Snowball Effect of Spells and Magic

Snowball effect of Spells and Magic

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Spells, Magic and energy work on the snowball effect . What this means is that just like a snowball falling down on the hill, a spell when cast is a snowball of energy.  That energy is then released out into the world.

As it travels,  what happens in its environment affects it.  If as it was traveling it’s path, it ran into a huge tree then the energy would hit the tree, go splat, and break into tons of tiny particles that stagnate. It would have been stopped in it’s tracks and possibly have been destroyed totally in the process.

Once released, it can only be monitored to an extent.  What will happen to it, as time wears on, depends on the path it is taking, the road on which it is traveling and the environment it is in, and what the people or other things are doing around it.

If the Snowball is released in an environment without snow, then naturally overtime it would wither away and die.  It would be unable to grow and would only go so far.


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If it was released on a snowy path, and in a conducive environment then overtime it would roll and grow collecting more snow as it travels down the path.  Thus becoming more powerful until it reaches it’s final destination. Once it reached it’s final destination, it would then be able to hit the target with an incredible amount of force. Hitting the bulls eye as it were.

If as it was traveling, someone were to put an obstacle in it’s way it would smash against it. Or if someone were to hit it with another object it would take a chunk out of the snowball possibly destroying or a damaging it, slowing down its momentum and it’s speed at which it reaches its destination.

Various spells  all start off with different size snowballs to begin with. This is equivalent to saying that they all start off with different amounts of power. Some spells start with more power (a bigger snow ball) and thus are thrown with more velocity, getting speedier and heavier hitting results. Other spells are like shooting a bunch of small snowballs at your target. Such as candle spells.


The environment and other influencing factors can often be controlled, affected or influenced  to some extent.   The more control and influence  one has  over these other factors, the higher the likelihood of success and results in getting what you want. But the environment can only be controlled so much, some things are left to nature. Just as you can not control the weather, so can one not control certain factors in magic.

Certain acts or not doing certain things, will affect the snowball either adding to it’s power and speed or slowing it down. When you are able to “move with” and “add to the power” of your snowball, you ultimately increase it’s speed and likelihood of getting the results you desire. This is the same as adding to the powr of the spells.

But when you do things in opposition to the spell, to what you want, etc, it is the equivalent of adding blockages in the path of the spell. It will affect the environment and the snowball’s path negatively, thus damaging what you want to achieve or negating your spell entirely.

However, the thing is . . . that those actions are not often easily understood or seen. Meaning, oftentimes, people take the wrong actions thinking they are doing the “right thing” but end up actually doing the wrong thing, working against themselves and what they want. When it comes to spells and magic, especially love spells, unless you are an expierenced Spell Caster, these things will usually not be evident to you or easily understood.

When working with my clients, I teach them powerful secrets and techniques to help control and influence these factors, helping achieve faster, stronger, more powerful results. I lead my clients through those things that will help empower and speed up getting what they want and achieving results from the spells that we do.

Magic and Spells, Spell Casting is both an Art and a Science, and being a master at both of these parts of the work is the True Way to getting what you want and the results you desire from your spells and magickal efforts.


Hope this helps you to understand Spells and Magic

Keep the Faith

Papa Hector


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  1. Hi Do you cast spells for others and if so are they effective do most of your spells work and what is your prices on the spells.Thank you.

    • Hello Cammey,

      Yes, we do cast spells for others. In order to quote a price, we need to have a consultation with the the Spirits. We have a 95% success rate, in fact this year (2017) I have accepted 64 cases and have gotten results in 61 of those cases.

      Papa Hector

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