Truths about How Spells and Love Spells Work

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A great deal of people think that Black Magic Love Spells are stronger or more powerful than white magic love spells.  And this is simply not the case.  When it comes to love spells, there are many different variables that are at work to make your love spell work. 

But one of the most important is, is the love spell being cast using white magic or black magic?

While black magic love spells often bring fast results, the results are rarely long lasting.  Black magic love spells work with Spirits and energies that do not really have your best interest at heart.  Those types of Love Spells are extremely temporary, and often cause more damage and harm than they do in resolving anything. 

White magic love spells work with positive Spirits and energies.  Thus, at times it may  take longer to see results from the Love Spell, the love spell usually creates longer lasting results.   It helps mend a relationship, rather than to just put it back together for a night or two. 

When you ask for your lover to return to you, you don’t want a zombie, right?  You want someone who truly loves you correct?  Someone who wants to be with you?

Well, black magic love spells usually work by putting the target’s mind in a fog, where he or she cannot think clearly.  Thus, rather than choosing you because they love you, they choose you because they are being pushed to do so and cannot think clearly for themselves.

But sooner or later, this mental fog will clear up!  And the person will realize that he or she really doesn’t want to be with you.  In fact, usually, when the fog clears up the target of the black magic love spell will break up with the partner, leave, and in a great deal of cases end up hating and resenting you. 

The target will feel manipulated, and as though everything was your fault.  In the end, you ruin the chances of ever having a real relationship with the target again!

All Love Spells wear off sooner or later!  But the difference with a white magic love spell, when your love spell wears off— your lover will still love you and want to be with you because the love was true to begin with!

White magic love spells increase the love, magnify it and strengthen it with the spell’s powerful energy.  Thus, since the person already loved you to begin with, they feel it more.  Stronger, more passionate about you, think about you more, and want to be with you.  They don’t feel like they are being forced to be with you. 

In cases of Love Spells to get an ex back, it causes the lover to think more and more about you and reconsider his or her original decision.  It pushes and encourages him to give it a second chance.  He or she will often feel the pressure of the positive energies pushing him or her to think about you more and more, until he/she makes the move to give the relationship another shot. 

The target will feel as though it was his or her own decision to be with you.  Thus he or she will not resent you for having the relationship.  He or she will still love you when the spell wears off, because the love is real.  Black magic love spells only give the illusion of love, but once the illusion is gone there is nothing of substance there to keep the target with you. 

In the next post, I’ll tell you another reason White Magic Love Spells are way better than Black Magic Love Spells.


Reverend Hector
aka Papa Hector