New Book- On Healing, Brujeria and Espiritismo

Take a mystical journey along the life of a powerful Espiritista, Bruja and Healer, Dona Juana. Learn how she came to do the spiritual work that she did, and how she affected and changed the world of the people around her. This is a story of mystical transformation, spiritual healing, and how the spiritual world can help to literally transform and change peoples lives for the better. Espiritismo Folklorico, or Espiritismo del Pueblo, or Espiritismo de la Mesa Blanca, Brujeria, Curanderismo, the practices of Dona Juana are known under many of these names. These are powerful Spiritual Traditions of Puerto Rico in which the Spiritual World is contacted and worked with to help people find love, healing, peace, and happiness in their lives.


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