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I am often asked whether or not it is better to have a love spell done in person or at a distance.  Meaning, is it better to go in person to see the spell caster or is it better to just have the spell caster do everything at a distance.

And I have to state that in most cases, and over all, I have seen and experienced that it is better to do a love spell in person with your spell caster.  There are a variety of reasons for this, and i will give you a few of them.

When you go to see a Spell Caster in person, the process of having your spell cast is usually much quicker and smoother.  Part of this reason is simple enough — rather than having to send things back and forth with the spell caster, usually you will be able to exchange everything that is needed while you are there.   Secondly, any questions that you may have can be answered and taken care of right there on the spot.

Another reason is because you are there in person, the Spell can be directly imprinted onto your aura and the Spell Caster can do alot of other things that simply cannot be done at a distance.  If the Spell Caster works with and channels Spirits, they can work directly on you right there, rather than being sent, etc.

When a Spell is done at a distance, the Caster must make a connection to your Aura and also to your target’s.  But when in person, that connection is much easier and quicker made because you are physically present.   The connection is also stronger.  So a spell that has a stronger connection to the Aura works quicker and manifests easier than one that a weaker connection.

Alongside of those facts, there are certain Love Spell Casting techniques and works that can be done there in person that simply cannot be done at a distance.

This is not at all to say that Spells done at a distance do not work, because they do and very well.  In fact, majority of spells these days are cast this way.  However, whenever given a choice, having a Love Spell or any type of Spells cast, in person is always superior in it’s efficiency.

Some common questions we receive about this same issue are:

Is it better to have a Psychic Reading or Consultation done in Person or at a distance (via Phone)?

If the Psychic or spiritual worker is good, then it doesn’t really matter.  The information should still be the same, although getting a reading done in person may be just a little more detailed (by a small amount).   It would be more detailed because the connection between the Psychic and person being read would be stronger.  However a phone reading or consultation is most of the time just as good as via phone.

If you had to choose between going in person for a reading or for the Spell, it is better to go in person to have your Spell cast.  If you can go in person for both, great, but if not it is more beneficial to go in person for a Spell Casting, especially Love Spells.

Is there any way to be able to make a connection at a distance that would be similar as going in person?

Yes, generally speaking, the more links and biological links that your Spell Caster has of you and the targets, the better and stronger the connection can be made.


Is it better to go to a Spell Caster that lives near to me or someone that lives further away and have to do my spells at a distance?

This depends on how good the Spell Caster is.

For example, if you have two spell casters that you were thinking about, and one lives closer or is easier to get to, so you could get your spells done in person, but is an okay caster but not great.  And the second caster is really great, very good at what he/she does, but you would have to get your spell done at a distance because they are too far away.

It is then better to go with the Second Caster and have your spells cast at a distance.  Because the better, more experienced, more connected caster is more likely to bring you results than the other.

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