1.What is the first step to get spiritual help from Papa Hector?
2.Why do I have to pay for a consultation when I see tons of people offering them for free?
3.Do you do free work, spells? Why isn’t everything free?
4.Do you offer refunds? Can I get a refund?
5.Why shouldn’t I just use free stuff that I find?
6.Why should I order your products or services rather than another cheaper service?
7.Can I speak to Papa Hector? How do I get to speak to Papa Hector?
8.Who is PAPA HECTOR? Can I meet him?
9.Is this a real business?


10.What Are Spells? How does Spiritual Magic Work?
11.How does spell/magic affect the target?
12.Do Spells really work?
13.Are all Spells Guaranteed to Work?
14.What can you expect from magical spells and rituals?
15.Why are some spells more effective in changing a person’s life than others? Why are your spell so powerful?
16.Do you guarantee that all of Papa Hector’s work will always work?
17.How fast can I get results?
18.Am I really able to do my own spells, work?
20.What is a Spiritual Guide?
21.Can I ask you questions about products and services I bought elsewhere?
22.What is the fastest type of work to get results?
23.What if during your consultation you recommend product X but I use product Y, a cheaper product instead, can I still get the same result as originally predicted?
24.Do I have to be a particular religion to do these spells?
25.Can I fly, walk on water, control the world?
26.Do you do lottery spells, money with no effort spells?
27.Do you do black magick spells?
28.Do you do weight loss spells?
29.Do spells backfire?
30.Can all cases be resolved?
31. Can Papa Hector teach me how to do rituals/Spells? Can Papa Hector train me to be a Spiritual Priest?
32.Are spells wrong, harmful, manipulative?
33.How long does it take to cast a spell?
34.Why should I buy here or use your services?
35. How do I spot Scammers who promise that spells will definitely work and yield desired results?


1. What is the first step to get spiritual help from Papa Hector?

The first step for getting spiritual help from Papa Hector would be to have a Spiritual Consultation/Reading. You can order one here:

2. Why do I have to pay for a consultation when I see tons of people offering them for free?

Nothing in this world is free. Unlike others you find on the internet, we are not fake/scam and all our services are real. We are an established company with it’s own toll free number, database and appointed staffs.

Our Video/Audio/Written Testimonial from clients speak for itself. The proof is in the pudding.

You get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, what do you think you are going to get? For people who offer free consultation they tell you what you want to hear and not the truth. And they will make up for it (the free consultation) when they charge you for the spells or rituals that I promise you they will tell you they can do to resolve your problem.

Papa Hector always tells you true facts. Honest straight facts. He will not tell you untrue facts and what you want to hear just to get you working with us. Please note that we have so many clients that we turn many away (on a daily basis).

In fact, the holy Spirits have instructed Papa Hector to take some more time off, because he wasn’t getting enough sleep and have put a limit on how many cases he can take at a time. That is why we are closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. We get paid for the consultation that you have and therefore we will not tell you untrue facts just to get your case. We are more interested in helping you resolve your problem (if at all it is accepted by Papa and the spirits).

Papa really wants to help you. He wants you to hear the TRUTH ABOUT YOUR SITUATION. Even if your case is one that cannot be resolved, at least you will know that and not waste anymore of your money on a fruitless endeavor!

The only thing that we are interested in is to help you and your satisfied video testimonial, that you will send us, when you have gotten your stunning results as many others already have. This will help us generate faith in numerous others who need help like you.

3. Do you do free work, spells? Why isn’t everything free?

No, because in life you get what you pay for. Papa Hector is a skilled professional, he has paid dues, sacrificed, paid for initiations and rituals, practiced, studied and trained. And it all cost him money. Just like any other professional.
You wouldn’t go to a Jewish Rabbi, Catholic Priest, Doctor, Lawyer or any other professional and expect a free service. Same here is the case with us.

When everyone else starts working for free, so will we. When you come and work for us for a year for free, we will do your ritual for free. We promise you, as much work as Papa does do, you won’t last a week. And you will wish you had gotten paid.

Papa Hector’s time is EXTREMELY VALUABLE. So don’t waste your time or his asking, as you will not get a response.

Offerings, candles, incense, offerings, herbs, oils, powders, dolls, time, amulets, coffins, assistants, my secretary (who answers your emails, and makes much possible) everything costs money. Especially that Papa Hector only uses the highest quality spiritual materials and ingredients available for his spells.

Unlike Catholic Priests, Spiritual Priests do not demand donations to their temples, we are not paid a salary or anything of that nature. We are paid for our services & time, and we promise you what Papa Hector can do for you no Catholic Priest can do!

4. Do you offer refunds? Can I get a refund?

No. You can read our terms and conditions policy about that further. TOS CLICK HERE

But, would you like to do your job, have your boss mess it up, and then not pay you for all the hours that you worked? No right? Supplies and Materials that Papa Hector uses during your rituals, payment to assistants, and offerings and sacrifices etc, etc cannot be returned to him in original condition after he has done your work and they all cost money.
There are no refunds because about 75% of the RESULTS DEPENDS ON YOU, YOUR CONTINUED POSITIVE ENERGY AND YOUR ACTIONS. Even when Papa Hector does the work for you. You must follow through with all his instructions to the letter. You must act in congruence with your desire. You must align yourself, and act properly (in love cases, no stalking or harassing your target). And when your opportunity comes, you must act properly and accordingly and take advantage of your opportunity to the fullest level so that you can achieve and gain your desire.

Papa Hector has a 97% Success rate, and to tell you the honest truth, those failing 3% are usually caused by the client not following proper directions and acting accordingly. If those 3% would have followed directions, we promise you they also would have been in the 97% and Papa Hector would have 100% SUCCESS. Why? Because the initial consultation tells you whether your problem is even resolvable with the help of magic or not, so those cases that cannot be solved are weeded out right from the beginning

5. Why shouldn’t I just use free stuff that I find?

Because you get what you pay for. You pay nothing you get nothing. That is a fact of life. Go on and try, we’ll see you when you come back. Bookmark our site and make it easy on yourself.

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6. Why should I order your products or services rather than another cheaper service?

Simply Because Papa Hector is the best and real deal. He is upfront and honest, as you can see in this free report FAQ, and he will always tell you the truth. Do you think those cheap services will tell you the truth? Nah. They make money by getting many orders.
Do you actually think they are truly casting your spells for $40-70 a spell? Do you really think a spell that cheap will help everyone, people who have had a long standing problem (ie 2-3 years) as well as those who have only had one for a short time (ie 2-3 months)? That they are putting their full passion, energy, focus and spiritual power into each and every work.

If you’ve ever bought a spell kit from here or anywhere else, you know that spells require a huge output of time, energy, spiritual power, focus and concentration. A spell cannot be done in a matter of a few minutes.

In most cases that Papa Hector takes, he will spend hours on the spell simply in the first night! Then he spends 2 hours daily per ritual for anywhere between 5-9 days, sometimes even 13-17 days, depending on the complexity and strength of the work required. By the time he has completed just one ritual for a person, he may have spent anywhere from 5-19 hours doing the ritual. That is one reason Papa Hector’s rituals are so crazily effective.

Therefore his time is extremely valuable and he can only take a limited amount of cases per week. He must also eat, sleep, and live! So, just like if you go to a top notch Lawyer or Doctor, you will pay more for his expertise than your average Lawyer/Doctor. Why? because you are coming to the best of the best!

Papa Hector only take cases that he feels 100% certain that the desired result can be achieved with my powerful assistance. His time is too valuable to waste on fruitless endeavours. Life is really too short!

Thirdly, all his rituals are done in direct contact with the guides. The guides are actually working on your case which has made Papa Hector so successful.

Papa Hector’s powerful and closely guarded Spiritual Secret Rituals have gotten results for tens of thousands of others. You have seen the testimonials. So you have seen it. We promise you that you will not find any other website with any video testimonials and definitely not as many as ours. Papa Hector has already proven himself and his rituals to you, as you have already been told by those in the testimonials.

And in reality, we don’t care. If you go somewhere else, we know you will end up back here because Papa Hector is the best of the best. And he has succeeded in many cases where all others have done nothing but failed. And he has always given you the truth. Because Papa Hector is the only one who can truly help you get what you want and you know that. So you can waste your time, energy and money with the other jokers, and just end up back here worse off needing even more help and work, than if you would have just listened to yourself and gotten work done now.

Some may call this being cocky, or arrogant, but we call it KNOWLEDGE. Papa Hector has been doing this for over 24 years, and even those who were once the best of the best, come and get rituals done to help themselves BY PAPA HECTOR. Papa Hector knows that he is the best, and YOU KNOW HE IS THE BEST. That is knowledge

7. Can I speak to Papa Hector? How do I get to speak to Papa Hector?

Because Papa attends such a large clientele daily, you must make an appointment to speak with Papa Hector. You can order one here:

If you have some other sort of question, you can Papa’s secretary here:


Papa Hector is flooded with so many cases, that unfortunately, he is only able to speak to those who have ordered a spiritual consultation

8. Who is PAPA HECTOR? Can I meet him?

Papa Hector Salva, is a Spiritual Priest with over 24 years experience helping people resolve all sorts of problems.

Yes, you can meet me. You can schedule an in person appointment. Unlike these other jokers, Papa Hector is someone you can actually meet face to face.
Order a consultation here:

9. Is this a real business?

Yes. We are SALVA‘S SPIRITUAL SUPPLY. We are located at:

1001, White Horse Pike
Suite – 28,
Oaklyn, NJ 08107
Note: We are in the SOHA Arts Building

This is our office location, which is open to the public, at which we have a small shop supplying spiritual goods. We have two other private offices, which are not open to the public, therefore you must schedule an appointment to Come In Person, as we are not at this location all the time.

We also have our own US TOLL FREE number and also salaried secretary and other staff members who help run the business

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10. What Are Spells? How does Spiritual Magic Work?

At it’s most basic, spells/rituals/magic is the manipulation and raising of spiritual energies to apply to specific goal to get the desired outcome.

Spiritual Magic works by calling upon Powerful Spiritual Guides & Benefactors to multiply and transform that energy to get your results. The Spirits make the process smoother and faster, and make your rituals more powerful.

11. How does spell/magic affect the target?

In this example, we will use a lover return ritual to display how magic affects the target.

When you do a Spiritual Ritual or have one done for you, the Spiritual Guide that is called will go to the target. That is why the links are so important. When we give them to the Guide, it is just like giving a scent to a dog. The Guide will track down that individual. Once he has gotten to that individual, he will start to emotionally affect the person and put thoughts into the person’s mind. The guide will continually put thoughts in the target’s mind for a given period of time. The Spiritual Guide will also put your energy, your energetic imprint, into the person’s Spiritual Body (Aura) to help draw the target to you.

It is not uncommon for the target to try to fight these feelings off. But the Guide is constantly bombarding that target with thoughts of you. Now, in very rare cases, the target is strong enough to fight these off and still chooses not to listen. This is why we recommend a consultation, as during the consultation Papa Hector can let you know if your target is one of these types where it will not be worth trying to do any magic on him/her. But 98% of the time, the guides win in successfully affecting the target.

During this time, it is also not uncommon for the target to feel confused. They were dead set on one thing, but for an unknown reason to them ( ; ) ) He/She Just Cannot Stop Thinking Of You. Feeling the need to communicate with you and see where it leads. At this point the target breaks, and goes to see you or tries to contact you to see how things can be resolved. And there you go, your lover has returned.

From that point on, the guides usually remove their influence. Why? Because if the guides continue to influence the target you will not truly be able to work out the issues, as he/she will not be feeling their true feelings. So from that point, it is up to you and your target to work things out.

When your target first returns, we suggest that you treat them really well and that you do not nag, complain or criticize the target. Do not bring up old issues right away. These actions will only serve to further remind the target of why he/she left you in the first place.

Allow the target to bring up these topics and open them to discussion. Remember in most relationship issues, both sides have some fault for the problem. Be real and take responsibility for your part. And work on correcting it.

Now, a Lover Binding (which can only be done after the lover return ritual has worked by bringing your lover back) can be done to help hold the target with you for longer to give you more time to work out the issues and restart your relationship on a new, positive clean slate. But lover bindings are not forever. They usually last from 3 months – 1 year. Not everyone can be bound, your case must be approved to undergo this ceremony.

Now, if you want to help hold that person and tie the two of you together forever, that is called a Spiritual Marriage or a Marriage of Souls. This is a very expensive ceremony, and you must be present in person to receive it. This ritual will keep your souls bound together, and even if that lover leaves, he or she will always come back to you. This is not recommended, as if you desire to leave the lover, a cutting of the ties will need to be done.

And that is how a Spiritual Ritual Affects a Target!

Anyone who tells you different is lying to you. Remember Papa Hector told you that.

12. Do Spells really work?


13. Are all Spells Guaranteed to Work?

No. And if anyone ever tells you that, RUN. No-one is God. Anyone who tells you that is lying to you.

Even if you follow the most authentic formulas, follow the invocations and rituals, sometimes . . . it still just won’t work. It is not your fault, it is not the Spiritual Worker’s fault, it was not God’s fault. We know you may not want to hear it, but that means it wasn’t meant for you to have. We all want things we cannot have. We are sure you can remember a time in your life when you have and when you finally done everything humanely possible to attain it and still hadn’t, you decided that it was time to move on and move forward. Sometimes that is the greatest answer we can receive, so that we can move on with our lives.

There are many forces and factors that affect the final outcome of one’s spells/rituals.

Skill and Natural Gifts
Amount of Spiritual Energy invested
Strong Intentions
Proper Spells . . . .
Number of links to the target
Proper Rituals

Even when this is done 100% properly, it is still no 100% guarantee of success.

Muhammed Ali is one of the greatest boxers ever. Sometimes he lost. Sometimes he won. No one says that boxing is a game of random chance or that he is a fraud just because he cannot win every game. It is the same with magic.

Just as physical work sometimes works in getting you what you want, sometimes it doesn’t. So with spells and rituals.

When you go to Spiritual Worker, it is like going to a doctor. We do a consultation (diagnosis) and we prescribe a ritual (medicine) if needed. When a doctor gives you a medicine for a sickness 98% of the time, it works. However it doesn’t work 100% of the time for everyone. It does not mean that the doctor was a fraud, it doesn’t mean he is no good. It may be that it is something that cannot be cured, it may be that you didn’t take the medicine correctly, it may be that you didn’t follow the proper instructions, it may be that at the time that medicine was going to work for you, but because something that you did or didn’t do, that things changed, and that that particular medicine may no longer be what is needed.

Truth is, not all spells work. 97% of Papa Hector’s clients get their results, 3% do not.

About 1% percent of those individuals who do not get results are due to their own negligence

Magic is not guaranteed to work, neither are prayers

But if you make a prayer to God and do not get what you want, it might very well be that it was not in HIS plans for you. Same as if you do a spell. It might be that it is not for you AT THIS TIME. But YOU WANT IT. But, later it will come

14. What can you expect from magical spells and rituals?

Improvement of the odds. The opportunity to fix things with an ex. That many times you will get what you want, but not always. That sometimes you will get what seemed impossible, but not every time. Magic gives you a leg up, a head start, a jump start in the right direction — not a fool proof win. That is the truth.

If you get a Gainful Employment Ritual, and you have taken all the proper steps (such as made a resume, cleaned up your look, put in applications) one can look to get job interviews and opportunities. It is up to you to make the most of those opportunities and put your best foot forward in order for you to get the job! The magic will get you the opportunities, it is up to you to make the best of it and get the job.

If you get a lover return ritual, you can look forward to exactly that. Your lover coming back to you and you getting a second chance to communicate and work things out with your lover. That your ex will be open to speaking to you again, and will listen to you so that you can work it out. It pushes or pulls Spiritual forces to try to manipulate events so that your target can once again come into your life, and give you that chance to get back together. It doesn’t make your lover a zombie. It doesn’t make him/her not have his her own mind, feelings, desires and wants. It doesn’t make him or her grovel at your feet, it doesn’t force them to love you. Would you really want that anyway? Fake love. For you would always know it was fake. It does exactly as it tells you . . . it returns your lover, giving you the new opportunity to work things out.

It doesn’t hold them in a relationship with you against their will. It will not force someone to love you who doesn’t. It will not MAKE ANYONE DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO.

Now if you both fall into the same mistakes, you cause arguments and become critical of the target, you treat them badly, you really cannot be surprised when that person leaves you once again. For those original issues were never addressed and resolved, and they will come back again and cause the same result. Now, if you make the most of the opportunity that has been given to you, you will reap the higher reward. Because you made the most of your chance. And 98% of my clients make the best of that opportunity and end up happily again with their lover.

If you do or get a communication ritual, that is exactly what you can expect. Communication opportunities. It doesn’t force that person to keep up constant talk with you, especially if you are boring. It doesn’t entitle you to that which you are not entitled.

And so on . . . .

Spiritual laws are not extremely difficult to understand. No different than the physical laws that govern you.
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15. Why are some spells more effective in changing a person’s life than others? Why are your spell so powerful?

In essence, because more energy and power is directed at the achievement of the goal.
Some spells use more powerful techniques, secret invocations while others are simpler and less powerful.

Papa Hector’s spells and rituals are so powerful because when he does a custom spell or ritual for you, he actually calls the Spiritual Guides in trance Mediumship and allow them to work directly onto your case. The Spiritual guides, using Papa Hector’s body, then complete your spell and do the work, giving it immense levels of power that could never be achieved by your average person.

Papa Hector has over 24 years experience manipulating the subtle forces of the universe to be able to get you what you want, as he has done for tens of thousands of others.

And alongside of that, all of Papa Hector’s spells/rituals, whether done by him or by you, use the most powerful formulas and recipes, ancient and closely guarded secret Spiritual invocations, proper ingredients and high quality products. That your custom rituals come with the directions directly from the Spiritual guides for you.

16. Do you guarantee that all of Papa Hector’s work will always work?


We guarantee that we will perform the proper ancient, closely guarded secret Spiritual Rituals to get you what you want

We guarantee that we will give your spell or ritual 100% of Papa Hector’s Spiritual Power and energy, force and concentration.

We guarantee that all of Papa Hector’s rituals are safe.

We guarantee that we will always tell you the truth, no matter whether or not you want to hear it.

We guarantee that Papa Hector uses the absolute best and highest quality supplies and materials.

We guarantee that we will send you a report when your rituals are complete.

We guarantee that you will never be charged more money for your spell than what was originally required.

We guarantee that if you go anywhere else, you will just end up back here . . . as Papa Hector is the very best.

We guarantee that Papa is the best, if he tell you your case can’t be solved, then no one can solve it. And you are just better off moving forward

17. How fast can I get results?

This depends on a variety of factors. The depth of your problem, the complexity of it, how long it has been going on, what blockages may be in your way. Also what ritual you do in order to get your desire. Depending on the strength of the spell or ritual that determines how fast you can get results.

But also, what practical and real world steps you take towards your goal is important as well. Remember any ritual work must also be backed up with common sense and hard work in this realm. If you are only using magic, you are only doing 50% of what you need to do. God helps those who help themselves.

For example, a gainful employment ritual will not get you a job if you don’t put in any applications.

A communication ritual will not work in your favor if when your target does communicate, you are mean, rude and nasty towards him or her.

Custom Work usually tends to give the fastest results.

18. Am I really able to do my own spells, work?

Papa Hector used to be of the opinion that no you could not. But we all grow and learn more and more, that is what life is. Papa Hector knows and has taught thousands of people how to perform their own spells and rituals effectively and GET THEIR RESULTS.

This is actually very empowering and works on many deeper levels which is more beneficial to you than just having your work done for you. You will feel great knowing that you did it yourself.

Plus there is a bonus. You will then know how to do the ritual anytime you need it ever again!

Another BONUS: Doing your own ritual SAVES YOU TONS OF MONEY.

And you must have the proper spell or ritual (at the proper level of power) to attack your problem with. It is like any job, you must have the proper tool to get it done. How do you know what you need?

A Spiritual consultation is always recommended as the first step. But according to how long your problem has existed, the stronger the work that you will need in order to get results. You can use price as an indicator as to the level of power it has.

The most powerful service is to have a Custom Spell Ritual done for you. Check below for more as to power and results times frames at “What is the fastest type of work to get my results?”

But you will only get out of a spell or ritual what you put into it. That is the most important thing to understand. Papa Hector can guide you, give you the tools, supplies and materials to work with, teach you the ropes, but you must implement it. Papa Hector cannot put the energy and time into it for you. You must put the necessary amount of energy into your ritual. Once you supply that, the guide will have ample forces to multiply to get your work done. The guides multiply the power that you give them and this is part of how they are able to resolve your situation. So, what is 0 times7?

Zero right. If you don’t put the necessary, energy, force and concentration into the ritual then you will not get what you want from it.


No. Stop watching so much TV. Learn more about real Spiritual Here:


And Here:

Sanse Religion

Papa Hector’s website is full of 100% FREE INFORMATION.

If you don’t want to, we’ll sum it up for you. We believe in one God, the same God as Christians believe in. We believe in Spiritual Guides. By working with these Guides, which God sent here to help us, we can achieve our goals and desires

20. What is a Spiritual Guide?

It is a Spirit, sent by God, to help humanity. Some are angels, some are Saints, some are just elevated Spirits or Spiritual Beings

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21. Can I ask you questions about products and services I bought elsewhere?

No. Please go to the person who sold it to you.

22. What is the fastest type of work to get results?

Papa Hector’s custom work gets the fastest results. Many of our clients have reported results within 3-21 days after the completion of the ritual, many reporting positive movement in their case while the rituals are still in progress.

However, please note that we recommend a consultation before anything.

About 97% of our clientele report results from our spells. Time frames vary greatly on a case by case basis. . But results may vary. Remember, you must use the proper work, according to the intensity, complexity, and depth of your problem, in order to get results. If you get a ritual/spell or lesser strength than what you may need, then things will invariably take longer in order to resolve themselves. That is why we always recommend an initial Spiritual consultation

23. What if during your consultation you recommend product X but I use product Y, a cheaper product instead, can I still get the same result as originally predicted?

You may. You may not. Remember, Papa Hector is a Spiritual Doctor.

If you go to a doctor and you complain of shoulder pain. And he gives you a check up and prescribes medicine X for pain control. And he tells you if you take medicine X, you will no longer feel any pain, you will feel better, etc etc. Now you go to the store, and you buy medicine Y (because it is cheaper, easier, or whatever the case may be) and medicine Y doesn’t work. It doesn’t do the same thing as what the original prescription would. You are still in pain. Then, you cannot complain to the doctor that the medicine didn’t work! Or say the doctor was no good. You didn’t take the prescription!

It may that medicine Y does work for you after all. But it takes longer to prove the same effect. Also, medicine Y might not help at all. BUT that was YOUR CHOICE. If you do not follow the prescription, you cannot complain at the final result because you did whatever you chose.

Now, with all of that said, we must admit, that we have a great number of individuals who are prescribed custom work but because they cannot afford it at the time, they get a Custom Ritual Consultation instead. And it works! It takes them a little longer to see results than had they done custom work, but they get their final results! About 95% of people who go this route, Still Get Results, just a tad slower.

Usually, if you get something that is right under the prescription (the next power/price level down), it still ends up giving results but a little slower.

But, you cannot have a prescription for three Custom Work Rituals done by Papa Hector, because your man left you two years ago and then go and get three specially prepared candles and expect any results.

Whatever is prescribed is what Papa Hector’s predictions are based upon, meaning, if you do the ritual that is prescribed this is what you can expect and how long you can expect it in, so long as you follow all of my directions. If you choose to do something else, then that is on you. And you cannot expect the same results

24. Do I have to be a particular religion to do these spells?

Nope. You just have to really want what you want and be able to follow some really easy instructions.

25. Can I fly, walk on water, control the world?

No. Always use common sense. So let’s be real. If that were the case, Papa Hector would never take a plane or a boat to travel. Neither would any other spiritual worker.

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26. Do you do lottery spells, money with no effort spells?

No. In life, you get what you work for. We do job getting work however.

27. Do you do black magick spells?

No. Papa Hector work’s clean magic only. Papa Hector can work justice work for you or help you in a court case, ONLY if you are innocent

28. Do you do weight loss spells?

No. Get on a Treadmill.

29. Do spells backfire?

They can. If you are doing it without pure intentions. If you are doing black magic, negative work, without any real rhyme or reason. (Though we do not offer those services here. We do offer JUSTICE and Protection works)

Remember, common law teaches us, that every action has an equal or greater reaction.

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30. Can all cases be resolved?

No. Just like in life, sometimes the damage is too far gone.

31. Can Papa Hector teach me how to do rituals/Spells? Can Papa Hector train me to be a Spiritual Priest?

Yes, Papa Hector can teach you how to do your own extremely effective Spiritual rituals.

He may be able to train you to be a Spiritual Priest, might not. Not just anyone can be a Spiritual Priest, nor should they want too. It is very hard work, expensive and a very long and arduous training process. There is much travel, hard work and sacrifice. Learn more about Apprenticeship Here: LINK COMING SOON

And if you still want to see if you can be a Spiritual Priest, the first step is to have an initial consultation. This way the guides can tell me if Papa Hector can initiate you, at what level, and what path is best for you. You can order that consultation here:

32. Are spells wrong, harmful, manipulative?

No, they are not wrong. They can be harmful, if you use them for those purposes. But we do not offer that here. Manipulative, yes, but if you think about it, you have been manipulating someone or something every time you have tried to get your way or what you wanted.

33. How long does it take to cast a spell?

Depends on the Spell. Usually 3-9 days.

34. Why should I buy here or use your services?

Have you seen the testimonials? Those are satisfied clients. Please bookmark this site now and then go around and find another site that has them or has as many as we do. We promise you, you can’t and you won’t. Then you will come back here knowing you have come to the best in the world.

The proof is in the pudding. Talk is Cheap. Seeing is believing and WE HAVE SHOWN AND PROVEN IT TO YOU.

Or you can waste your time and money with them other jokers and just end up back here . . . .

35. How do I spot Scammers who promise that spells will definitely work and yield desired results?

· They offer free consultations. Remember you get what you pay for. They are only going to tell you what you want to hear, and they will tell you all cases are resolvable and they can fix anything

· They guarantee their work. Please understand that no one is God

· They don’t let you come in person. Whether or not you do, is not important, what is more important is: is it even an option?

· They offer their custom services to everyone

· They claim they can resolve any and all cases (No one is God. Some cases are not resolvable)

· They are not a registered business/company

· They don’t show photos of themselves (what do they got to hide?) Papa Hector has nothing to hide, see pictures of Papa Hector on the header of this site. There are also photos of Papa Hector all over the internet

· They don’t make you get a consultation before taking on your case

· Any and all custom rituals offered by anyone should always have a consultation done first. Without a consultation, the proper ritual cannot be done. It is like a doctor giving out medicine without diagnosing the sickness, it doesn’t work. If they do not require a consultation, they are not real

· All rituals, including custom rituals performed for you, require that you put some of your energy in it. If they do not send you anything for you to do, or have you participate in any part of the process, there is something wrong

· True spiritual workers want to keep you informed of what we do for you. The more you know, the smoother the process is

· Legitimate Spiritual workers ask for links to your target. At the very least, a full name and photo. Preferably a birthdate, personal concerns, such as dirty clothing, hair, nails or something the target has written on. The more links you have the stronger the work can be. If absolute need be however, spiritual work could be done with just a full name

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