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Whether your problem is large or small, long standing or just begun, we have the perfect SPELL RITUAL that GETS YOU WHAT YOU WANT.

YOUR SPELLS are available in three different strength levels which can help resolve even the most difficult of problems. The more complex the problem, the stronger the spell needs to be. Your spells come in various strengths for all sorts of complex problems, these spells really get results!

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Advanced Ritual Work




This is For You If:break up separation spell

✔You Need The Fastest, Strongest, Most Powerful Results Possible . . . . 

✔If  You’ve Tried Everything You Can and Have Failed Miserably

✔Your Situation Seems Hopeless, Impossible and Incredibly Complex . . . You Feel Like You Need A Miracle

✔You need to have the full power and control of the situation IN YOUR HANDS

✔Your Case or Target is Stubborn, Blocked Up or Working Against You . .

Please Note:

I only Accept 1-2 of These Cases Monthly.

These Rituals are Incredibly Powerful and even  Dangerous . . . .

I am only willing to do this work for those with the Cleanest, Purest and Highest Intentions and Love.




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Custom Ritual Work

 Perfect For Most Cases


This is for You If:


Powerful Lover Return Love Spells

Love Spell that Reunited my client with her boyfriend


✔You want to Affect a Specific Person or Target

✔You want to get your Ex Back

✔You need Fast Strong Results

✔Your Situation is Complicated or Complex

✔You are Tired and Frustrated of not Seeing any Change or Progress and Want it Now

✔You’ve been struggling for quite some time to try to get things resolved

This is not For You if:


✔You are unsure of what you want.

✔You aren’t ready to Create Incredible Change and Shifts in Your Life of the Lives of People Around You.

✔Your Intentions are Unclean or Unpure.

✔You are irresponsible and not ready to handle real Power.

Please Note:

I only accept a Limited Number of these Cases Weekly.

These Rituals Are Not For Everyone.




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Basic General Spell

This is For You If:


attraction love spell

Yuli gets a new boyfriend thanks to this Attraction Love Spell

You want to Attract Love, Sex, Or Money In General (No Specific Person or Target)

Your situation is new, easy and has no obstacles.

Your problem has existed only 4 weeks or less

This is Not For You If:

 You have a specific person or target you want to affect

If you have used any kind of spells whether they’ve produced results or no results.

If your problem has been in existence for longer than 4 weeks (unemployment, lack of business, closed paths spells, etc)

Please Note:

If your case meets any of the mentioned above situations you will need the stronger spell work.

If you used in any of the Above Scenarios, Your Spell Work will only be able to Help you, bring you some alleviation to your Situation, Remove Negativity, Slow Down Your Situation so that it is not getting worse and worse, perhaps open up new avenues or solutions to you.  We have seen these spells fully resolve above type cases but that is rare.

Starting at $479

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First Step is a Spiritual Consultation to See How We Can Help You Best

Consultations Starting at Just $60


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