Papa Hector with a doll for a Spiritual Guide

Hello Friend,

Reverend Hector Salva, also known as Papa Hector and Houngan Hector, is a Trance Medium with over 20 years experience working with the Spirits, helping clients attain their desires, and working with the Spiritual World.   He has been helping people since 1989.
He specializes in reuniting lovers and love Spells, but as a Trance Medium he works with many powerful Spiritual Guides and is thus able to resolve all types of cases and problems with his spells.
Papa Hector’s family knew that he would be a medium even before his birth, as Puerto Rican Folk Spiritism (a special branch of Spiritualism) has been his family’s religion for centuries. So he grew up learning, working with and developing his mediumship from a very early age.
He is the leader and founder of Trinity Spiritual Center (click link to learn more) which is a Center and Church for Spiritual & Mediumistic Development.  He also has a Society for which he is the founder and leader and the society is based on Traditional Carribean Religions. Click Here to Learn More

He has helped and has traveled to help clients all over the world, including people in all the US States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Holland, England, Wales, Belgium, Malaysia, Germany, India and various other places.  He is world renowned and has been featured in many newspapers, blogs, and other various articles and shows for his divine Spiritual Work.

His Spells are different than those that you will find anywhere else as his SPELLS WORK! YES the SPELLS WORK and that is what makes his work and him so different from the others.

Papa Hector with Ancestral Skull ready to work magic

Papa Hector works with a number of Spiritual Guides (aka Spiritual Benefactors, Spirits, Spiritual Doctors) who are actually the ones who work your spells.  He is simply the Medium who allows the Spiritual Doctors to come through and work their magic helping you to get what you want.  Unlike many other mediums, he is both a Conscious as well as an Unconscious Trance Medium.  That means that he can give full control of his mind and body to the Spiritual Benefactors, who are thus able to send the strongest possible amount of positive Spiritual Forces directly onto this plane from the Spiritual World and use those energies to GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT.

You can read more about some of the many Spiritual Doctors/Benefactors that Papa Hector works with on your Spells:  Coming Soon

Papa Hector has the most video and audio testimonials of all websites online proving that his spells work and have worked for many people and will work for you.

Please note that in order to take on your case, Papa would require a Spiritual Consultation.  This is for various reasons, which is explained in our FAQ

Papa is a very honest open person.  Not every case is resolvable in the manner in which you would like and Papa will let you know this if this is the case.

Papa Hector has been spiritually blessed with the gifts of Prophecy, Clairivoyance, Full Trance Mediumship, and Manifestation.  Just as there are physical gifts and natural talents that God gives to certain individuals, so are other Spiritual Gifts that are given.   Due to all his extensive training, spiritual work, and experience Papa Hector is a Highly Developed Medium, most likely unlike anyone you have met before.

You can read more about Papa Hector and his life’s work here:  CLICK HERE FOR MORE