Papa Hector Reviews & Reports: 3 New Client Testimonials


These Video Testimonials have actually been ready and sitting around for quite a while.  And I have more too. .. .

But I’ve been super busy this year. . .

Helping People Get Their Exes Back

Helping People Get Married Just Like They Wanted

Making People Powerful Witches Who Can Get Whatever They Want

Getting My Clients More Money

Healing Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue for my Clients

Increasing People’s Luck, Success and Prosperity and Way More . . .

In fact, One of my other Clients Tripled his Business with Our Help . . . Way to Go!

So God Willing I’ll be putting up the rest some time soon . . ..

Until Then, Enjoy These Three Above. . .

Keep the Faith

Papa Hector

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Case Study: Elaine Gets Her Ex Back In 6 Weeks

Case Study: Elaine Gets Her Ex Back In 6 Weeks


Love Spell that works

The Beginning of the Love Spell Caster to bring back Roger, her ex.


Elaine came in after having gone to a number of spell casters and failing to see any results. Apparently she had researched about me for a few weeks before feeling confident enough to get her consultation.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t accept my case “. . . . She said ” also because I had already had so many love spells cast that failed with other casters, I kind of felt like it might be hopeless ”

Nevertheless, she got her consultation

“I was stunned by the consultation with you, I had consultations with other casters before but none were that accurate or on point, it was kind of freaky.”

“Still even after the consultation though I wasn’t sure that my case could really be fixed. Even though Papa you told me it could, I just wasn’t 100% sure or confident.”

“But I decided to try anyway. One last shot, you know…..”


I worked closely with Elaine throughout the process. She was absolutely right, her case was complex. But I also know that we’ve resolved situations way worse than hers.

Everything was an absolute wreck. She hadn’t spoken to her ex in months, his family and friends were against her, and he was already dating.

To add to everything, she made all the mistakes she possibly could have when trying to save the relationship.

And if that wasn’t enough ….

She had a bunch of crappy casters cast a hodgepodge of crap only making things worse.

But my I knew someone…. or rather a Spirit that could handle it all and then some

So we started her spell casting

She said

“At first I was super nervous. But you made it easy for me, thank you Papa. You held my hand the entire way…..

The first week, I was still super nervous and anxious, but the second week, I felt different and relaxed. The Spirits gave me signs.”



We started with Cleansing and clearing spells to wipe the slate clean. Remove obstacles and failed spells from affecting what we were doing.

Cleansing Love Spell

This Cleansing Love Spell wiped the slate clean for Elaine and Roger.


“I don’t dream, I mean I never dream. But in those first three weeks, I also had a number of dreams about my ex. Some good some not so good.


In week four, though I thought is it working. I remember, I wasn’t sure. Then the next day it happened.

His friend, who I was also friends with when we were together, but who really caused a lot of problems between us and helped separate us and keep us apart text me. I really didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t heard from him since our break up and a number of people told me that he was against me the entire time.

So I waited till you told me what to do. And did that. I forgot what it was you told me to say.

He ended up inviting me to come out with him and some of our other friends. I didn’t know x was going to be there.”



We used very potent communication spells to get her reconnected.


Communication Love Spells

Communication Love Spell cast in the cemetery with Baron that made Elaine and Roger get talking again.



At first, I got super nervous and worried. He avoided me and it was noticeable. After like an hour, then he finally started talking.

It was really awkward. We got over it though and started really connecting again

That was weeks 4&5


“Then you had just finished another step, I think it was sweetening at the end of that week.

After that we started talking again. It didn’t go as I expected, but by the end of week 6 we were back together.


Love Spells that work

Part of the final Love Spell that wins Roger back for Elaine.

After that, however, things were still a huge roller coaster ride….. we had lots of unfinished business, previous problems and things that came up. But , thanks to you, we got through it ….

… Thank you Papa, it wouldn’t have happened without you. At this point we are stable again and good with each other. ”


Special thanks to Elaine for letting me share your story.


Keep the faith
Papa Hector

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Review of Houngan Papa Hector’s Love Spells and Psychic Readings

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Spiritual Consultations

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Client Testimonial of Papa Hector’s Services and Spells


Papa Hector’s Client testifies to the amazing accuracy of Papa Hector’s Psychic Consultations, the Spirits power, Love Spells and Magic that Works and Gets Results.

Fact is Love Spells and Love Magic do really Work!  You just need the proper information, guidance and help to get love into your life.  Papa Hector has been helping people resolve love issues and all sorts of other life issues since 1989.  With Papa Hector, you know you are in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced Spiritual Priest and Expert.    When you work with us, you become a member of our Family, and that is why Papa Hector is known as “Papa”  because he is like a father to all of those who come to him.   Papa cares about you and your situation.


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Results and Review of Papa Hector Salva, a world renowned Houngan and Spiritual Worker’s, powerful Spiritual services, readings and love spells, ritual spells and magic




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Testimonials of Love Spells and Readings that Work

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