring me a faithful marriage and blessed family with my target because she is a miracle worker. Thank you all my life to Anaisa Pye, Papa Hector, And Soley for my happiness and Praise Anaisa always and forever! I can’t wait to post my full results here and to tell you all we are happily married!

  139. I just had a consultation with Papa Hector and he was awesome. I’ve worked with a lot of psychics, mediums, and spell casters. I can spot a fake. I can tell you that he is for real. Without me even telling him about it, Papa Hector was able to tell me about 2 people in my life that have been causing me problems. He described them in great detail, including details about their personalities which there was no way he could have known. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Papa Hector and I will be using him to help me accomplish a few things in my life. I will be posting another testimonial after the spell has been cast and let everyone know about any movement on my spell. Papa Hector is very kind and empathetic and I can tell that he actually cares about me, my situation, and wants what is best for me. Papa Hector, you’ve got a customer for life!

  140. I would like to thank Papa Hector and the spirit Anaisa working on my case. I have a on-and-off relationship with the man I love very much and it became off when he has a girlfriend. I sought Papa’s guidance on my situation and he was spot-on with his reading. I have a Passion Spell done to enhance his passion for me and within weeks of the casting, my love was contacting me weekly and have been more open to express himself to me. We are seeing each other now on a more regular basis and though we are not together yet, we have resumed some of our previous chemistry. I am faith and patience as papa has mentioned that I need more time like 6 months for my love to realize that I am his love. Thank you once again Papa Hector and Spirit Anaisa.

  141. I had a reading yesterday 11/16 and as always, Papa Hector was spot on. I’ve had a couple of readings before and he is the real deal. He always tell you the truth and he doesn’t sugar coat it as some other so called healers, psychics and spell casters do. Also he doesn’t just accept any case. I’m happy my case needs little work.. If you need help, he can help you even if your case isn’t accepted. Thank You

  142. Yes, I too watched the videos of Papa Hector in March 2013 and I am convinced. Not just from the vids though – I just get this feeling that this is a really genuine and helpful man. I have searched and researched all over the net and I keep coming back to this site. I am ready now and I am already thankful for being guided back here at this time…

  143. I had a wonderful experience with papa Hector. Anyone looking for true help or spiritual help to their problems should give him a try he is the real deal !!!! It is human nature to be skeptical, I was skeptical at first but when I visited his website I was drawn because his website was very informative, it just did not seem like someone trying to sell you something, or sell you a dream to take your money. I received a reading from papa Hector, he told me when he is finished I could ask questions, but he talked about all the questions I had in his reading before I had the chance to ask them, I did not tell him anything he knew it before a even asked. Papa Hector was right on the dime. Anyone who knows everything about your problems before you tell them is the real deal, the whole experience was awesome well worth the price, even his secretary was very helpful with all of my concerns and questions. Thank you so much Papa Hector for addressing my spiritual needs!!!

  144. I got work done from papa hector. But first was the reading, the reading was amazing. Papa Hector was so nice, he made me feel so comfortable as I was very nervous. I didn’t tell him anything he just started telling me stuff that he had no way of knowing. He was very accurate and also answered questions that I was confused about. I got all my stuff to him immediately and my work started. I can’t get too much into the work but I am patiently waiting for a movement. I will write more when I get results.
    However, I would like to conclude by saying: Papa’s assistant Soley is awesome, I would have been lost without him. He’s patient, attentive to your needs and answers timely. He plays a big role during the work communication. I haven’t seen any movement yet but I have full faith on Anaisa, Papa Hector and the spirits that my work will render successful and fulfilling results. Thank you.

  145. I requested Papa Hector to do a reading and his guidance on the situation was incredibly accurate. When i seek’d clarification on some aspects of the reading, Papa was quick to go into detail about the people causing hurdles. I was amazed with his attention to detail. His secretary is incredible. The responses to emails are so quick. I am yet to start my spell work, but i am incredibly hopeful Papa will be able to help me out. I will surely leave another comment once my spells are successful.

  146. I had my consultation and am very impressed that he was able to catch things and see things that I had suspicions on. I am now looking forward to taking the steps to reach my final goal. I feel that everyone that is here has the best interest at heart. They make it feel like you are a close friend and that you matter.

  147. My reading with Hector was amazing. It was like he has been my best friend for years. Lol. He was on point with every detail of my relationship. He gave me alot of insight and told me things that I never knew about the other person. I am grateful for his honesty because he could have easily told me yes I can give you whatever you want and take my money. Instead he made it clear that on what he could and could not do for me. I am so happy that I found a friend like this and will continue to turn to him when I need guidance.

  148. Happy New Year! I recently had my reading with Papa Hector and like always it is such a pleasure talking to him. He helps me make positive decisions and gives me excellent relationship advice. I have been scammed by many phonies and Papa Hector is the real deal! I am a repeat customer and he works and I won’t waist my money anywhere else! My girlfriends family have been trying to rip us apart for years its always something and every time they try some funny business Papa Hector pulls us even closer together. Now to end any problems once and for all we are going to do a binding spell to keep us closer than ever before! I am extremely excited and can’t wait to get started! If you have doubts its ok let him show you he is the best! Just make sure you stay positive and keep positive energy around you! Also follow all of his directions they make the spell stronger!

  149. I have been having readings and spells cast from papa for the past year- he is the only person I truly trust with this – everything he has advised me has amounted to good in the end and I feel very grateful to him for this. He doesn’t give you want you want to here, but he is so supportive and caring he will talk and guide you through anything. His readings are so accurate -Every time I come away after talking to him I feel very calm and happy and positive. He’s the best -thanks papa for everything xxxxx

  150. I was going though a lot with love, success, job and money and also something following. When one night oversea’s I was looking for some help
    that when I came across Papa Hectors website. I was a little leary at first
    because I had been scammed a lot. When I contacted him his secetary Soley was very nice and so was Papa Hector he was kind and patient. He gave me a reading and it was so dead on and I found out somethings I didn’t know about. He took my case and I was having problems with something following me. He was so kind and took care of that for me free of charge. The very next night I notice it immediately I was able to sleep and also notice men started looking at me. I was also having problems with my weight I drop 45lbs right after he did the spell. Papa Hector didn’t do a weight spell the vicious spell that was on me was holding the weight on me and holding me back in everything. Well right after talking to him I found out that we had all lost our jobs over sea’s and I had just got there so I told Papa Hector about the job loss he told me to purchase a job spell and I did. Sure enough Papa Hector and the spirits help me get another one and I had never told Papa Hector a thing about that job that I really wanted. I got the job I wanted. It paid better plus, I got to stay over sea’s and got to work with some extremely cool guys.
    Well this testomonie is powerfull because who ever put this on me was keeping up with my every move it seem like. So Papa Hector had read for me again to tell me what to look forward to in my new life but low and hold. The person who was trying to damage my sibling and I had put on another vicious spell/curse on us. I’m laughing now because now you are starting to see what I have been going though my whole life from age 18 yrs old and until now and I’m much older. This person or persons new me but I didn’t have a clue to who was doing this to me blocking the new job and the new love that was suppose to come. I’m very upset because I could see this with my own eyes that something was blocking everything that I was doing and I was having extremely bad luck. So I contacted Papa Hector again you think he would have been sick of me by now,because I had talked to him about four times in this two month period but nope he was very understanding
    So I told Papa Hector but he already new that they had did this to me and he calmed me down because I was very upset and frustrated.He told me that enough is a enough we are going to take care of this once and for all.So he did reverse spell and I’m seeing the results. Papa Hector is one ot the Top real spell caster on the website. I had literally being giong though this my whole life and now it is finally over. I ‘m more positve and hopefull because I’m still seeing results. No matter how difficult your case he can help. I’m telling you agin my case was very, very, very difficult. I’m free.Oh he also helped me in my School and I’m making 100% on all my test and before I was getting 70%. He truly cares I will always go to Papa Hector. Thank you Papa Hector you are a God Send and my Angel

  151. Papa Hector did a phone reading for me about my love situation and he was very accurate about my relationship and the problems we had. He could also see that I had had spiritual work done for the situation by other people, and he informed me that the work I had previously had done was connected to black magic. This was a disappointing piece of information for me, but he said that he could help and now I am planning to have a cleansing spell done by him. He also offered to do a communication spell for my relationship, which I would like to do after the cleansing work is done. In addition to giving me an accurate reading, Papa Hector was very nice and kind on the phone. If you are asking for help by someone who is genuine, I would surely recommend Papa Hector.

  152. Thank you Papa
    Hector, I am very
    happy. Although I
    didn’t get the answer
    I wanted, I know you
    told me the truth and
    finally I think I am
    going to be able to
    move past my ex and
    move on to better
    things for myself. I
    hope to work with you
    to get a new woman
    in my life for me.
    Thank you again for
    your honesty and
    sincerity, in the last 2
    years, you are the first
    spell caster that I
    have met with those
    qualities. Thank you
    from the bottom of my

  153. Papa Hector did an awesome job on my reading. It was a bit difficult to hear things I did not want to hear, but it was also very refreshing and it was something I needed to hear. Sometimes the love is there, but the timing is just not right. Papa Hector was honest and told me a spell cannot change someones character nor maturity level. It is something that comes with time and cannot be fixed. He told me it is best to move on as I cannot sit and wait for someone to “grow up.”Life is way too short for that. Plus better things are ahead for me. Gods timing is perfect. Thank you for Papa Hector.

  154. I had my consultation and reading with Papa Hector yesterday. He hit on everything that has been going on. He was very accurate about everything, even the exact time we had been broken up. I can truly say this was one of the most accurate readings I have had. He was also super nice and explained everything to me and how the spells would be worked and what to expect. Hector was honest, confident, and kind. I truly believe that the work he will do for will manifest quickly and that I will be happy. I am very excited to get things started. Thank you for outstanding reading and being so genuine.

  155. Thank you Papa Hector for all your help. So far, the result from your spell is amazing. You are a true and trustworthy spell caster. I have tried so many of them and wasted so much time and money with no result. Is hard to find a true and honest spell caster especially on the internet. Your response to my questions are so quick and I truly bless that I was directed to your website. Just be assure, I will be your client for life. I had requested the spells about 3 months ago and the result has been improving day by day. Thank you again, and God bless.

  156. This is the second time I had a reading with Papa Hector. The result is always amazing. I always find peace knowing all my questions and curiousty are being answered. I had done spell with Papa and will continue to do so. One thing for sure, don’t waste your time with any other spellcaster. You will know what I am talking about, once you try Papa Hector.

  157. Wow! My consultation with Papa Hector was incredible! He was spot on in the reading. I was amazed as to how accurate and concise he was with the details of my situation. Papa was also straight forward with what he thought could be done and should be done to remedy my situation. He was open and honest, answering all my questions and concerns! I came away feeling positive and relieved knowing that I made the right choice by seeking the help of Papa Hector. I have no doubt that the spell work Papa is doing for me will yield the results I am needing.

  158. I am a returning costumer for a reason. Simply, Papa Hector can help! In the past after an extensive consultation, Papa Hector enlisted the help of Saint Anaisa and Papa Baron, two spirits that aided in my previous life challenge with more than satisfactory results.

    My most resent consultation with Papa Hector was no different. Papa was incredibly accurate, providing uncanny details of my situation. He provided honest insight to my situation and answered any and all questions/concerns. I felt relieved and confident that Papa Hector would be able to once again aide me in a difficult time. I have no problem recommending Papa Hector services to anyone who is in need of true help!

  159. Papa Hector was very thorough in my spiritual consultation. He mentioned things that I did not even remember right away. Alot of information was flooding into mind after our conversation. I appreciated the fact that he told me directly everything I needed and wanted to know. Papa made it easy for me to understand what he was telling me sinceI was under heavy spirtitual attack that I could not even think or function effectively. May God continue to bless him as a worthy vessel to accomplish His works. I thank Papa a million times over for what he has done and will do for me. Papa’s mere spiritual presence in my affairs has made life full of energy and joy for both myself and my son. Even though Papa would say that it is not him, but it is God’s work… I still believe that there is something extra special about Papa. No one else was able to help me, but through Papa, my troubles are but a distant memory and I am delivered after suffering for so long (years). Thank you, Papa Hector. May God continue to bless you and all the spirtual workers abundantly:)

  160. Papa Hector and Spirit Baron helped me with employment. I was very unhappy with my current job and very unhappy that even though I got good reviews on as an employee, I never seemed to get adequate pay raise. I was struggling with bills and was desperately trying to find a job that I would be passionate about and equally that pays well. I came to Papa Hector for help, and after about 5 months I was offered dream job at a corporation that is really hard to get in and was offered a salary that is double from what I was originally making. Equally important, it is a job that I would enjoy and love and it is for a company that I can really grow with. I would not have been able to get my foot in the door with the company if it was not for Papa Hector and Spirit Baron. I am very very very thankful-Gemma

  161. First of all,I want to thank papa for what he has done for me, Am so happy today… After my wife left me, I tried various spell casters. All they kept doing was to scam me off my money. Until I stumbled on Papa Hector’s site. At first when i wrote to Papa, Soley responded that I needed a consultation. i was thinking he also wants to scam me off my money, But i decided to give him a chance, and get the consultation. When papa did the consultation, I was really amazed. He didn’t ask me anything but told me all things that only I would have known. he even spoke many of the same exact words that my wife had said before she left. Papa told me that it wouldn’t be quick or easy, but I could probably with his help get her back. well he was right, it wasn’t quick or easy. I first had a cleansing spell done, which made me feel lots better and other things started to go right for me, but still no sign of my wife. then after that, he had me do a shut up spell because lots of people were influencing my wife not to give things a second chance. about 4 weeks after that spell, I spoke with my wife over the phone and we spoke a few times. it wasn’t until I did the last spell, an attraction spell, which finally really changed things. we started to talk lots more and very slowly, I convinced her to go out with me. we went and had a great time, and after that things started to change . . . . it started feeling like we used to before again, after weeks of this going on, finally we discussed getting back together and finally did. we are still working on things and working things out, but I have to thank papa immensely, because without his help none of this would have been possible, and I owe it to him and the Spirits especially Anaisa (Thank you Anaisa!!!!) who helped me. I know there is still work to be done to make the relationship great but I know that we are on our way. . . I tell everyone if you need help, talk to papa he will help you and guide you. he is truly the best! I can’t thank him enough and will be a client for life!

    All the best,

  162. I just had an email reading with papa Hector. I was nervous at first though because i have read that he doesn’t take all cases and im afraid that he would just tell me to move on. But when i have recieved his email reading i was so happy that he accepted and said that he could help me with the spirits . I couldn’t believe on how accurate he is. Everything he said about his reading was true. He is amazing and gifted. He told me which spell is right for my case and i can’t wait to get started, im hoping for success which i believe i will have. Just have to keep faith. The spiritual consultation is important because this will guide you to the right spell you will need on your case. For those someone who are looking for real spell caster, i will highly recommend papa hector hougan. he is a real deal !I want also to thank his secretary Soley for answering all my questions and assisting me for everything. He is very informative person. Thanks a lot!

  163. So, I had a spell done from Papa Hector in November of 2013. In January, I texted him on my own, and he actually replied. I texted him few more times and he still had short replies. However, I thought about Anaisa out of the blue, and said Anaisa I have faith in you. Not kindding next day, he was coming into town for work and he texted to see if I would like to hang out with him in his own. We hung out and he said he felt a connection towards me. I believe that all this occurred due to Papa Hector and Anaisa. All I can say is that no matter what happens, have faith, Papa hector and Anaisa will help you, but just don’t lose faith and get impatient. Thank Anaisa selflessly, and she will reward you. As always, I would like to thank Papa’s assistant Soley, he is a god sent help, and definately someone who guides you through the process and holds your hand during the work.

  164. Well, I am going through a tough transitioning phase in my life, and I had recently broken up with an ex, well not that recent. It has been a year. He was a guy that I was about to marry. After the relationship ended I was a scared little “Christian “young lady! Afraid of trying new things. I was told when I was younger and as I got older that, to never let someone read your palms, looking into the future is wrong blah,blah ,blah,its demonic ect… Well I was desperate and skeptical. Church alone was not enough for me, and it still isn’t. I missed my ex and I wanted to know what really happened. So I was looking on YouTube about. …Love spells, just looking for spiritual help. So I clicked on his YouTube profile and instantly I knew I had to contact him. I was so scared but when I spoke to him …..He told me the truth. He told me that my ex was a loser, and other personal things that he brought up, no one knew about. He told me that this guy was going to be alone forever…. Or just for a..a very long time and that I was ok with without him. His family was nuts and had a little bit of incest going on!!!….need I say more!!!!!`” his family was racist” (we were an interracial couple)! His mother and sister broke us up. Which I really didn’t know about. ..
    Papa Hector is awesome. After that reading.. I had one of the best days of my life. The guy I was dating and his mother drilled into my head that it was my fault…it was my fault that the relationship went wrong and he never did anything. But if a physic and SPIRITUAL PERSON, Tells you that your ex is a bum….. Then maybe I needed to be set free ok!! So for those who are out there….that are scared, because of church or religion or any other crap!! Don’t be. This is a Good guy. So I will be giving people this website. Because. He is legit. Also I will be using him again, in other areas of my life.. not just in my love life. I do believe that he will help lead me to success and see thing things that I cannot see.

  165. I recently had a consultation with Papa Hector and was amazed by his accuracy and his understanding of my situation! I immediately felt comfortable with him and know he is the real thing, he is truly blessed and uses his power for the good of all.

  166. I had a phone reading with Papa Hector this past Saturday about a man I will say I lost to a crazy ex he had. He is very understanding and very direct he does not sugar coat anything and will tell you what percentage of a chance you have. He will not help you if he does not think he can influence some part of it. I only have a 65 to 70 % chance with him casting a spell but I like to look at it as the glass half full….He did give me some hope but said it would be a long hard road, and instead of trying to make a sale of a spell he said I should think about it….Thank you Papa Hector you were kind and you definitely hit on the situation 100%. I will cross my fingers in your spell and hope that my percentage will come through with flying colors….

  167. Papa Hector
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this task. I have faith in you and the spirits to help me win back my true love.


  169. Im writing this for anyone who might have some hesitation or doubt about the authenticity and/or strength of Papa Hectors work. I will start by saying that I am a returning customer for one reason, Papa Hector is the real deal! The accuracy of Papa’s readings is uncanny. The details of the situation and the depth in which Papa is able to read is awesome. I was amazed by amount of information Papa was able to provide without me uttering a single word. Further more, after talking with Papa you will realize that he is honest and genuine in his wanting to help. …if you are doubter, Papa will make you a believer!

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  171. Hey.

    I had the reading with Papa Hector yesterday and I must confess he was spot on. He also saw things that in my case that I didn’t know of myself. I will recommend Hector to everyone who are starting to give up. I have been scammed by several casters, but Hector is the real deal. I can’t wait to get started with the spells.


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  173. I am returning customer, as you’d be able to tell from my prior testimonials. Now I got more work done, and can’t talk about it, but I am very positive. However, I’d like to talk about the reading that I had with Reverend Hector. As before, he was so spot on with everything, it is amazing. I especially realized that when I was trying to ask him for a definite time period, and he stated that the spirits don’t work our sense of time. I mean think about it, he could have easily given me some random time, but he was so honest. Reverend Hector’s powers are immense and absolutely amazing. Also, not only did he focus on the reading, he even gave me guidance as to how make things keep progressing in the positive direction when the results come. I think God gifted him with these powers because he is the right person for it, not only he is so powerful, but also so humble and understanding. Thank you Reverend Hector, and the spirits for making my dreams a reality. Before I end, I would like to add that Reverend hector’s assistant Mr. Soley completes the package. He is truly amazing, and very very helpful. He pretty much holds your hand through the whole process, something that is so important in this kind of work. Thank you Mr. Soley, this process could not be so comforting if you weren’t there to guide me through this time. Thank you!!!

  174. Okay
    So here is the deal

    I have been working with Hector on all sorts of stuff Since 2008-2009

    He is a good man, He is here to help.

    This is what i can tell you, I am Very very real and i live in Toronto, I would be more then happy to meet with anyone and let them know that this is a real Testomony from a real Client.

    I approached Papa with my issue around 5-6 weeks ago… and just as he stated , in the time line he told me, she is back in my arms.

    It’s still early and there is work to get done to get the relationship 100%.
    But i know it will succeed because i know that it needs work.
    I believe it because ive seen it.
    Do yourself a favor….there are three rules i followed that i am convinced showed me results and this is my gift to you, if you follow them i believe you will see results.

    1. STAY POSITIVE NO MATTER WHAT…i can attest to how had that can be, but i kept reading the articles papa sent me over and over and over, and watched his youtube channels over and over and over again. and it helped

    2. BELIEVE, it can be easy to be sceptical but let me put it this way, the other day it was raining and right after there was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky, but you know what my dog was next to me….and as you know dogs are color blind and he couldnt see it….and it occurred to me, just because he cant see it…doesnt mean its not there….and so it is with other things in life, just because we dont see something or understand it, doesnt mean it is does not exist. The law of attractions works on many different levels.

    3. Follow Instructions.
    Just trust me on this one.

    Trust me folks…..this man is real.
    The consultation alone makes a person feel better.

    Enjoy, good luck and god bless you all

      • Hi, I had an awesome reading with Papa Hector a couple days ago and am looking forward to starting work with him soon! What’s your contact information (email)? I’d love to discuss your experience with you if you are still open to like you said in this post!

  175. Hello,

    I would like to thank Papa Hector for his reading. I have been struggling with many things and he was very blunt and honest, which is what I need and was looking for. He is very friendly and it seems that this is more than a job to him (it has seemed like just a job to others that I have talked to). I liked that he was able to be friendly AND honest. He answered all of my questions. My reading was good and my intuition tells me that he is real. He said things that only me and The Good Lord would know. I trust him and his reading. His Assistant was very nice and responded in a fair amount of time. Papa Hector has a gift from God and I am glad that I have been fortunate enough to speak with him. I have talked to a few before I have been scammed. I strongly recommend giving Papa Hector a try if you are on the fence about it. Get a reading to see for yourself.

  176. Girlfriend and I had broken up again. Really thought this was it for us. She said as much. First thing I got (which I really recommend for anyone) is to get a reading from Papa Hector. As everyone else has said on here, Papa Hector was right on the money. If his reading isn’t enough to prove to you that there is something really special about this man, and his abilities, I don’t know what will. He was correct in stating that the break up came from left field, ie out of nowhere. He was also correct in stating that there was a male from the past that was keeping her angry with me. He was also correct in stating that her feeling for me were still very strong, he mentioned this twice in fact. I was told to get the repellant spell and the attraction spell. I questioned the attraction spell at first since it was for new relationships unlike the other spells like come back to me. However, I realized soon after that if was able to give such a great reading, that the spirits and Papa Hector obviously knew what my relationship needed. My spirit was Anaisa Pye, and boy have I given her thanks since. The repellant spell also surprised me since it’s not really listed on the website, and to be frank, it’s pretty harsh on the target. However it turns out that this male figure deserved everything he had coming to him.
    It took about 3 weeks for my girlfriend and I to be reunited. 3 weeks!!!! We had been broken with no contact whatsoever for almost 3 months. My ex started contacting me again 2 days after Papa Hector started the attraction spell, and we were back together before he could even complete the spell. Of course I didn’t take anything for granted and continued the sealing of the spells soon after. Papa Hector was right though, our relationship is much much better than before; we are talking more about things, and we are just really in love. Everything is great.
    I would also like to mention Soley who was a really patient and answered all my questions via email. He gives great advice too, like a really good friend who’s helping you with relationship problems.
    People may think that the work is really expensive, but if you knew that it really works (it does), and that you would get the one that you love back in your life, wouldn’t it be worth it? That’s how I felt, and it was a small price to pay to get the love of my life back in mine.
    Incidentally, if nothing is going to get your ex back, Papa Hector will tell you that too. I had some doubts after my ex initially contacted me as she was still acting hesitant, I was asking for another reading but Papa Hector recommended waiting a bit since the spell hadn’t even been completed yet. He could have “sold” me another reading but he really isn’t after the money he can make off you.
    Oh as for the male figure that was doing things in the background for his own selfish reasons, let’s just say the repellant spell worked, and he is now seen as the disgusting vile creature that he is:-)

  177. I went to see Papa Hector on July18, it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Papa Hector revealed EVERY thing! He left no stones unturned ok. When he was reading the cards and the spirits were helping him and talking to him, my head started feeling different and I was actually holding my head when I was talking to him and I almost passed out and fainted because I was so stunned at the truths that he was telling me. I love Papa Hector, he is a wonderful family member to me. I’ve never met a person with such a beautiful, friendly, genuine spirit in my life. He told me how I am totally blocked and can’t do anything at all which is exactly the story of my life for many years now. He is going to help me and my family get back to living a good life again. He’s going to remove all the blocks and negativity so I won’t be stuck and stagnant and plagued with bad luck and doors constantly slamming in my face for 20 years! Please go to Papa so he can help you. Be wonderful to yourself and do it quickly!

  178. Papa Hector, Soley and the Spirits have been amazing. They have been patient with me, always been honest and always helped my best interest. Because of them, I was able to obtain a dream job with higher pay and even more so, someone I thought was gone forever in my life re-entered, with him telling me missed me. I love them and don’t know where I would be in life without their help.

  179. Where do I begin? Papa! He did it!! He did it people!! For 15 years there was a horrible feeling in my house. Everyone in the house went DOWN….very much down through the years. My daughter who is now 24 was born into it and she couldn’t do anything whatsoever with her life. EVERYTHING she has tried to do failed miserably. When I say everything I mean every single thing, even trying to get into the navy and actually training with the marines to prepare for bootcamp and her trainer miraculously disappeared and later informed us that he had to move. College failed, nursing school failed, she is a well trained actress and dancer, that failed! My husband lost his job this year after 34 years.its much more devastation but I have to shorten the story. We got readings from Papa and discovered that my husbands mother had constantly threw extremely evil curses on us for years for over 30 years! And is currently dead but tormenting my daughters life in her spirit form and blocking everything she do. Papa Hector and Mambo T T came to the house on August 15 to do a house cleansing (the details will take too long) they removed every single evil thing that was lingering around and Papa Gede came and took the evil spirit of an old perverted man away in a bottle. Now we can sleep again! Now we don’t feel as if snakes are creeping all over us. Now we can bathe without feeling terrified and guilty. When Papa say he is going to do a work for you…he is going IN!!!!! He don’t half step or fool around, he does very deep, serious work that is above and beyond anything you could imagine. I’m not even explaining the amazing things that went on during the house cleansing properly because words can’t explain it good. Papa Gede consulted with us and blessed us and even gave us different things to keep and use for protection and blessings. We started with zero dollars and zero cents but I made plenty of appointments anyway after we were informed that we were so blocked and haunted! But honey we used every piece of money we could find. Within minutes of the house cleanse/blessing/miracle, things started changing and getting wonderful, not better but wonderful. I started feeling old familiar feelings of peace, joy and happiness that I had known some 30 years ago. I don’t have time to tell about the cleansing me and my husband got on August 16, 2014, the day after the house work. I will tell that phenomenal story a little later. Papa Hector is truly a man who is like no other person in this world. This is only a couple of days ago people! and we are light and peaceful and easy. Life feels beautiful again like when I was a child. It seems that thank you is so very small for all he has done and is about to do. When I start to rise up more and more and my finances start to come in right, I want to give him more money to show how valuable this is to us, to show my love and appreciation. Seek Papa to help if you have some burdens that you can’t bear. I cried to God last month I was desperate. I said “God, only You can deliver us from this tribulation!” God heard my cries and he showed me Papa!!

  180. I just had a reading with Hector yesterday and was completely blown away with what he had to say. I was surprised that not only was he able to see the way in which my relationship was headed, but that he was also able to see the unexpected reasons for its demise.

    He was able to provide so many details that were only known to me and my ex about our relationship, his past, my past, etc. It was amazing the things that he was able to see.

    I was also happy to see the individuals that see are my spirit guides as well. I rely on these people heavily and it was nice to see their presence validated and that they do exist.

    Can’t wait to get started on my spells.

  181. I had my reading and I was very satisfied with the details provided as well as honesty for suitable solutions. Never felt pressed to get additional work done. Now I will be doing it and I am confident of the desired outcome. See for yourself!

  182. This not the first time I’ve saught the help of Papa Hector. I’m am a repeat customersimple because Papa is the real deal. If you are having any doubts as to Papa ‘ s authenticity and/or abilities my best advice is to simply have a consultation with him. You quickly will find that Papa is amazingly accurate and honest. The accuracy about my personal situation in which Papa was able to talk about was amazing. … if you are having any doubts or are hesitant you need to take action. The longer you wait the the more difficult it might be for the Papa to help.

  183. Testimonial for Papa Hector

    There are so many spell castors and mediums out there and it is hard to know who is genuine. This is how and why I was looking for someone like Papa Hector. For many years I had dabbled in witch craft but not directly, I was very close to clairvoyant for several years that had done things for me and brought me a lot of bad luck. The clairvoyant we will call her Patricia, was very manipulative, devious and jealous.
    I was friends with her for over fifteen years and I feared her. I wanted to get rid of her out of my life and I had tried other spell castors like Ashra and Aisha and they where just frauds. After spending ten of thousands of dollars on them I gave up and left things and had a hope that the universe will protect me. Then all of a sudden I started breaking evil eyes (little charms you wear), infact I broke several of them and I got very worried.
    So I went back online and this time I went onto online forums to find out who is who in the spell caster world and who gets results, I wanted testimonials and comments from real people. I found Papa Hector, I knew I need someone who was really powerful that can get rid of this bad energy around me and pretty much someone who comes from a source of goodness.

    From all the bad publicity that Papa Hector had got with the transgender woman, I was a little scared but I knew he was my man to help me… I was desperate. Just remember that someone like Patricia would brag about causing people accidents or breaking their relationships if she was unhappy with them. I was playing with fire for so many years and I got terribly burnt. I was not living the life I was meant to be living.
    So I had my first reading/consultation with papa hector. It was a breath of fresh air, I knew that through the will of God he was the one to help me through my journey.
    I ordered the cleansing ritual and the reversal of any negative energy – remove the bad energy and send it back to where it came from. I didn’t want revenge or justice and in my request I didn’t name anyone specifically.

    So what happened next, glass started breaking around me everywhere, and for that next three months I had 5 floods – that right 5 floods around me. That is no coincidence. I will advise to have a good insurance policy; cause you never know how powerful this energy is. I had insurance claims in the hundreds of thousands. I had lived with this bad energy around me for over 15 years and it was like I was awake in life again not a zombie living in fear. I wont go into what happened to Patricia, she is out of my life and I no longer fear her.
    What surprised me the most from all the rituals I had with papa hector is that a lot of the rituals where prayers from the bible. You start with so many prayers and you have to follow each detail to the T. You must respect the process, papa hector and the spirits are there to help you. If you don’t then your messing around with the wrong thing. You have to be good and pure within yourself and not impose your free will on others. Results sometimes don’t happen instantly, they can take time but there is so much happening around you and your not aware of it until you achieve what you want. I learnt that when your not right within yourself then everything is wrong around you and until you cleanse everything that is dysfunctional in your life then you that is when you start attracting what is right. I literally woke up and realized that most people in my life where users, and where jealous. Remember we all have to take responsibility for our actions and can’t be a victim, we have to take strength and call our own shots. This process has helped me understand faith, in myself and in God.
    Papa Hector is an incredibly humble and amazing man, he is a miracle worker!!!!! He is a saint in his capacity, and when dealing with him you know your speaking with someone who is extraordinary. He has walked with me on my journey helping me resolve chronic health problems and he has helped empower me to live a better life. God Bless and I wish you the best on your journey xx

  184. Hi everyone,

    I did a consultation recently with Papa Hector. Initially, I was quite fearful of what he would say or something wrong with my situation etc. But it turned out that Papa Hector was friendly and he was also spot on in telling me the details of my situation. He was also encouraging and his advice was based on what the spirits were telling him. Totally accurate even without me telling him about the details. I recommend that any one would go for the consultation.

  185. I had a phone consulation with Papa Hector yesterday and I was amazed and so happy! I was so nervous because I was afraid to hear bad news because I know he is very honest about what he sees, good or bad. He put my mind at ease with the situation. He hit the nail on the head about how things ended with my ex and even though it has been 10 years since I last saw him, he confirmed that the first thing he heard is that he still loved me! He felt confident that we could have the love relationship back that we had so long ago and instructed me on what to do next. It sounded so positive and I am so excited to see what happens next. Thank you Papa Hector, you are truly gifted and your honesty and compassion made me feel so much better already!

  186. I just got my first reading from Papa Hector and it has been the most amazing,beautiful and an eye opening experience I have had.Thank You Papa.Thank You very much Sir. Papa Hector is the most honest,undestanding and accurate psychic,spiritual worker I have ever come across. Thank God I found him and Thank God I got reading from him. I love you Papa and Your Spirits. Hopefully,I will be getting more readings and spells.

  187. If you are hesitant or skeptical let me just say I am a returning customer because Papa Hector simply is the real deal. He is NOT a fraud or hustler looking to bleed you of your money. He is honest and up front. If he can help you with your situation he will, if he can not help you he will tell you. There is no sugar coating.

    Furthermore, and just as important, his readings are remarkably accurate and his work produce results!

    Take a chance and you will be impressed and happy.

  188. I just had another wonderful reading yesterday with Papa Hector. He is so honest yet down to earth and funny too! He tells it like it is yet at the same time is very comforting. He knew things that had just happened to me without me having to say anything! I definitely recommend him to anyone inquiring about spiritual counseling and/or spells because he is true to his work and word and always there when in need.

  189. Papa Hector and Soley! (and Papa Baron)

    Thank you for your dedication in working on my case. The spells have worked and now bitchface is forever out of his life. I am so thankful that I have found real casters, who produce results! I am about to get another spell from you because I trust that you will be able to deliver results. Once again thank you, I will be subjected to so much injustice if you guys are not around. BIG HUGS!

    To readers, Papa Hector is authentic and is a safe bet. He doesn’t promise you the sky. If the situation is such that spells won’t work, he will tell you beforehand. Get a reading to have a clear understanding of what the situation is to start. Papa Hector won’t make you spend unnecessary money. If it’s not something that will work, he will say so to save you money. Therefore I am glad he didn’t say no to my new request!

    You guys are really awesome. Thanks God for making your services available. If I come to the USA, I will definitely pop in for a visit. xoxo

  190. After having a reading with Papa Hector i found myself becoming the spokesperson for him lol. The reading was just amazing…. he was amazing. I was new to the whole thing but he guided me through it. I have to admit going into the reading i wasn’t a full true believer but the minute he told me one piece of information that was virtually impossible for him to know i was SOLD! i couldn’t believe the things he knew. i heard he was very honest with what the spirits told him and if it wasn’t meant to be he is going to be the one to tell you. I cant wait for him to start the spells that he has picked out for me and i will be back with a update on my situation.

    I also can not forget about Soley. he is very helpful when it comes to answering any questions you may have and he also returns emails in a timely manner which is so important when it comes to something that means so much to you.

  191. I had a reading with Hector and was really nervous initially as i know he doesn’t take on every case and was worried that I would be one of those that would not be accepted. He was really understanding and put me at ease. He explained the situation and everything he said was spot on and actually made a lot of sense as i just couldn’t put my finger on as to why my boyfriend who is usually really loving and romantic had been relatively distant lately. i was recommended to do some spells and have ordered them. I am looking forward to seeing the results, i feel like I can trust him and he is very accurate and knows what he is doing.

  192. I had a reading from Papa Hector and he picked up on my situation without me divulging any information. I was really nervous and did not know what to expect. Papa Hector put me at ease within minutes of speaking to him. He is truly gifted and so polite and courteous. I was so happy and feel so blessed the Spirits accepted my case. Papa Hector explained to me in depth about the spell I needed. I ordered the spell ( Sweetening spell ) and followed all the instructions Papa Hector gave to me, this is very important, you must put all your heart and soul into this. The Spirit that was working on my case was the great Anasia. I am so grateful to Anaisa as she heard and made my one desire come true and I thank her everyday. I saw results on the 7th day. I will continue to work with Papa Hector as I need more work done to reach my end goal.
    Prior to my reading I watched all of Papa Hector’s videos and read all information on all his websites to gain knowledge and try and understand how it all works, by doing this I gained patience and made me realize spells do not work overnight.
    I also participated in the spell work, Papa Hector spends alot of time on spells and uses so much energy and I believe this type of commitment is commendable. Papa Hector will be honest with you, he will not sugarcoat anything. I can’t thank Papa Hector and Anaisa enough for all he has done for me.
    I also can’t thank Soley enough for answering all my emails and just always been there. He truly has the patience of a Saint 🙂
    Thank you all so much I will forever be grateful.

  193. Papa Hector is one of the most wonderful blessed souls I have met. I believe in giving and found a true spiritual guide in him. His reading was bang on. His soft voice and gentle way guide you through your problems. He then is able to zero in and give you a solution. In my case I wanted to give my best childhood friend a gift to consumate his desire for a particular woman whom he could not stop thinking about since they met at my party a year ago. I think in a world full of fakes, scam artists and wannabes, Papa Hector gives hope that the Incredibles like him do exist. God Bless Papa Hector and his work.

  194. what can i say about this amazing man that not everyone has already said about him? papa hector is so much more than a spiritual advisor to me but he is family. i have been seeking his advice and guidance for over 6 years now and we have done numerous consultations and the common trend with all of them are that i am not talking to just anyone but a friend and a guide who will help you out with any and all situations that life may throw at you. he will never give you an answer just to give it, he will never sugar coat things for you, he will be honest, open, and if need be harsh and real because he believes in being the most genuine advisor and that means hearing the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly! all of the major things in my life that i have needed guidance on…i go to papa first before making any decision at all. i trust him with my whole heart and my life. him, soley, and the spirits he consults with are never wrong…trust him. i know i do!

  195. I had my reading with Reverand Hector and l’m impressed with what I heard. Reverand Hector knew things that really hit home and made sense. He saw things about my past that were true and how things can change for the better in the future. He suggested different spells to address different issues. I am looking forward to the positive changes coming my way. Thank you for your gift Papa.

  196. Hi, I just wanted to write an update to my last testimonial I posted a few weeks ago.
    It is with such gratitude to Papa Hector and Anasia Pye and Soley that I can say my fiancé and I are back together.
    It was exactly 4 weeks and 3 days after Sealing my Spell that we reunited.
    There are no doubts in my mind this never would have occurred without Papa Hector. Prior to contacting Papa Hector I had tried everything to get my fiancé back. He is the most stubborn man I have ever met. He would not speak to me. After contacting Papa Hector we did 3 Spells in a row ending with the strongest love spell. Things started happening as we were in the midst of the love spell. My fiancé began messaging me more. It was slow and difficult to be patient. My fiancé seemed weird, kind of hot and cold I was unsure what to think. Papa Hector assured me this was normal and to expect this behavior. It continued a while longer and then after 4 weeks and 3 days from Sealing the love spell my fiancé told me he loved me and wanted to be with me again. If you are needing help in your life and you are thinking about pursuing a Papa Hector I can say you will not be disappointed. He is an honest down to earth kind professional man. If he says he can help you he will. I will continue to seek Papa Hectors psychic guidance as well as his work in Spells. I will be thankful forever for bringing my best friend back to me. Love and Luck xo Sarah

  197. i have been going to papa and asking for his guidance and advice for years now and i cant imagine my life without him and soley! just recently the love of my life left me and long story short papa and the great spirits gave me a strength that i didnt know that i had and encouraged me to light his path back to us and although it hasnt happened yet…the candle and the spell i know will work out in our favor because we really are truly meant to be together. papa will never give you advice that is wrong or not accurate because he wants the best for all of his clients who he considers family. i even thought maybe i needed more spell work and he encouraged me that no i didnt need anything further. many spell casters even if useless would take that chance to get more money out of you but not papa. he is real and honest and tells you exactly what is going on and not just want you want to hear. this breakup has been rough on me but papa encouraged me to have faith in the work and the spirits. with that in mind i will continue to remain positive that my love will return to me soon. thank you papa, soley, and the spirits…in you all i trust my life to!

  198. I got the consultation the other day and was completely blown away. Papa Hector told me things I had no clue about, as well as he confirmed things I was suspicious of. I’m looking forward to start my spell work here soon

  199. I am just blown away. I had my reading the other day and it was simply amazing. He knew things no one could have known and confirmed things I had my suspicions about. I am super excited to start my work here with him soon.

  200. I recently had a Spiritual Consult with Papa Hector and i must say he gave me soo much hope!!! I have been single for a long time& have fallen pretty hard for a very sweet guy who is somewhat ’emotionally unavailable’, (typical for me to fall for this type). Papa Hector pinned our situation exactly, based off of just a very small bit of info i provided. Papa Hector ultimately allowed me a glimpse into the thoughts of my guy, & now i know that we Really do have a strong connection and that gives us something to build of of for the future! I am about to return for more work with Papa Hector and i am very excited, bcuz he is the ‘real-deal’,;& i now have a genuine hope that my Love and I will soon be together!!! Thankyou so much to Papa Hector, Soley and all the kind and merciful spirits who help us with our loves and in our lives everyday…

  201. If you cannot solve your problems by yourself Papa Hector is the one who can help you.
    I just want to say one more time – thank you.

  202. I have been consulting with Papa Hector for nearly the past two years now. He never fails to disappoint! He is very honest, truthful, and can tell what my situation is without me even having to say anything! I have ordered spells from him and he never fails to disappoint! You WILL see results. On top of that Papa Hector is a joy to speak with and confide in. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  203. I just wanted to say to anyone thinking of doing a spell with Papa Hector or not to start of with a consultation. I was on the fence and once I did the consultation it was what convinced me to go ahead and get work done. Unlike other consults I felt with Papa Hectors reply it was honest and geniune. No outrages and impossible promises like how you get with scammers. He answered my concerns and showed understanding and compassion. I was going through a difficult time and Papa Hectors and Soley understanding and compassion gave me hope that I could come out the other end, even if I was not going to get what I had originally wanted, I was shown that that it did not mean that it was over and I CAN move forward and get pass this through other ways.

    I ended up doing Multiple spells and now I am going back for second consult and to get work done.

    I say just to give a consultation a go and to trust your instincts when choosing who to do your spell casting. I had consult with another medium but my gut told me to go with Papa Hector and I’m actually glad I did. I have no regrets

    Thank you so much to both Papa Hector and Soley for all you have done for me.

  204. For the past three months I have been having Anaisa, the Spirit, working on my case, helping me restore my self confidence, having me become more attractive, desirable and hopefully ending the period of loneliness after a very miserable relationship of several years. I am more than thankful for the results I had seen almost immediately. In the past three months my social life improved drastically; people started noticing me and wanting to be around me; I have been receiving compliments all the way, and I have recently met someone with whom I hope to build something solid in the future. THANK YOU ANAISA for hearing me, for making me feel better about myself and for letting me feel butterflies in my stomach again; THANK YOU PAPA HECTOR and SOLEY from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me thus far.

  205. I have been working with Papa Hector for over two years, and since then he and the Spirits have helped turned my life around to a more positive state; I have gotten a much better job with higher pay and incredibly co workers, moved into a great home and someone I thought whom I thought would never speak to me again now finds me his trusted confidante. Each day, I am so thankful and will continue to seek Papa Hector’s wisdom and insight.

  206. I am so pleased with Papa Hector’s honesty and accuracy with his reading. He and Soley have been very kind and extremely helpful while I am going through a bad breakup situation. The reading was completely honest with no sugar coating of the truth and no trying to sell me something that I do not need. Papa Hector actually provided free links so that I can do what I can myself and he also sent along a prayer to hold me over until I could order the spells. I am ordering the spells that I need today. I am completely impressed with the honesty and excellent customer service and I won’t hesitate to trust Papa Hector to provide spell work to help with my situation.

  207. I had a reading with papa hector this morning I can’t tell u how blown away I was he basiclly said everything that was going on I didn’t have to say anything I knew my prob he was right on the spot I’m going to use his services no doubt .

  208. This is just a short update, over a month after my first testimonial. THANK YOU ANAISA for keeping me feel beautiful inside and out. Thank you for bringing into my life someone whom I hope to become my The One.
    There is absolutely no doubt that I’ll ask for assistance again, whenever needed. I trust you with the greatest respect. ANAISA, PAPA HECTOR and amazing SOLEY – thank you.

  209. this testimonial is dedicated not only to papa hector but also to wonderful saint claire and saint anaisa. combing these three amazing and powerful forces you are sure to be set up for success. i am an emotional person. someone that gets easily nervous and anxious and with the help of papa he encouraged me to start speaking to my spirits personally. this was something that i incorporated everyday since papa advised me to do it and it has done amazing things not only to me but to my situation. i feel confident that i will get what i have been praying for because not only do i believe in them but i believe that being thankful to the spirits really does do amazing things. i ask for guidance and advice from them daily and they surely do speak back to me in my thoughts and the actions that take place in my life. i would not be where i am at in life and love without the help of papa, saint claire, and saint anaisa! believe in what you want and you will get it. trust me i felt everything was hopeless until i started believing and praying.

  210. I have had a few readings from Papa over the last 9 months & each time they are spot on to my situation. I have also had spellwork done by him which worked wonders for me & I am in the progress of having more work done by him. He is the only person I trust to get me what I know I need & want! Keep up the great work guys 🙂

  211. I want to say that I am amazed how accurate Papa Hector replayed to my 5 questions reading. He was 100% right, he also knew my profession; he gave me the overall reading of my issue with the causes and the solutions. Honestly, I did not expect him to know so many things and the reason for the problems. I recommend him with all my heart!

  212. I had a reading with Papa Hector the other day and the accuracy was amazing. This is the second reading I have ever had with him. He mentioned right away the spirits told him I had been alone for a long time which is true. He saw a female spirit that had time after time caused strife in my love life only to cause my pain and cause things to end badly. A marriage that should have taken place he saw never happened and he saw this spirit would never let me be fully happy in my love life.

    Thanks to Papa Hector I now know how to move forward and clear my life to be able to enjoy the love that I deserve. Spiritual work will be performed on my behalf by Papa Hector and that happy ending I deserve will be mine.

  213. Recently had another reading by Papa Hector and he was spot on as usual. Got deeper insight into a situation he has been helping me with for a while now and now I am going to get started on some new spell work to get things rolling even faster! Can’t wait to see the results that these spells produced once joined with the other work we had already started (which already has given positive results). Thanks as always to Anaisa Pye for all the great work she is doing on my case!

  214. Hello, I just wanted to reach out and say that I have know Papa Hector for a couple of years now and he is by far the most accurate reader I have ever worked with. He will say things in the conversation that will let you know that he gets the gist of the situation pretty quickly. His recommendations for what you should do are honestly very fair and he genuinely does care about his clients. He is a good person at heart and has a gift that I have never seen before in another person. I would definitely recommend him to others who are struggling through hard times.

  215. I am so enthusiastic and grateful to have received so much positive energy as well as clarity towards my life, and it is because of my reading with Papa Hector! Surprisingly, this gifted man, Papa Hector, shared FACTS, and intimidate information, that no one could have ever known or predicted! The quality of the reading was superb, and Papa Hector allows you be very open as well as comfortable with him when speaking in terms of what’s going on in your present or past life. Graciously, Papa Hector mentioned, “I am your friend,” and those three words resonated with me so well, that my spirit felt illuminated by such kindness. I will keep the reading between me and Papa Hector private, however, I must ask those who are contemplating for a session, whether over the phone or in person, to take a leap of faith, and receive the blessing of wisdom, clarity and knowledge to flow much easily in your life. I cannot wait to move forth with Papa Hector. God bless him.



  216. I had my first reading with Papa Hector very recently and I was impressed with the accuracy of his reading. I provided very little information to him and he was able to tell me very accurate information about my situation, and also past information which affects my current situation.
    I appreciate his honesty and recommendations for me and I felt very comfortable talking to him. He is a genuine person who is willing to help you if he can, but he also will be honest with you if he is unable to work on your case.
    I am thankful that he is able to work on my case, and I am very impressed at how detailed he is with his work.
    If you are someone who is currently struggling with a problem in life and needs clarity, Papa Hector will be able to help you 🙂

  217. Hi I been a client of Papa Hector for over or about 6 years! And Papa Hector is the truth.He is a very gifted worker and I have used several spells in the past with great and much success ! I remember working with “T” and the emails however, Soley is on point and he cares for Papa’s Clients as though we are his own! Papa Will tell you the truth and will not sugar coat anything. In order for this to be successful you must think, feel and be positive and follow Papa Hectors directions and advice to the letter! Papa I am a witness to your work! I thank God for the Spirits you work with , Soley and all of your house. Also, I love the Youtube Videos Keep up the good work and stay blessed Papa Hector ! Thank you 1 trillion times over!

  218. Papa and Soley has been very patient with me. They told me I was a friend and that resonated with me. They have given me words of advice and helped in my situation with my ex. Papa has been honest, given amazing guidance and I have seen results from prior spells in the past. Because of that, I am excited about the one spell I have casted (for an ex to return to me) and excited about a new spell (for the ex to break things off with his current girlfriend). I have trust and faith otherwise I would have given up. I am not. I feel in my heart and soul this is the right thing and Papa has given words of wisdom to me to make this go around finally right this time. I love them and have so much respect for Papa, the Spirits and Soley. I am in enteral gratitude for everything they have done for me.

  219. Recently had another reading with Papa Hector because my ex-girlfriend did a 180 on me after the spell had proven positive results. I was very worried that this meant something was going wrong and talked to Papa Hector about it. He assured me not to panic and that this was just the nature of the spell work and that she was pulling away to think about things and that I just needed to give her space and that she would come back to me even stronger than before. I’m looking forward to seeing that come true and hoping that this time she will be back for good. Thank you Papa Hector and Anaisa Pye!

  220. I huge thank you to Papa Hector and Anaisa Pye!!!!! I want to thank Anaisa she is an amazing spirit and i hope her ceremony went very well.

    My story with Papa is a journey. I first came to Papa three years ago asking him to cast a love spell on my ex at that time. Papa said no, the spirits refuse to work on it. and i was super upset at papa and told him so. in fact, i wrote him a very nasty email. papa hector is an amazing man though, he said to me– i know you are mad, but you can be mad if you want, im just telling you the truth and when you get over yourself, we will help you.

    Well, it took me a few years i guess to get over myself. because i went to other spell casters to get this ex back, but nothing worked. out of all the spell caters i tried, the most that happened was that one of them was able to get the man to talk to me one day, but it didn’t go any further after that. Eventually I gave up.

    When i did, i met an amazing man. but i was too dumb and blind to see him and how amazing he was. so when we got involved, i messed up our relationship. again i sought spell casters to help me fix it, but to no avail. nothing was working.

    then one night, i saw a woman in my dream who said to me – Go to Papa he will help. When i woke up, i knew she was talking about Papa Hector (the only person who I knew is called Papa), I was very reluctant tho because of the previous experience and i was nervous he would be upset at me and not want to work with me because of what happened before. but i decided, that i had to at least try.

    so i had an email reading and Papa told me exactly what was going on. he even told me things, almost word for word, of complaints that my ex had about me and my relationship with him. and he told me that the spirits agreed to help me, they would work with me to get him back. he also told me to expect things to take some time to work out.

    First thing he did for me was a strong spiritual cleansing. He told me I had to go in person, which was not easy as I am in California. But I went, and it took three days. But after those three days, i felt amazing. Other people were there and were also undergoing the cleansing ritual. it was extremely intense and life changing. After I left, my life really did start changing. Things started going smoother and easier, I was calmer within my self, more at peace and able to deal with things, I felt a presence with me, that constantly reminded me to keep calm and carry on. and new opportunities started opening up, i felt better all around. I learned tons about myself and issues that i needed to deal with in order to get my life on the right track. Whether or not I got my man back, this alone was worth it. I would recommend anyone working with Papa to request this service, it is a three day ritual cleansing, which papa told me can only be done in person. Papa had a special name for it, but I can’t recall. It is worth every penny. It is worth way more than he charges and I am planning on having another done within a year or so.

    anyhoo, after the cleansing came the first spell. An attraction spell to draw my man’s attention back onto me. This took a while to manifest that I could see it working, but once i did, I noticed my man starting to want to be around me, be more attentive, be sweeter at times (he was still a jerk some times), make efforts to call me, look for me, etc. This spell really got me on his mind and I was happy to see things turning in my favor. Throughout this time, I got bi weekly consultations with Papa. that way he could guide me on the way forward, how to act, how to dress, etc. I think that was the best thing i could have done during this time period, as i would say that it really helped me immensely as sometimes my man can be hard for me to read or understand.

    This went on for some time, until Papa advised me in a consult that we could do the reunion, lover return. This took about two weeks to do, between Papa doing his thing and the things he told me to do. Once it was done, I got really nervous about it working. I was scared of messing things up, but Papa and Soley assured me it would all be all right.

    Within a month of sealing that last spell, we got officially back together. it worked without me realizing it, One night when having dinner, I made a joke about me and my target not being a couple and he said that we were. That is when we finally agreed to be back together and have been together ever since.

    I had been waiting to put this testimony for Anaisa and Papa for her birthday, but I forgot yesterday so here it is.

    Anaisa Is the best, and if you get a chance to have her work on your case, have faith, she will take care of you. And Papa and Soley, they are honest good souls, they are the best of what they do, they will take care of you like you are one of their own, I know through working with Papa that he only wants the best for his clients and that he thinks of them as family, so if you get the opportunity to work with them, cherish it like no other.

    I consider Papa, Soley and of Course Anaisa a part of my family now and forever more.

    Thanks again to all of you luv and hugs alisson.

  221. God Bless and thank you Papa Legba! You are the truth! You always come through for me! God bless and thank you Papa Hector! Soley and family for you all come through for your clients. I been a client for about 6 years and I tried Papa’s work and it works of you do what the Spirits tell you to do.

  222. I want to say thank you Papa Legba, Papa Hector and Soley for the work on one of my candle spells is working!! I am very happy !! Thank you Papa Legba!

  223. As promised I want to thank Papa Legba for his help on my candle burn. I also want to thank St. Anaisa for her help and working on my case thus far. Thank you Papa Hector and Soley and the Spirits for all of your HELP and assistance. God Bless.

  224. I had a reading with Papa on 8/4/15 about my current situation at work. Right away he picked up on the mental status of my boss and how unstable he was before I even opened my mouth. Papa said how my boss would zero in on a woman and he would poke at her like he was trying to torture until he could break that woman down.

    Papa knew I loved my job and I am good at my job. He saw what was coming with my company before I even mentioned what new merger was on the horizon for 2016. With Papa’s help we will he shutting up my boss so he no longer terrorizes women in my office and he learns to control his temper and stay to himself until he retires.

    Thank you Papa, as always your reading is on target and I know the spell work will be spot on.

  225. Thank you Papa Legba, St. Anaisa and the Spirits working on my case! Praise God my spell is not even sealed yet but I am finally seeing results and movement!!! God bless Papa Hector! Soley and thank you . I am working the spell and it’s not even sealed and I am seeing results!!!! Thank you!

  226. I’ve had a few reading with hector and must say he’s ALWAYS on point and picks up on things very quickly without you saying anything. I worked with him in the past on spells and currently working on one now, and have always seen positives results. Also he’s very easy to talk to, and makes you feel like your talking to a friend. Thank you so much to you, the saints, and god for helping me in keeping my life clear and negative free. He sure is gifted. God Bless:)

  227. I had Papa and Spirit Papa Ogou do a discord spell. Within weeks, the spell worked where person I love broke things off with his girlfriend. He discovered that she was cheating on him, using him his money (and wanting to use his parents’ money for grad school), lying to him and not being around when he was in the hospital. It worked so much that he has so much resentment towards her, shipped her back home immediately and blocked her from everything. I am so thankful because it happened so fast and dramatically. It was everything that I prayed for. He knew she was a shady person, but the Papa and the Spirits aligned everything so he can really open his eyes and see her true self.

    • I wanted to add that I want to give a BIG THANKS to Papa Ogou for successfully helping break things off between my target and his girlfriend with the Discord Spell. My target is resentful towards his now ex and finally sees her for her true colors of being a shady person. This couldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for the help of Papa Hector and Spirit Papa Ogou. It also happened very quickly, the spell!!!

  228. I want to thank and give God all of the glory honor and praise for blessing us with The Spirits and Saints then I would also love to thank Papa Hector and Soley for all that you do for us as your clients !

    Papa Legba! You are the truth I salute and thank you so much!
    St.Anasia ! You are blessing and I thank you St.Anasia for working for and with me!
    The Spirits ! Who never stop working for us! You all are beautiful and I love you!

    I have been a client/ friend / and family of Papa Hector of six years and I tried his work and emails and the work works if you/me /us as his clients do the follow the work as expected. Papa Hector does not give false hope , Papa Hector tells us how he sees everything and Papa Hector works with us according to our individual situations.

    I will have many more testimonials to come. So, far my work is working and I am very blessed and thankful to Papa Legba, St. Anaisa and The Spirits on my Case !

    God bless and thank you Papa Hector and Soley!

  229. I had a reading done first & I was shocked at how accurate it was so I decided to go ahead with my order for a spell & oils.
    Ever since the spell started taking shape I have been so happy & I am so thankful to Papa Hector for all his time, effort & great advice which helped me along the way.
    I had been to others to cast a spell for me & I only ended up disappointed & scammed.
    Papa Hector is not just amazing at what he does but also very trustworthy & honest.
    He cast the attraction spell for me about 6 months ago & it worked wonders.
    I also want to thank the amazing spirit Anaisa Pye for all her help & guidance throughout my process. She listened to what I wanted & helped make my dream a reality, I couldn’t have done this without you!
    May spirit Anaisa Pye & Papa Hector always be blessed as they have changed my life for the better.
    I highly recommend Papa Hector & his spirits & I will definitely using them again.

  230. I would like to share my experience on cleansing spell which was cast by Papa Hector a little over a month ago, because I am feeling the positive effects of the spell. I had negative blockages built up from my childhood and other past experiences which prevented me to achieve some desires in my life. During the spell cast, there was one day where I felt very drained and tired. I knew that I was going through a purging period. During the period of sealing the spell, I felt a lot of negativity building up in me and I wasn’t sure why I was feeling that way, since I thought the purging period was over. About 10 days after I sealed the spell, I had an emotional breakdown and couldn’t stop crying for no reason. It was after I was able to gather myself up again did I realize that it was a second purging period for me. I felt such a sense of purity and tremendous love from God, the Universe and Spirits. It was like a new door has been opened for me and I know with conviction that everything is being taken care of for me, and that I feel sense of trust and so much love.
    I want to thank Santa Clara for working on my cleansing spell, she has shown tremendous unconditional love for me. I will always remember you Santa Clara.
    I also want to say thank you to Papa Hector for casting the spell, and Soley for answering all my questions for me.
    One thing that I learned from this experience is to let go of my judgments on how certain things should be. I learned how to trust and surrender.

  231. I just wanted to say that no you to Papa Hector, Soley, The Spirits , Papa Legba and St. Anaisa! You have been a blessing to me and the work works when listen and do the work Papa Hector tells you to do!!! I am so very blessed and thank you for all the work you all so for you! God Bless you fam and I salute you!!!!!!!

  232. I want to Thank God for blessing us with St. Anaisa, Papa Legba and the Spirits! I will tell you my spell is working and The things I asked of the Spirits and St. Anaisa they are bringing them into my life successfully! Thank you Papa Hector and Soley God Bless you all!!!!

  233. St. Anaisa and the Spirit a I truly thank you for all that you have done for me with my spells and candles!

    God bless you all as well as Papa Hector and Soley! Thank you all!

  234. St. Anaisa thank you so much for all that you done for me and all that you are getting ready to do for me. It’s been two months and I am very blessed and happy and very pleased with the results of my spell. I give God all of the Glory for you the Spirits the Saints . I give God all of the Glory by the Power of the Holy Spirit for Papa Hector and Soley for all that you all do for all of your clients. I Also give God glory for all the testimonies of your clients because their testimonies give me the perseverance when I need it! God bless and thank you all!

  235. i have been working with papa hector for years now. he is someone who is much more than a spiritual guide to me but he is truly like family. this year has been one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life but with the help of papa and also the spirits i have managed to find myself and find my happiness and true path. long story short i lost the love of my life the beginning of this year. with the power of prayer and the spells that we have done he was brought back into my life and now we are getting closer to being together again. this testimonial is not only to praise and thank papa for everything he does for me but most of all to thank the amazing spirits that have helped me so much. Ana Isa is an amazing spirit who is not afraid to be truthful and honest with your situation and will give you what is rightfully what is meant to be for you. She will not give you anything that is not meant for your path but she stops at nothing to work with you and your target to get what you want. You feel her around you and supporting you every step of the way. Just be sincere and genuine with what you want and really focus on believing it is yours and it really will be in your grasp. Remember that the spells are a process and you have to give thanks and appreciation to the spirit so they know you arent just taking their work for granted and that you want them to know how much you trust and love them. Ana Isa is amazing and if you are lucky enough to have her work with you…wishes do come true! Another spirit is Metrisili…you will feel this spirit with you and you will feel great about yourself after really truly praying and believing in the works you do. She is a spirit that makes you feel beautiful both inside and out and that is essential to making you feel good about yourself and also keep your energies balanced. Metisili is also a god sent to me since I feel that everyone should feel great about themselves and believe in themselves and this amazing spirit really helps with that. Ever since she came into my life has changed for the better and I know my wish will come true because of her works as well. Two other spirits I want to give thanks to are to Papa Baron and also Saint Claire…You both are so amazing as well and although not loud and obvious at times you are very much felt around me when I work with you both. I know when my prayers are heard and answered when I pray to these spirits because you feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and stillness when you truly communicate with them. Ever since they came into my life as well I feel a difference in how my relationships are forming and coming together and also my energies are balanced and less nervous and anxious. Believe in your spirits and the possibilities are endless. Make sure to say you love and appreciate them daily because they love to be loved just as we all do.

      • Beautiful post. I want to add Anaisa Pye has given me guidance. Spirit Baron has open doors for me through career. Papa Ogou has helped end a relationship with someone that stood in the way of my love, and Spirit Jan Fewo had reached out to help me in my case. They are amazing and I give thanks daily for everything they have done to help me in my life. I am so thankful for Papa, his patience, wisdom and love.

  236. Speaking to Papa was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time… He was very blunt and honest with me… I truly appreciate how caring he was, I know he has my best interest… He was amazingly accurate I was surprised at the details he was able to see… Thanks so much for your advice and your help…. 🙂

  237. To whomsoever it may concern,
    I have had readings done by Papa Hector four times, and every single time, it had been spot on. He is so kind and his words are soothing as well as accurate. I forget all my stress and sorrows while talking to papa Hector and he is phenomenal! I have had nothing but only positive experiences with papa hector!!
    – Love

  238. Last October 2015, I stumbled upon a website of
    And Reverend Hector’s name is mentioned. I set up an appointment for spiritual consultation via phone. I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect, Rev. Hector was so friendly and made me feel at ease . He was right on the dot what’s going on my life. He picked up initial of the person involved. He told me everything. I don’t have any doubts about him and he reassured me that he will help me with my situations right now. He was amazing!!
    Last Saturday, I sent all the requirements so he can start the spells. I’ll let you know the results!
    Thank you Reverend Hector for accepting my case and SOLEY, you too are amazing! You are really on top of replying about my concerns!

  239. I been a customer with papa since 2011 and he is the best!! There’s no one like him he is rigth on point with everything i always go to him when felling lost or anxious and he helps me tremendously he has been amazing in everything i will recommend him all the way!
    he will not disappointed you trust me!

  240. I want to say Papa is the person I trust. He treats you like family and has gives you the truth, despite how hard it can be. He sees what is in your best interest and gives you solid advice on how to move towards your goals. Time and time again he has been there for me. I have gone through a lot of challenges and the outcome comes to my favor. Right now I a still dealing with someone I want back in my life, he has returned as a friend and a friend that is constant in my life. I will continue to pray and trust in the spirits and myself that this person will officially return as a romnatic partner. So much Papa has done to help me.

  241. I consulted with Rev. Hector about 3 years ago and had good results from his work. This week, I had a reading with him. My situation is quite different now but again, he was able to immediately identify the top two issues in my life without prompting, hints or even a response from me. All that within the first 5 minutes. That is pretty incredible, unnerving and reassuring at the same time, because how could anyone know me like I know me? In any case he talked to me like an old friend, and was never judgmental. Thank you, Rev. Hector and Soley!

  242. I will like to say that my spirit SAINT ANAISA
    Has help me always in all my cases i thank her for the help and support on my case of love i feel and have witnessed how much she has help me trough my relationship!!!
    And i know that she will do it again!
    thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
    Thank you so much!!!

  243. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I praise God for St. Anaisa , Papa Legba, and the Holy Spirits.

    That’s why Papa Hector services work because Papa Hector works with the Power of God.

    Papa Hector and Soley thank you and God bless you for all of your help as well as T from back in the day. I have been part of Papa Hector’s family for six years and his readings are the truth and his spells work. I can say this and prove this. Follow Papa Hector’s instructions and you believe and pray to God it will come to pass.

  244. To all who is debating on using Papa Hector and doing a reading:
    First and foremost, I must say that Papa Hector is the REAL DEAL. I am not one to put my faith in someone’s words, but over the past 7 years, his readings has been so eerily right and spot on. He has always told me what I needed to hear, and not just what I wanted to hear. One reading he did for me, he said “tell your mother to becareful with her legs.” I never asked him anything about my mother…and weeks later, she had an issue with the joints that connect her hip to her thigh leg…and she had to rush to the hospital. How could he have known that without me ever mentioning anything about my mother??
    Whenever he has warned me I have always taken heed, and it has always happened exactly the way he stated. When he says it doesn’t happen…and even though I wanted it more than anything…it didn’t happen….and when he said it will happen…it always did. I was so hung on a woman that he told me I wouldn’t hear from again, but assured me I would meet one soon that things would be great with. But warned me it would be filled with jealousy and arguments quickly, and I would have to choose between her and another.
    I honestly wasn’t looking for anything, and this woman came along…determined in getting to know me…I gave her a chance and things were so amazing, but a few months later was filled with arguments…it wasn’t until that moment of the feelings of jealousy and arguing that it dawned on me that PAPA HECTOR warned me about this 4 months prior, and that he was right.
    If you are looking for someone real, honest, upfront, who also gives amazing advice and will NEVER steer you wrong, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Thank you Hector and Soley for putting up with me for so long, and always telling me the truth…always looking for a way to be of service. I am truly truly blessed to have come across you. And will only ever use your services!!!

  245. I had my first reading and the funny thing is that I did not mention to him what my situation was and he asked me about a number and I couldn’t figure it out and it was her Bday. He went on to discuss how there is someone dominant in the picture holding my wife back from moving forward and that is exactly what is going on. He was very straight forward and blunt and that is the way it should be, obviously on the person who can take it.
    I am definitely moving forward with my trials and not giving up the fight. Believe in what you feel is worth fighting for! Never give up! Much success to everyone who uses his services.

    Take care and much luck to everyone!

  246. To Whom it may concern:
    I approached Papa with my chaotic marital issue around November 2015 and heeded all the recommendations he suggested to make it work. I had 4 spells casted and the outcome…. VERY EFFECTIVE. With the discord spell, Rev. Hector got rid of the 3 out of 5 people( bad influence interfering with our once stable marriage). Although, the two are still around but the contact were lessened. I had my husband back to being sweet as honey to me as I always wanted.
    There is still some work to get done to get my marital relationship 100%. But in my heart it will succeed. I have faith to Rev. Hector and the Spirit Guides. I have seen it.
    I had a spiritual consultation with Rev. Hector yesterday January 12 to discuss about the next step…… a Binding spell to keep the relationship stable. I’m really excited. And can’t wait to share the result with you guys.
    Take care and much luck to everyone!!! Don’t give up !!

    • This is my second consultation with Papa Hector. Talking to him was like talking to a very trusted friend. I feel like he knew me well and got into the reading and all what he told me were all right on the dot. He recommended one spell via emailed from Soley but was changed to binding spell which he think will work best on my case . Soley emailed me right away on what things need to be done . I went to the whole process so Papa Hector will cast the spell. As soon as I learned that the package was received and the casting as I was told will be done by Papa Hector , I got really excited and really anticipated the result. I was not really sure when the spell was casted , but Oh boy!! I noticed a quick change to my husband.. This binding spell sure really works!! My husband decided to quit his job just to be close to me. I’ve never been so Happy!!!!
      I would like to thank Papa Baron for the guide, without His guidance all these things are impossible. From the very beginning of my journey to this point You have been guiding me through the whole process and of course Papa Hector without your power, guidance and expertise, I would still be in a mess where I was prior finding your name in the LIST OF THE REAL SPELL CASTERS. Papa and Soley both are the best of what they do and both are Good Honest Souls. Thanks for taking care of my needs like I am one of your own. Papa Hector thanks for thinking the best for your clients and thinks I am as a family.
      Ive never been so Happy in my Life!
      Thank you and God Bless !!!

  247. This testimonial is to discuss how amazing working with Papa Hector is. I think it is safe to say that I want this man and all the works that he has done to be with me for a lifetime. When you truly believe in the spell work and the spirits you truly cannot go wrong. Papa is very real with you in regards to what is right and what is meant to be. His readings are always accurate and concise and you can reassure yourself that he is clearly looking out for you. I have been working with Papa Hector and the spirits for nearly a decade now and I sincerely believe that I have always been watched over. Life throws us so many unexpected twists and turns but with the help of consultations, spell work, magic, and belief ..even the toughest times are very bearable. I now have been training with Papa and spirits on my own spiritual journey and I couldn’t be any happier or feel more at peace. If you have any doubts or fears in regards to spell work, consultations, magic, etc. Don’t! I promise you you will not find another individual more caring or real then Papa Hector. He opens up your eyes your mind your heart to new beginnings or even sometimes endings. But he will always guarantee that he will never sugar coat things just because because it will not benefit you in the end. This man is truly family to me and I hope my testimonial is of help to anyone that needs a little encouragement to take a chance on changing their life.

  248. I am so blessed and honored in July 2015 The spirits said a new man and he was a gift and Papa Hector this man is a gift I thank and love the Spirits and St. Anaisa for him. God is so good and He is so great the Holy Spirit truly has my back. And I thank God for you and your ministry Papa Hector! We worked together for many years and you are my family! Whom I love very much. I am so thankful and to Soley I am thankful for Soley he is a very kind and patient man. God bless all of you richly. I will always keep you all posted and I am forever thankful to God the Father Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirits!

  249. My reading with Papa Hector was very enlightening. Its funny, because we started off talking about the weather, it was like talking to a friend, then he got into the reading without asking any questions. He started by saying that he was seeing a separation then he gave me a lot of details about what was happening. He told me that there was another man trying to get with my girlfriend (something that I knew but didnt tell him) as well as her best friend pushing her to break up with me. He went on to to give me some hints about what I should do in the meanwhile and told me his assistent Soley would send me an e-mail with what had to be done. I am happy and thankfull that the spirits accepted to take on my case witha very high probability of success. I just got the email from Soley today with a recomendation for 4 spells. I cant wait forPapa to start working on my spells and I look forward to the results. Thank you so much!

  250. working with papa and the spirits never cease to amaze me and i just have to share my experience with my most recent spell that was assigned to none other than papa baron! papa baron is truly an amazing spirit to work with. the minute i started sealing my part of the sit down spell i started to feel different already and the target definitely was being affected and it was very evident that it was slowly wearing him down. a sit down spell is supposed to do just that…make your target sit down, sit at home and not want to do much but when they communicate or want to do anything it will be with you. my situation has been a journey but it has never been so difficult i couldnt endure it because of spirits such as papa baron by my side. you have to just be openminded to recieving the messages that are being relayed to you by the spirit. mine were so clear to me as i was praying and you just have to believe. believe the work that is being done is going to work out and ask from the heart what you really want and why you want it. papa baron listens and lets you know he is there and he will help. speak from your heart and promise to give him gifts and offerings for the progress that you see and you will be taken care of. papa baron listens and is always around you. talk to him, cry to him, tell him how you feel and dont be afraid to ask for what you really want and he will be there. thank you papa baron. because of you i know my dream is going to come true!

  251. Papa is amazing. I had the opportunity to visit him and see how hard he works. He puts in 200% ++ of his energy helping people. Not only does he tell you the truth about things, even though it can be hard to hear the truth, he gives you guidance and wisdom to move forward. I am working on my own journey and he has been helping me for many years. I would not be were I am at today and understanding truths without him. He is truly a gift to the world.

  252. Had a consultation done by Papa Hector a yesterday and I have to say he is the real deal. He told me things that I never mentioned to him-just answered my questions with amazing information. I am looking forward to working with him to help me to achieve my goals. I will definitely be a repeat customer of Papa Hector’s. He is definitely there to help you. Thanks Papa Hector

  253. Papa hector readings are spot on and direct without sugar coating. He left me to decide if I should take up all his spells suggestions allowing me to make an informed choice. I trust him fully to engage him and will hope to be his greatest success even though I am miles away. For sure, his reading are darn accurate and I believe for every solutions suggested, it is true one should do reading to get the root cause of the issue to at least try your best to resolve it instead of regretting not doing anything. Will update if I have a successful beautiful outcome even though I am thousand of miles away. Thanks solely and papa hector for being so reassuring despite my multiple questions. Really appreciate all you have done! 🙂 u gave me hope when there was none


  254. Wanted to give an update-Papa Hector did a consultation with me which was very accurate and straight forward. I took his advise and did the spells he recommended. I seen results within the first 24 hours, and the results I wanted continue to grow and blossom. Needless to say I am very happy and grateful for all the work he has done for me. I would strongly recommend Papa Hector to anyone looking for guidance and help. Thanks to Soley for answering my many questions and for your reassurance. 🙂 God Bless. Vee

  255. I had a lecture (via email) with papa Hector last august and it was quite accurate.
    Though he discouraged me from proceeding with a spell, since the situation was too compromised, i insisted and he indicated me a spell which had a likelihood to get some results.
    In a month since the sealing of the spell, though i didn’t get exactly the desired result (but he adviced me it was almost too late), i got what i can describe as a full success and an absolutely satisfing result.
    Thank you!

  256. I just want to say thank you and God bless you Spirits , St. Anaisa Pye , Papa Hector and Solely.

    I fed months ago I did a powerful love spell for a man I wanted and I worked with Papa Hector well I did the spell down to the t and yeah the other man responded BUT St. Anasia Pye sent better and everything I prayed for during that spell time the man I am with now is all of those things and then some.

    Now fast forward brought the New Years Cleansing bath and guess what I just did it two weeks ago well I will say this good things have been popping off for me! In a very beautiful way and I want to say thank you for everything!

    The readings Papa Hector does is the truth and I truly appreciate the Spirits and the Saints for all of the work they do and Papa Hector and Solely God bless you and thank you for all that you do!

    The cleansings baths are worth it! Thank you!!!

  257. Papa Hector has been with me now for nearly 4 years, guiding me and inspiring me to be a better person.

    So this is where is began, I was looking far and wide for someone to help me, it took me a long time to find him. The reason why is because I kept on breaking evil eye charms and I knew something was very wrong. I needed someone to cleanse and protect me, and I was really scared. I found Papa Hector from some online threads of discussions people where having about spell casters. He certainly has a strong reputation for taking on difficult cases. Papa Hector is extremely powerful and what I love about him he has such a clean heart – which you will never find.
    I understood what this stuff was about because I was suffering the consequences of bad spell casting -because i put love spells on men and asked for things I shouldn’t have received. I pretty much got 20 years of dysfunction and bad energy out of myself and I knew this would take time and patience and thank god I have just finished.

    I knew a spell caster that nearly ruined my life….It is easy to ask a spell caster to have a love spell done or to get justice on those who have done you wrong. What I have learnt from this is that by going through cleansing’s, instead of wanting all these things which is my ego, it about building my core instead and increasing my vibration to attract all that I want in free will and destiny.
    This was harder but has paid back in the long term because I wasn’t delaying the inevitable or putting a band aid solution on something, or more importantly wasting time and money.

    Then the cleansing began…
    I started as a jaded and wounded person so I needed to understand how to get rid of the bad things that have affected me. This included painful breakups, bad friendships riddled with betrayal, jealousy and spiritual attacks. This has everything to do with me and my lessons and I have also been the enabler of these circumstances due to karma and low self esteem. I really got myself into some hot water. Things where bad to the point that I couldnt sleep because I kept on getting night scares, my windows and doors would randomly open and close and things would just disappear. I had some really bad mojo around me…

    When the journey began and it was not easy was to face myself and know what my standard was. I needed to start new again… Seriously sometimes you think your loosing your mind because your in such an unknown space.

    I have been going through the cleansing rituals for now nearly 4 years, I started with the spiritual cleanse which removed any bad spell casting. This involved returning the bad energy back and it caused 5 seperate floods, and the person who put this on me ended up in hospital with a minor stroke. Te reality was that she wanted me dead or miserable alive – this is what jealousy can do to some people.

    Then it was cleansing the environment, I moved house within three months of this.

    Then cleansing the people around me that where not really that good for me. I got rid of most of the people in my life and attracted more compatible people.

    Then cleansing my conscious self – forgiving and letting go. This was the hardest, doing the rosary really helps.

    What papa hector does is extremely powerful and he has a heart of gold, he is one of the most incredible people I know. He will protect those that come with an open and honest heart. If you decide to go through a cleansing- strange things will happen around you.. You will feel a bit down and relieved at the same time. It becomes about faith and strength and your whole world just falls apart then rebuilds and then opens up.
    I was in real danger and papa hector saved my life… When you enter Papa Hectors life it becomes a journey and he walks with everyone every step of the way.

    I am so grateful that I found him, he is incredible and I love him to bits for what he has done for me.

    Good luck and may God be with you

  258. Papa hector has a gift i been working with him since 2012 and he has been rigth on point every time there no wrong there his kind amd willing to help always i went trough really bad love situation and he always help me seeing amazing results
    Please go to him since he will help not only with love but with anything you are dealing with his truly has a gift!

  259. Wanna thank santa marta dominadota for helping with my love situation for opening the roads of communication with my partner i truly appreciate your help!
    Thank you santa marta

  260. Houngan Hector is incredible. He has helped me so much, fantastic and accurate reading. When he started my spell work I started to see a 90% improvement before he even finished. It’s like my partner was a different person. All I can do is thank heavens for meeting this incredible and gifted Houngan. I hope you continue the good work that you do. He is truly the best, the real deal!!! Absolutely amazing man! He really does have a true connection to the spirits. Very professional service also from him and his secretary Soley. Always responds and always has kind words of encouragement. They truly and honestly just want to help people. And God bless you two for all you do. I hope to do more work with you in the future…

    Thanks so much.

  261. Papa Hector has a true gift!!! It is so crazy how he just starts diving into the reading and you feel like he has known everything about you and your situation without even muttering a word. He tells you exactly how it is and brings so much comfort. I literally had to pick my jaw off the floor with the details he was able to provide, almost like he had a crystal ball and was telling me about what had happened to me and my situation. He is freaking fantastic!!

  262. Update on the Spiritual Bath! Is the truth! That’s all I will say I been working with Papa Hector and the Spirits for 7 years and what Papa Hector does and has works and fits to the budget of all people across the board! I love the fact that Papa Hector works with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Papa Hector, Solely and T from back in the day and all the Spirits thank you all from the bottom of my heart God bless all of you and may He keep you all!

  263. PATIENCE AND IT TRULY WORKS!!! I have been working with Papa since 2012. Since I have worked with him and the Spirits my life has truly turned around; better jobs, amazing places to live and more importantly – the Spirits give me understandings of truth and making you understand your worth and how you can turn things around with believing and trusting in their powers.

    I have work on several spells with Papa. Patience and trust is the key.

    Three spells I would like to mention: first one is the Disaccord Spell. I was in love with someone with someone who wanted someones else. He and I were in a prior relationship in the past. With this new person, Papa didn’t see it lasting but suggested a Disaccord Spell to make their breakup faster. In less than a month, things ended quickly, dramatically and hostile between my ex and his new girlfriend. This happened in August 2015.

    Months later, my ex still pined for his girlfriend even though they were broken up. I was not speaking to my ex at all at this time. I distanced myself from him and same with him. I wanted him to reach out to me- not be reaching out to him. I also didn’t want him to still pursue this girl and not move away from the state/area we both lived in. I had a sweetening candle performed so he would open up to me. This happened in November 2015. I never contacted my ex since our own personal blow out.

    December 2015, he text messages me- stating why he picks so certain woman and why he didn’t think it would work between us. I ignored it. I was learning my sense of self worth from the Spirits and Papa and not to take crap from people that don’t see my worth. Then in February 2016, my ex contacts me again. I ignored.

    I was worried that he would move back to where the girl he pined for and I would lose him living in the city/area where I was. The girl he pined for lived in another country so I was concerned he would move there. So I had a Blocking Spell performed. Then in March 2016 my ex reached out to me several times, apologizing for his crappy behavior and also saying how much he respected me as a person.

    In April 2016, he tried calling me and we reconnected as friends. We have been hanging out as friends almost every other day (he always initiates the hang out) and he texts/calls me daily. He has opened up his feelings about himself, why he chose the this girl and how she was wrong, and more. I have become his confidant.

    Since the three spells-
    Disaccord- Him and his new girlfriend broke up dramatically. I learned through him that they got back together briefly but second go around it ended even more dramatically where they don’t trust each other and never want to speak to each other again. He also sees the wrongs they did to each other. I thank Spirit Papa Ogou for this and how he continues to make this happen!!!

    Sweetening Candle- He reached out to me on several occasions. He asked for my own forgiveness, and said how highly he thought it me. He also has opened up tremendously to his inner insecurities about himself, life, this girl and how he feels about me. I thank Our Lady of Charity, Cachita Tumbo for helping me with this!!

    Lastly- the Blocking Spell- my ex did not move at all. He even signed up for classes to take in the summer. He is looking for a place to live in near where I am. He was about to move to where this girl was in February 2016 but didn’t! He is staying! I thank the Spirits so much.

    Things with my ex and I have progressed tremendously. It went from him being in love with someone else- to him hating her, to him and I not talking to each other to now he sees me someone he is strongly close to, and to him staying/moving to somewhere close to me. All would not have happen if with was not for Papa and the Spirits help.

    I also want to make an important note to how amazing Papa is. I was able to visit him in February 2016 and was able to experience how hard he works, how much care, time and devotion he has in helping people. He truly wants people to live happy lives and see their sense of worth. He is amazing and I love him truly. Rare person!

    I hope this testimonial helps in your own discovery and journey in life. I would turn to Papa getting truth, clarity and helping you discover your happiness.

  264. PATIENCE AND IT TRULY WORKS!!! I have been working with Papa since 2012. Since I have worked with him and the Spirits my life has truly turned around; better jobs, amazing places to live and more importantly – the Spirits give me understandings of truth and making you understand your worth and how you can turn things around with believing and trusting in their powers.

    I have work on several spells with Papa. Patience and trust is the key.

    Three spells I would like to mention: first one is the Disaccord Spell. I was in love with someone with someone who wanted someones else. He and I were in a prior relationship in the past. With this new person, Papa didn’t see it lasting but suggested a Disaccord Spell to make their breakup faster. In less than a month, things ended quickly, dramatically and hostile between my ex and his new girlfriend. This happened in August 2015.

    Months later, my ex still pined for his girlfriend even though they were broken up. I was not speaking to my ex at all at this time. I distanced myself from him and same with him. I wanted him to reach out to me- not be reaching out to him. I also didn’t want him to still pursue this girl and not move away from the state/area we both lived in. I had a sweetening candle performed so he would open up to me. This happened in November 2015. I never contacted my ex since our own personal blow out.

    December 2015, he text messages me- stating why he picks so certain woman and why he didn’t think it would work between us. I ignored it. I was learning my sense of self worth from the Spirits and Papa and not to take crap from people that don’t see my worth. Then in February 2016, my ex contacts me again. I ignored.

    I was worried that he would move back to where the girl he pined for and I would lose him living in the city/area where I was. The girl he pined for lived in another country so I was concerned he would move there. So I had a Blocking Spell performed. Then in March 2016 my ex reached out to me several times, apologizing for his crappy behavior and also saying how much he respected me as a person.

    In April 2016, he tried calling me and we reconnected as friends. We have been hanging out as friends almost every other day (he always initiates the hang out) and he texts/calls me daily. He has opened up his feelings about himself, why he chose the this girl and how she was wrong, and more. I have become his confidant.

    Since the three spells-
    Disaccord- Him and his new girlfriend broke up dramatically. I learned through him that they got back together briefly but second go around it ended even more dramatically where they don’t trust each other and never want to speak to each other again. He also sees the wrongs they did to each other. I thank Spirit Papa Ogou for this and how he continues to make this happen!!!

    Sweetening Candle- He reached out to me on several occasions. He asked for my own forgiveness, and said how highly he thought it me. He also has opened up tremendously to his inner insecurities about himself, life, this girl and how he feels about me. I thank Our Lady of Charity, Cachita Tumbo for helping me with this!!

    Lastly- the Blocking Spell- my ex did not move at all. He even signed up for classes to take in the summer. He is looking for a place to live in near where I am. He was about to move to where this girl was in February 2016 but didn’t! He is staying! I thank the Spirits so much.

    Things with my ex and I have progressed tremendously. It went from him being in love with someone else- to him hating her, to him and I not talking to each other to now he sees me someone he is strongly close to, and to him staying/moving to somewhere close to me. All would not have happen if with was not for Papa and the Spirits help.

    I also want to make an important note to how amazing Papa is. I was able to visit him in February 2016 and was able to experience how hard he works, how much care, time and devotion he has in helping people. He truly wants people to live happy lives and see their sense of worth. He is amazing and I love him truly. Rare person!

    I hope this testimonial helps in your own discovery and journey in life. I wo

  265. I wanted to give a huge thank you to my spirit guide anaisa who worked with papa Hector on my cleansing and attraction spells. I want anaisa to know how grateful I am for her guidance and work she put into both of my spells. They took the negativity away that was surrounding me and brought the one that I love back to me. We are now Livng together and are working on a strong and loving relationship. We both now kniw that a long lasting relationship requires work patience and love. Thanks to anaisa for all the work. God bless vee

  266. Thank you so much Papa Hector , Soley and the Spirits for all of your help and everything the Spirits have done for me I am so very blessed and thankful. Thank you.

  267. Thank you God the Holy Spirit and the Spirits for all of your prayers thank you Papa Hector and Soley for all of your help.

  268. I have had several reading with Papa Hector over the past year and work also performed on my behalf. His readings are always on point and everything he tells me if it has not already happened in that specific situation it soon comes to happen.

    I had a very verbally and emotionally abusive boss and Hector helped me to subdue him while I looked for another job. Prior to this help each day at work was filled with screaming, items being thrown, and walking on eggshells wondering if you were the next direct target for the day.

    Once Papa worked on my behalf, within days the office was calm and I was able to rest easier and start my search. Papa helped where Human Resources failed in a Fortune 500 company.

  269. First of all Thank you Papa Hector and the Holy Spirits for accepting my case as I was sooo scared that i might be turned down.i have full faith in you all and I know for sure Papa Hector and the Holy Spirits will get my ex back to me. Love you all.

  270. I just had an email reading with Papa Hector and I was blown away!
    Totally shocked that all my worries and distress was not because I was crazy.
    My intuition was right and I just needed someone to clarify it for me.
    Now I feel empowered that I know the truth.
    Now I can play my cards properly and not be defeated in my situation.
    I can be a part of my life again and fight through it with the proper tools and weapons.
    I suggest getting a Spiritual Consultation with Papa Hector!
    It is not fluff and it is not filled with things you don’t need.
    It truly just gets to the point and you will be able to decide which way your life will go.
    It will change your perspective from a victim to an empowered soul!

  271. I would like to thank Papa Baron and St. Anaisa Pye for working on my behalf. I am very grateful to both spirits for agreeing to work on my case.
    I don’t have full results yet…however I know there is movement and will definitely update when I can (my case is love related and involves separation and reunion rituals)….it is only a matter of time I know!!

    Also….I would just like to comment on the accuracy of Hector’s email reading, straight blows me away. He takes so much time into the responses and I couldn’t believe the last part of my email where he mentioned my father (by name) and that the spirits were addressing that my father would not/will not like me getting back with my ex, this wasn’t even part of my questions but Hector added that piece in there.

    I am so excited for everything coming my way and working with Hector!!

  272. I want to thank of great Papa Hector.he brought my boyfriend back to me. i had seen many people to get him back but nothing, Papa gave me a consultation and told me all truth, and I trusted Papa and had him do the spells for me. it toook awhile because it was very very messy between us. i had to wait for each spell to do its work. but once the last spell finally was working and the other spells had worked, that is when he called. we met. then it took many more meetings. but now we are back together and i can only thank papa, he is the greatest, i will come to papa for life. papa took care of me like family.

  273. I have had readings and spellwork performed by Papa Hector before and they have worked for me. I just recently lost a relationship that I value dearly and had my reading done with Papa Hector yesterday about this case. Again, Papa Hector amazed me with what he already knew. He had accurately pointed out that I have a rival and he had given me the perspective of my case. I appreciate it that he did not just tell me things that I want to hear but to provide advise for me to make an informed decision about the spellwork. I am going to have the spellwork done and look forward to share further my experience.

  274. I just had my reading done by Hector. He was highly informative, and was able to shed light on a TON of areas that I asked about. I asked him 5 questions, and he was able to break them all down brilliantly. I look forward to having my desires manifest. He is a wonderful guy. The caps in the email kind of through me off a bit, but he was incredibly truthfully and helpful. I recommend him. I ended up needing 3 spells for my situation because it is pretty deep and tough. I feel he will steer me in the right direction. I appreciate you!

  275. I just want to say thank you so much to Papa Baron and Anaisa for working on my rituals!! I appreciate both spirits so much for all the work you are currently doing on my cases and can’t wait for the results to fully manifest! I feel very blessed to have Papa Baron and Anaisa on my side!!

  276. Wanted to give a big thank you to Papa Hector and Anaisa for doing my re-heat on my Attraction Spell. I was in a relationship with someone I love dearly, but due to a family interference we allowed others to come between us. Papa and Anaisa worked on my re-heat for my Attraction Spell, and I finished sealing it a week ago. My Ex has not contacted me yet but I know he will. I have patience and trust in Papa’s work and know that each day the spell grows in power, and when the time is right we will start communicating again, and he will contact me so we can work on building a stronger and trusting relationship this time around. Papa Hector’s work is like none other and I will continue to work with him on many aspects in my life. God Bless

  277. Thank you Papa for your amazing work. I asked for a job spell a few months back. Papa did the spell for me and in three weeks I had a job. Not the best job, but it allowed me to now step up into a better position so that I am now doing much better financially. I am now closer to what I want to be doing, and although not exactly what i Wwant yet i know it will come. Thank you Papa and St. Expedite.

  278. First and foremost I want to thank God the Father , the Holy Spirit and Jesus because of them all of this is made possible and to them be all of the Glory honor and Praise! St.Anaisa Pye Papa Baron, Papa Legba you all are the truth and the Spirits.

    Papa Hector, Soley and to the all work with May God continue to bless the works of your hands.

    I worked with Papa Hector for many years and his work truly works I love and appreciate you always and forever Papa Hector!!!!! Thank you all God Bless you ! Papa’s spells are the truth!

  279. I would recommend Papa Hector for anyone looking for answers. I had a reading with Papa Hector, I was blown away by the information he provided. I’m so happy that I found him. He gave me all the answers that I needed and possible solutions. He told me everything I wanted to know and he didn’t sugar coat anything. I can’t wait for the work that he is going to do for me. thank you papa hector. I will be only using papa hector’s services from now.

  280. I want to say thank you to God and the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ because with them none of this would be possible.

    I’ve been working with Papa Hector for 6/7 years now and the work he does and his readings are truth and it works! I can stand on it and say they worked for me! Papa Hector has recordings I ordered on an intense situation I thought that would never come to pass BUT! It did the Spirits came through for me and my situations where and when I needed them the most.. I want to thank Papa Hector and Soley and T for all of their help.

    Papa Baron/ Papa Legba/ St.Anaisa Pye/ all of the Spirits and all of the candle work(s) that you are doing at this very moment! Thank you all for everything and we are blessed to have Papa Hector working with us!!!

  281. I just wanted to say thank you to Spirits working on my behalf / the candle work is working! Thank you so much Spirits thank you all for everything!

  282. While I am considered smart, educated and beautiful I have had challenges with maintaining successful relationships with men.

    Over 3 years ago, I met and lost the man I loved. I have never gotten past him. He got involved with someone else and shortly after got engaged. A few months ago we began dating and at times we would discuss plans to move on together despite him being engaged to someone else. He would be hot and very passionate with me one moment and the next moment he would fade into dormancy. Recently he pulled away from me after confessing how frustrating and stressful the situation was for him. He also confessed that he wish he could restart and I would be the woman he would chose. I believe him; we have always had a very open relationship.

    I made a decision to stand up and fight for the man I love instead of retreating into a corner of surrender this time. After some research on the internet I casted a few unsuccessful home love spells. After prolong and intense research for online spell casters I settled on Papa Hector. At first I was skeptical because of the number of scams on the internet. After extensive research I was convinced Papa Hector was who he said he was but I was still hesitant because of the large sums involved in getting the reading and spells done with Papa Hector. I also feared that after investing the huge sums of money that there was a possibility that I might not get my desired results. But when the man I love asked me to move on I wrestled with the potential costs of the spells through Papa Hector verses losing “MY MAN” forever. Of course having a life with my true love was worth the chance so as soon as I collected my pay check, I paid for the reading.

    The hardest part for me was the two week wait to get the consultation. I have come to acknowledge that the long wait was due to a heavily booked schedule of Papa Hector. It took a lot for me to calm my nerves and be positive yet I had an inner peace that this gifted man would assist me in attaining my desires. Finally my reading came. As was stated in so many reviews, I found him to be very personable and gifted. His approach helped me to remain comfortable and very open during the conversation. The discussion was initiated by him and he gave me an overview of my situation. He told me about my lovers “commitment” and that he felt pressured by his family to commit to a woman he did not truly love. He confirm the man’s love for me and his roller coaster behavior towards me because while I am the one he desires and wants to be with he felt fearful of disappointing his family and not following through on a commitment he had made. He also confirmed that the relationship was a long distance one and that “my lover” and I were co-workers. He even confirmed that the situation that I was encountering with the man was a pattern. He provided me with further insights into the relationship describing the man as blocked in which made me a bit anxious. He recognized my anxiety and calmed me and reassured me that he was very experienced in this type of work and although it was a difficult case, he would do his best to help me get my desires. He warned me that it would be a tough fight because the woman would not let him go easily because he was “her bank account” but I must stand with the man because it is the only way he would get through it. The case was also described as tough because he was close to his family and hated disappointing them however he reiterated that the real battle was with the woman. Due to the difficulties involved he gave me a 65% chance of recovering the relationship.

    Papa Hector encouraged me to relax, and he would take care of things and would provide me with guidance as things evolved. He promised to revert to me within 24 hours of the reading after consulting with the Spirits that night. Before the end of the following day I received a follow up email confirming the work which needed to be done. I was not surprised given my past experiences when he recommended that I commence with a cleansing spell and have some energy building which can increase my chances to about 80%.

    Frankly when I saw the number of work needed to be done and the cost involved I felt totally overwhelmed. However, I weighed the options of a 0% chance now because he had decided to move on verses 65-80% chance of getting my heart’s desire and true happiness. It is a huge sacrifice I confess but I chose to arise and source the funds. The value to be added to my life far outweighs the sacrifice.

    I promise that I would provide you with an update once the spells are laid and the results are obtained

    In the meanwhile I make it my priority to remain positive, do my exercise, get my body and health in shape and focus on my personal development as I await the funds to cast my spells and have my true love return.

    Peace to all!!




  283. I want to say thank you to Papa Baron and Anaisa for continuing to work on my case….definite progress and hopefully full results soon! My case is tough but it is working. I am forever grateful for all the work on my behalf, thank you spirits!!

  284. Wanted to say I had another reading with Papa Hector last night and he confirmed what I was thinking and is helping me to work and better my situation. As usual I always feel at peace and content after speaking with him-very pleasant and upfront person. I would recommend using Papa and his spirits guides to help you with guidance in your life. I look forward to do some spell work and watching my situation improve. As well a special thank you to Soley for being so patient and re-assurring and always answering my questions. God Bless

  285. The candle worked in my situation and God is good. The candle worked for me in a very mighty way! Thank you Papa Hector and Solely and the Spirits thank you!

  286. I am really thankful about the candle that was burned on my behalf. The Spirit’s who helped me was a needed blessing and I thank Papa Hector for this service and thank you Solely for everything and I cannot wait for the results of this burn God bless and I thank you.

  287. Wanted to say thank you to Papa Hector and Anaisa for the Communication Spell that was done for me recently. It was finished on Sept. 14th and I heard from him that night and all the next day. Then he went quiet again. I am in the process of sealing the spell and heard from him on the 25th-we texted all day, then the 26th he invited me to dinner, and again on the 27th we chatted and laughed like we never been apart. I am taking Papa’s advise and letting him come to me with no pressure and it is working. We are getting close again but slowly. I am certain that once the sealing is complete we will be in even more constant contact and once that happens I will get another reading from Papa for his guidance as to where to go from there. Thank you Soley for answering my many questions and having patience with me and always reassuring me to have faith. God Bless to you all.

  288. Thank you God for the Spirits and Papa Hector’s candles they work ! I did several and each time they work for me. Papa Hector/ Solely thank you so much! Thank you— so much. God bless you and I thank you!

  289. Thank you for your altar candle service Papa Hector. Thank you so much. I give God the Father all of the Glory honor and praise! Thank you Spirits it’s all working out in my favor.

  290. Wanted to say thank you to soley for answering my many questions and to papa hector, and all the spirits that continue to work on my case. I had a shut up spell done recently and am waiting for it to work. I have faith that all the spells I have cast by papa hector will work. Thank you all again. I am grateful for your guidance and work you are doing for me. God bless

  291. Thank you Spirits Papa Baron it’s working . Thank you so much Papa Hector and Soley for all of your help patience and assistance on my case! It’s working!

  292. Hey am just hear to say i am a satisfied client i came in papa hector lay everthing down in very detailed very accurate reading its like not other..

  293. Good morning! Thank you Papa Baron for your assistance. Papa Hector and I go back 7 years from jump Papa Hector has taken me in as family! Papa is the truth and spot on with his readings and spell work. He had an assistant name T and they was phenomenal. Now we have Soley and Soley has been a blessing in this journey of mine. Look for years I worked with St. Anaisa Pye. Whom to me is the truth but Papa has taught me about the Saints and Spirits and they’re real and they do work. It’s up to you and how you work the work. I am looking forward to ordering Papa’s products for the 2017 year. I am so ready for 2016 to be over and I know 2017 is going to be an excellent year. I am looking forward to ordering my bath and house cleanse as well. I love this time of year. Oh about a year ago St. Anaisa Pye spell work has brought me the man I am with today. So I give her thanks so much as well as the other Saints and Spirits as well as Papa Hector and Soley.. Thank you all so much for helping me God bless and may heavens face shine upon each of you daily!

  294. I can definitely say that in working with Papa Hector these past several years the my life has definitely changed for the better. He was with me through every step of the process even when I myself was loosing faith and being difficult. He is a true professional and takes this work very seriously.He also is extremely knowledgeable in the faith system that is the backbone to this type of magic so don’t ever hesitate to learn more. I can honestly say he has been a true friend to me as well as a spiritual consultant and always strives to help me see the beauty in myself and life.

  295. Thank You Baron!

    I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

    My current job/career is the most incredible exciting opportunity I have ever had in my entire life.

    What I do is extremely in line with who I am within my personality as well as my method or mode of thinking with the world I perceive.

    It combines high demand cutting edge technology, critical thinking, work-life balance, and a handsome salary.

    In addition to the aforementioned, the company I work for is a top fortune 6 company and is also rated is one the top ‘happiest’ companies to work for.

    I am so very happy, comfortable and pleased with the results and the life I am currently living.

    Never before have had I ever felt this way. I am eternally grateful. You have my deepest appreciation.

    Thank You Baron!!

  296. I have been a client for Papa since 2012 and have always been satisfied with results and hearing his insights. I just had a reading this morning with him and feel a place of peace Not only is Papa insight and gives clarity to my questions/situations- but he also provides solid advice how to move forward towards my goals and happiness with his Yoda like wisdom. He is truly a blessing.

  297. I finally met with my ex-love today after 9 months. We met for coffee and he admitted that he is still attracted to me after being apart for so long. this is the work that Papa Hector and Spirit Anaisa and I truly want express my heartfelt thank you and gratitude. When i thought that there is no more possibility, Papa through his consultation constantly assured me and kept my faith strong. Though he is still with his girl, i am keeping my faith that papa will help move my case forward. THANK YOU!

  298. I just want to say that I have been working with Papa Hector now since 2011 and he has been there for me in some of my darkest hours. I have a really difficult case and we are still working on it but things are progressing so it takes time and patience. Do not let negativity overcome you, that is the biggest lesson learned, you have to keep going even when things look absolutely hopeless because you believe you are doing the right thing. Take the time to learn about the Spirits who are helping you, honor them for helping you. And don’t leave God out of the equation either.

  299. I have known and been working with Papa Hector since 2011, and I can definitely say he is the real deal. One piece of advice for all potential customers, don’t let negativity overcome you. I understand this world is spring loaded towards being negative but it is up to you to overcome it. Papa Hector helped me with a lot of my issues with negativity and we still have a lot of work to do but I know we’ll get though it. Thank you Papa for sticking with me.

  300. I share my testimonial here today bcuz it all started when my boyfriend left me for another woman when he went for outside work in another country and forget about me totally and he even block me from writing him on a social network, i was so confused and frustrated cos i didn’t know what to do to get him back so i try many casters and noone make anything happen but i found papa and said one more time i will try, it took one month of me and papa working before my ex unblocked me on social network and a week later he called me. we start talking and working on things we are not back together fully yet but i have faith and i know we will i am contine to work with papa until it happens thank you papa and papa baron who did this for me. i will never forget

  301. Papa Hector and Papa Baron are the best. I worked with Papa for less than 2 months and was able to get my ex back, we are on our way to getting back to where we used to be but it was an awesome journey with Papa. He helped me all through everything and Papa Baron is the best. If you are lucky they might work with you too, and i know you will absolutely love them. My ex had left me for another guy and we hadn’t spoken in three months. not a word. After two weeks of working with Papa H, she called me out of the blue. I messed up a few times, but was able to get things back on track. After working with Papa for a month and a half or so, she broke up with the other guy and immediately called me. Since then we have been working on repairing things. I plan to continue to work with Papa to improve other areas of my life once we get settled again.

  302. Papa Hector is, importantly, funny. When you are consulting someone about serious matters in your life, it’s great to be chuckling right off the bat. He has such great energy, in both my readings I have felt lighter within seconds of speaking to him. He is entirely on point with his knowledge and his words start to actually heal immediately. I’m moving on to spell work with him and I know working with him is going to be something I look forward to immensely each time we interact.

  303. I want to say a huge thank you to Papa Hector, Papa Baron, St. Expedite, John of the Streets, and Saint Martha. I have been working with Papa on a course for the last several months and have worked with him and all of the saints listed above and I have seen some good results. I am still waiting for the final result from all of the work but have to say I enjoyed working with Papa and all of the Spirits. They guidance in helping me to get to my goal is greatly appreciated. I cannot wait to work with them again and am looking forward to achieving my final result. Thanks to Soley as well for his patience and answering my many questions. You are the best. God Bless Vee

  304. So I had an email reading from Papa this week and he confirmed what I was feeling. Papa is helping me to get my ex back and I had a strange feeling the rival is doing all she can to keep him and Papa confirmed this for me. So Papa offered me a few solutions to get past this point and I am taking his advice. Papa’s readings are always bang on and he always offers you solutions to help. I have been working with Papa for over a year now and his work is the best I have seen. His spells are powerful and you see results from them. I look forward to continuing to work with Papa even after I have achieved my goal of getting my ex back. I will be looking forward to doing more spiritual growth work with him and working with my spirit guides in all areas of my life. God Bless

  305. Blessings Spirits Papa Hector and Soley! Thank you for allowing me to participate in Spirit for 7/29/17 Feast Day for St.Martha and St.Anaisa Pye! I worked with these two very successfully in the past with the help of Papa Hector. I have been working with Papa Hector since 2008/2009 I’ve learned so much about myself and the power within myself The Holy Spirit to change my circumstances. I worked with the Power of the Holy Spirit, Papa Baron , Papa Legba as well and they all have been a true blessing to me. Since Papa Hector has offered classes of St.Martha I have been working with her and she’s the truth and she’s very helpful and a blessing to me. I want to say thank you to God for this powerful Matron and Papa Hector for always being there for his client’s near and far. I am excited about today and I will have my own service at home for her as well!

  306. Happy Feast Day St. Martha I love and appreciate you. When you work with St.Martha talk to her and thank her always. Giving God glory first for such a beautiful and powerful Saint! Thank you again Papa Hector and Soley! God bless

  307. Dear Papa Hector,

    I wanted to write an update about work you had done for me in the past (about 1 1/2 years ago).
    You had performed a Repellent Spell and Discord Spell towards a man I was involved with.
    You did advise that the process would take time, but it was successful!

    Just recently I found out that in January of this year, his wife had filed for domestic abuse!
    After that, she moved out of their home together and filed for divorce.
    The divorce was finalized this July.
    After this experience I also learned that this process lets you see the real truths of which then allows you to have clarity within the situation and how to proceed with your life.
    I decided not to pursue this man after some revealing truths. But I also did not find the work wasteful. I found it to be a great blessing to have been able to see the truths instead of be stuck in an imaginary dream.

    Throughout the process I learned to work with St. Martha and I continue to seek her guidance when I am losing control over myself and my decisions.

    I just wanted to share this update with you so you can also know that it worked out in the end.

    Thank you very much for what you do,

  308. Hello, I would like to take a minute to Thank Papa Hector for all the hard work you have been doing on my behalf, it looks like it is paying off. Papa, you truly have a gift that is beyond words. To whoever is reading this, please, this is no joke, Papa Hector is the only true spellcaster anyone should ever go to for help.

  309. Thank you to Papa Hector and the Spirits who will see my situation through till the end result is acheived. There aren’t words to describe my gratitude.

  310. I am so sorry Papa I really should have done this sooner.

    First off thank you Papa and Baron, I owe you both my life. Thank you Soley for supporting me the whole way through.

    I worked with Papa to get my ex boyfriend back, in April this year. By the end of June, me and my man were on our way to being totally back together. It was a crazy journey, but Papa was my rock. I am now still with my man that Papa brought back. I couldn’t believe it and sometimes still can’t.

    I went to 8 different casters over a 18 month time period and never got any movement, change or results. By the time I got to Papa, we hadn’t spoken in almost a year and we had been split up for more than 2.

    It took a while for me to see anything happen. Papa put Baron on my case. Honestly I didn’t think it was going to work or was working. It was almost end of may when I finally something happened.

    He called me out of nowhere. We had a chat but it really wasn’t impressive. I didn’t think anything would turn out of it. But in that week we ended up talking 3 more times.

    The next week we met up. From the meeting everything happened really fast. We went to dinner and I ended up going to his house and spent the night. After that’s we started talking again , more on the daily.

    Then we had an issue, but that resolved thanks to Papa guidance. By the end of June we were basically back together but not officially. But everything was like it but better ( which was crazy because our relationship was great the first time)

    in July we ended up having a chat and making things official and things have been great ever since.

    Now I am going to be working with Papa to help me in my career.

    Thanks a million times a million. Luv you so much Papa. I am a client for life.

  311. Papa H is the best. This is my review for Papa. My girl left me, her ex wanted her back and her family hated me, everyone was against me. I went to other people and got scammed and taken advantage of. I had a reading by Papa and I was absolutely convinced. I knew he understood my situation and he could help me get her back. So I got the work he recommended. Long story short it worked. It took a bit but we are back together. At this point , I don’t know what I believe in, but one thing I do believe in is Papa. Thank you Papa.

  312. I’ve worked with Papa for several years on a number of different scenarios. I’ve gotten results every time. Papa Hector is certainly the best spell caster online, Happy Thanksgiving Papa Hector

  313. I can’t believe it. Thank you Papa Hector for all of your help. I came to Papa seeking help with getting my ex back after having tried many casters. They all failed miserably. Papa was my last hope.

    Today he text me asking me to be back together. I couldn’t believe it.

    Thank you Papa I owe you

    I’m going to be your client for life

  314. In November, all of my troubles came down on me all of a sudden. My son got beat up in school, I was out of a job and my relationship felt really rocky… Thank God I knew to get a consultation from Papa, and I got the advice – to get the Papa Gede’s Pay Dirt Ritual!
    Papa Gede startet do help me right away, I could feel the strong energy of him! And the firs job that I called, I was called in to an interview right away! The other candidate were… less then impressive, my guess is thanks to Gede’s wonderful work! And just about 10 days after the ceremony, WITHOUT even have done the sealing on the work that was done, I HAD A NEW JOB! And what’s more, the union helped me to get nice compensation from my old work for them being so horrible to me! Now THAT’S impressive! Thank you Spirits! Thank you Papa Hector! You are always there for me no matter what!
    Peace and Love, Alice

  315. Papa Hector has been my spiritual advisor for years. He amazes me that without any detail he can read me so well. Recently he helped me get out of a terrible visa situation. I suddenly became illegal and left with nothing. Due to his powerful reading and spell he cleared the path so I could return to my home country and then back to the country with the visa problem with a better situation than I could ever imagine. I have a great job, long visa, and my illegal problem is solved. I simply cannot thank him enough. He never sugarcoats and has never steered me wrong.

  316. I have known Papa Hector since November 2008, and I have stuck with him every since because he is the real deal. His energy is amazing and his talent is unbelievable. Having a spiritual consultation with Papa is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Not only does he give you the truth but he does it with incredible speed, accuracy, & detail. Combine that with his professionalism and he is truly a class act. Papa has helped me so many times throughout the years I don’t even know where to begin. When I first met him, I was a complete mess. Now I am on track towards landing my second promotion in 2 years. I want to personally thank Papa Hector & Papa Ghede for helping me land a promotion at my company even though all the co-workers were against me because I was new, one of my supervisors disliked me for no good reason he just did, and to make the situation feel even worse — I was learning everything from scratch, I had absolutely no experience–but guess what, I followed Papa’s instructions and worked hard at it and with Papa Ghede & all the good spirits helping, I rose to the top. Now my co-workers who once hated me are acting like they are my best friends, the supervisor who disliked me for no good reason now treats me with respect, and I now run the department that I work in and people now come to me for answers. Not bad for someone who first came in with no experience. And the best part…I am on track for an even higher position. The moves I made to turn my life around could not have happened without Papa’s guidance and services. I highly recommend Papa to anyone who needs help. In fact, I make no major decisions without consulting Papa first. He is the best!

  317. I had an email reading with Hector. Most of everything in the reading was accurate or has manifested. He said that I could reunite with a past romantic interest, and we did. His guidance was invaluable.

  318. I would like to thank Papa for the wonderful reading that was given. It felt very accurate and on point. I will definitely follow through with another consultation and possibly even the Sanse Initiation but will need to start saving me pennies. LOL Thank You again Papa and Thanks Soley for making the scheduling and information inquiry a easy task.

  319. it has been over 10 years that i have been seeking advice and guidance from papa hector and he never ceases to amaze me with not only his findings but also what are the best ways to go about life. he has never steered me wrong or has ever given me advice that wasn’t going to be beneficial to me in the end. i love that he is so real and honest and that he doesn’t just tell you things for the sake of you hearing it. he is the truth in so many ways and i have done countless amounts of spells and classes with him and it has all shaped me into the person i am today. god knows where i would be without him and all the help he has given me. i would be in loveless relationships and probably completely lost in what i ultimately am seeking in life.if anyone is on the fence with working with him please don’t be. give your faith and trust to him and the spirits and you will be so happy that you did.

  320. My reading with Papa Hector was thorough and insightful. He provided valuable information that clarified the situation but also of issues I was unaware of. I have been working with him and Soley to make some significant changes in my life. He has given me strength and encouragement to do my part as he works his magic from his side. I am excited about the changes coming and look forward to continuing to build on this new, positive path I am on with his help and support.

  321. Spiritual readings with Papa has always been so insightful. As I sometimes have difficulty expressing how I feel about my situation , Papa could articulate exactly how I felt. It’s amazing that he knew and provided me his reading of the situation and what I could do to help myself. I had spells done with Papa and could certainly see the positive results. This is why I could trust Papa to help me whenever I need his help and magic. Papa is also such a good listener that I fully trust him and could tell him everything. Thank you Papa Hector!

  322. I was looking for a Job ASAP. Thank you St Expedite for allowing my request to be granted trough Christ. Within a week my I found one
    Thank You

  323. I had a very accurate reading from Papa today. He gave me some clarity and insight into what seemed like a impossible confusing situation. At one point during the reading, I almost told Papa about the complications involved, but he stopped me before I could say anything, and he described the complication. Highly recommend getting a reading if you are in a tough spot in life. I’m happy he accepted my case, going ahead with the custom work recommended.

  324. Folks, I have been going thru all comments for almost a week and I must say, I am glad I came across Papa Hector’s site. I am new to this and in my haste because of my situation, I have wasted quite a bit of money. Anyways, I have my reading scheduled for tomorrow and I must say, I am a bit nervous, anxious but so much looking forward to it. I strongly believe Papa Hector and the faithful spirits will restore backup my marriage and of course with the help of the most High God.
    Just wanna say, thanks to Papa and to Soley for all the work they are doing. Folks, with all this amounts of testimonies, I wished I had done my research earlier before going with other casters. I currently have 2 Spellcaster working for me right now, but I just feel going with Papa and doing my reading is well worth my while moving forward and I am dead sure will do some work with him ASAP as I need my family back with me. The devil is a liar. God is on my side.
    Thanks once again Papa and thanks to all for your awesome testimonies.

  325. Hey Folks. It’s D-DAY today. I am having my consultation with Papa Hector. Kindda nervous but so looking forward to it. I believe he is my last hope so gotta stay positive as I truly need to have my relationship with my wife and my children back.

  326. I had my consultation with Papa Hector yesterday and I must say he was well on point. He described everything just the way I thought it was and has recommended what spells needs to be done . I am also thankful that he and the spirits have decided to take on my job in resolving my relationship restoration with my wife. He is the real deal as far as I am concerned and looking forward to getting on with my spell ASAP.
    I would highly recommend Papa Hector and would definitely be coming back to him for more consultations on other areas of my life that needs to be looked into.
    Thank you Papa H

  327. I have been working with papa Hector for many years now and it’s been wonderful. Two weeks ago I had a consultation with papa Hector. I’ts so amazing how he was able to tell me exactly what was going on in my relationship. My boyfriend and I broke up and based on the reading papa has accepted to take my case which I feel so grateful. Well I’m starting to see some movements already while the spell is being performed and I can’t wait to see the end result. The target and I are currently communicating and he told me exactly what papa had told me on the reading the reason for the breakup. Papa Hector and the spirits are so powerful on getting you the positive results that you want and I recommend anyone who’s looking for a spell caster to look no further. Papa Hector is who you want working on your case. I want to thank papa Hector, the spirits and Soley for all your help and support.

  328. I had a couple of readings on many different topics with Papa Hector through live talk and e-mail. All answers and problem solutions were straight and clearly described, any problem was addressed very deeply.

    I am already seeing the spiritual work results!

  329. Broke up with my bf not too long ago and want him back. Tried several spell casters, who scammed me and stumbled onto Papa Hector’s video on youtube. After contemplating for a while, I decided to reach out and had my consultation. I’m happy that the spirits and Papa Hector have taken on my case. I’m excited to get my bf back. Thanks spirits, Papa Hector and Soley!!

  330. Omg omg omg

    My spells with Papa really worked. I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude. In short Papa reunited me with my man and it’s been two weeks. An amazing two weeks.

    We had been separated for nearly 9 months and hadn’t spoken for 3 months when I came to Papa Hector. Papa worked on my case and held my hand for like 2 months. I had many doubts and didn’t think it would work. The reading with Papa was amazing so I had the faith to move forward with the spells.

    But now it has worked and I’m astonished and astounded. I waited a while to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But I’m not and finally all the hard work has paid off. First we started texting and as of 2 weeks now we’ve been back together. Honestly things are better and more amazing for us than the first time.

    I can’t thank Papa Baron Papa Hector Soley and the rest of the Spirits that helped enough. You have all been amazing, supportive, kind and understanding. I’m lucky to have gotten to work with Pap Hector and will be back whenever I need help.

  331. I had a reading with Papa Hector and my chances of getting my ex back were really low. So low that he suggested moving on. I told him I wanted to try anyway and understood that it was a risk, that it might not work. He agreed to help me even though he said he doesn’t suggest it.
    Well it’s been a month since he started my Spells and although my girlfriend isn’t back with me yet, we’ve talked. Which is a major progress since we had been out of contact for more than 6 months. I know there’s still a long way to go to get her back, but I’m confident that Papa can help me do it. I had other Casters who promised me results get no results, Papa on the other hand didn’t promise me results but has gotten me results. Thank you to Papa Hector and I am ready to keep going until I get her back.

  332. Finally after a very long time I got my girlfriend back because of papa hector he is a true godsend n miraculous. I had worked with other casters and didn’t get results and then came to papa it took a while but we got results. my girl n i had been apart for many months so i knew it would take some time and i must admit i was very skeptical of papa due to my previous happenings with other casters. it took longer than papa said in order to come to pass but it did finally work. i had more doubts when things were taking very long and longer than expected but papa told me it happens but i was still doubtful but as of 3 days ago we are back together finally and it has been good so far.

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