LaSirene is the Spirit of the Sea, the Queen of the Seas.

A Spirit of luck, beauty, wealth, and the Arts. She is also a spirit of hypnotizing love and seduction.  Many men and women like to receive her special bath to increase their powers of attraction.   She is a Spirit who many actively try to receive her favor.   You can read more about her here:



This year we will be doing her Special Bath at the Sea.  In Atlantic City, New Jersey on Aug 23rd at 9 am.

And afterwards at 3pm we will be having a special ceremony in honor of her and her Husband.  Someone will be marrying her husband, the powerful Met Agwe.

Due to this, and the charity of the person giving the ceremony, we are able to offer a very special price this year for this special ceremony.

If you come in person, you will need  to bring your fee, a set of old clothing and a set of white clothing.  Everything else will be provided for you.

This year only the bath will be given for $121.

If you are far away and would like this mailed to you (only in the US — unfortunately due to customs we are unable to send this internationally) — It will be $151 to cover shipping and other materials we will have to send you since you were not here to have it administered.  (LINK TO ORDER COMING SOON)

You can email us at help@greatestspells.com for more information and directions.

Don’t miss it!

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