Names have been changed for privacies sake.

A few days ago, I met up with Michelle, a client of mine.  And upon meeting up with her, we both recalled how and when she first came in to see me.

You see, when Michelle first arrived into my office, years ago, she was deep in some relationship problems. Michelle came in for her consultation, and right away I saw her problem.

Michelle loved a man, Fernando, who cared for her but didn’t truly love her.  However, Fernando had Michelle so wrapped up, she felt she couldn’t live without him.  So, I advised Michelle that she should move on, that we could clear her of that energy and move forward.  Find her someone who did care for her.  I also saw that Fernando was in love with an ex of his own.  Michelle confirmed this fact, and I told Michelle that this relationship simply was a waste of time.

But Michelle insisted.   She insisted that she loved him, and that he loved her, he was simply confused, etc.    She was refferred to me by a friend of hers, and she knew that I could get him to be with her.  Because I did so for the friend.  And it was a very similar case.   Back in those days, I did used to do such black magic spells.  These days, my Spirits won’t agree to do such for anyone anymore, and they have their good reasons.

I advised that it would be against her best interest once more, but she said that she understood about whatever backlashes that she may have to endure, any continuing work, etc, and she accepted all responsibility.  She just wanted me to fix it.

So, I simply reminded her yet again that she took it all on once the work has begun.  She confirmed she understood.

So we scheduled a Gran Ceremoni for her.  We got everything together for her black magic love spell.

The Spirits came and worked on her case.  They made various powders and essences and told her how she was to use them.

They told her that she had to have a prepared candle lit on him, so that a candle is lit for him to be under their influence and the power of the spell at all times.  Once a week, she would need to have a new candle lit.  If the candle was to stop going, he would leave her within 3 days there after.

She was to administer a special love spell   powder and it would make him contact her and try to get to her.

And when he came to her, she was to have her bed magically “dressed”  (this means certain spells and things are done to the bed) and make him lie in it.

After that, he would be hers.  Well, so long as the candle stayed lit.

So, Michelle administered the powders as directed.  In 9 days, he called her and asked her to go out.  So she got ready, and she used one of the special essences the Spirits prepared for her.  At first, when he arrived at her house, he acted a little shy and distant.  But quickly after greeting her closely, he warmed up and was asking her if she would take him back.

Well of course she would!  Her bed already dressed at home, was waiting! So she did as instructed and they got back together.  She contacted me and had the first candle lit on him.

And things went well overall.  He was with her most of the time, whenever not at work, and they enjoyed each others company.  The calls to and from the ex quickly faded out and stopped.  She kept lighting the candle on him each week.  Until, about 2 months into the process, she had a sudden financial emergency.  So she couldn’t have her candle lit that week.

Within 48 hours of her last candle burning out, he called her and broke up with her.  He cursed at her, and told her he hated her.  She was devasted.

A few days later, she got another candle going on him and came in for a consultation.  During the consultation, she explained that in part, she felt like she should stop all together and let him go.  Yet on the other hand, she still wanted him and wanted him back.  I explained to her, it would be best to leave it alone and move forward from this point.  She said she understood that he was only with her because of the spell, and while it hurt her to see it . . . she still needed to try once more.

Since the spell had been broken, a candle alone was not going to be enough to bring him back.

But since the spell had not been broken for long, only  a number of special magical love spell lamps would be needed to get him back.

Once back, the candle would be effective again at keeping him.

So we started the arduous process of getting him back again.

This time, on the 11th day of the lamp burning, he was back.

And she immediately contacted me the next day to have a candle relit.   Candle relit, and everything went nicely for her and Fernando once again.  The relationship was stable, but this time, he had contacted the ex during their break up.  This time, she would need to have some work done to get rid of the ex from the picture.

So she contacted me and we took care of it.  A week after sealing the spell, the Ex stopped talking to Fernando and started talking to another man.

So everything was going along fine until about 5 months later, when Michelle couldn’t afford a candle to be relit once again.  This time, she was unsure when she would be able to come up with the funds to have it going on consistently as needed.

And again, Fernando broke up with her.

This time, she ordered a consultation and we spoke.  She informed me that after Fernando broke up with her this time, she finally realized it.  Truly realized, understood it, and saw it clearly!

The Love Spell made Fernando be with her, but he was a Zombie!  He didn’t want to be there because he loved her.  Only the Love Spell and the Spirits were keeping him there.  She understood why although their relationship was good, it wasn’t filled with passion.  It was void, there was a lack of connection emotionally to Fernando.

And it really hurt her, to see, that everytime the candle went out, so did Fernando leave out of her life . . . and always in a rage, telling her how much he hated her and how he didn’t know why he has stayed with her or that she was a waste of his time.   It was always vicious and ugly.

From that point on she decided to stop the spell.  So she never relit her candle or tried again.  But she says it was a turning point in her life.

She realized that she had been wasting her time with Fernando, a man who didn’t love her, as I told her in her first consultation.  She realized she wasted so much money, tears, effort and pain on a man that was with her physically, but mentally and emotionally was somewhere else.  She asked for a cleansing and that is what we did.

After her cleansing and karmic balancing, her life got back on track.  Her career took off, and she really started to advance and make moves financially.  She got her life in order and started to truly consider what she wanted in her life and where she wanted to be in the future.  After this period, she came to me with a request for an attraction of the proper mate.

So that is what we did.  That same month, she started to attract many men and started dating very often.  After two months of casually dating, she found the man who is now her husband. Who loves and adores her and only her.

Now everytime she sees me, she tells me of how she should have listened to me in the first place.  And how for now on when I advise her to do something, she will always follow my advice.

Remember, a Love Spell Zombie as I call it, is not really in love with you.  With black magic spells, this person has been pushed to be with you.  This person is often in a state of confusion and doesn’t even understand why he continues to follow you or be with you.

Black magic love spells often require one to constantly feed them energy to keep them going.  This means that the spell must be recast, reheated, or in some other way kept “alive”.  Like in this case Michelle’s candle.  As soon as the source of energy stops flowing, the spell weakens and it’s effects die off.  Then the target “awakens” from the confusion and often hates and resents you.

That is why when trying to get love, White Magic Love Spells are the best.  White magic love spells enhance, magnify and reinforce the love that is already there.  White magic love spells work out  for the best possible outcome of all involved.

Best of Luck

Reverend Hector Salva


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