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Powerful Love Spells that Gets Your Ex Back Even If:


Love Spell that works

The Beginning of the Love Spell Casted to bring back Roger, her ex.

Your Ex doesn’t talk to you anymore, is Ignoring You or Has Cut You Off Entirely

Your Ex Left You For Someone Else, Is With Someone Else or Is Dating Already


Other People Are the Problem Keeping the Two of You Apart


There are Obstacles, Issues, Problems Or Blockages that are Hindering You Getting Your Ex Back. . .


Your Relationship is “On the Rocks and Falling Apart”  And You Want to Save It Before You Lose Him or Her Forever


Your Ex Says It’ll Never Work and Won’t Give You Another Chance

love lamp spell

This Powerful Love Spell Reunites My Client with Her Man Once and For All.

You’ve Tried Other Spells and Magic and Failed Horribly . . .


You’ve lost your Love, Your Soul Mate, Your Best Friend and You Want to Get Your Ex Back and Get a Second Chance









Proof: Her Results. She Got Her Ex Back Using Our Powerful Love Spells.

Who Am I and Why I Can Help You

I am Papa Hector, World’s Leading Expert Love Spell Caster and Spiritual Worker.


I help abandoned, rejected and ignored Lovers get Back Their Best Friends, Lovers and Soul Mates.    I also help People Get Love in all It’s Forms.


Founder & Leader of the World’s Largest Spiritual Magical Temple

GNL Society, which I founded and lead, is the Worlds Largest International Spiritual Magical Temple with hundreds Students, Members and Apprentices World Wide.

Born with the Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

My family knew that I would be a medium even before  birth, as Puerto Rican Folk Spiritism (a special branch of Spiritualism) has been my family’s religion for centuries. So I grew up learning, working with and developing his mediumship and Magical Power from a very early age.


Expert Spell Caster Trusted Since 1989


Papa Hector with his Apprentices, Followers, Students and Clients during Annual Ceremony

I have been helping  clients attain their desires, and working with the Spiritual World since 1989.


I have  traveled to help clients all over the world, including people in all the US States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Holland, England, Wales, Belgium, Malaysia, Germany, India and various other places.  I am World renowned and has been featured in many newspapers, blogs, and other various articles and shows for his divine Spiritual Work.


Author and Orginator of the World’s Largest Online Site on Vodou, Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones

Ezilikonnen.com is the world’s largest website of information teaching on real Vodou, Voodoo, Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones.  It is the reference point for the majority of other articles seen online.

Only Spell Caster online with Video, Audio and Client Written Testimonials (and there are hundreds of them . . . )

The Results Speak for themselves. . . .


The Spell Casters’ Caster

When Spell Casters can’t get results, who do they come to?  That’s right  . . . me.  More than 25% of my clients are Spell Casters and the majority of Legitimate Spell Casters that can be found online are my Students and Apprentices.



Our Results Speak For Themselves . . . .

Your Powerful Love Spell Gets Your Ex Back . . .

break up separation spellCustomized and Targeted to Your Ex 

Your Spells are Customized to Your Situation to get you the Fastest Results with Accuracy. 

Targeted to Your Ex so that He or She is unable to get away from Your Powerful Spell and Is Heavily Affected with Desire to Fix things with You. 

Proven Secret System 

Ancient and Secret Recipes Combined with Modern Techniques Gets Your Ex Back In Your Arms in the Fastest Possible Way

97% Success Rate 

We don’t Say So, Our Clients do.  And They GET RESULTS SHOCKINGLY FAST . . . Just Listen to Their Stories

100% Safe and Completely Natural White Magic

Our magic is 100% Safe, White Magic and Natural.  

Results Since 1989  

Born with the Spirits and the Spiritual Power that has helped tens of thousands of others

Only Caster with Dozens upon Dozens of Video, Audio and Written Testimonials

I don’t just tell you I have helped tons of others, I’ve already shown you. And if you’d like, You Can Watch Many more on the Client Results Page.

More Proof and Results

How It Works: 3 Steps to Get Your Ex Back

Step 1:  Book Your Consultation

We’ll Analyze &  Discuss Your Case and See How We Can Work Together To Get Your Ex Back.



Step 2:  Cast Your Powerful Love Spells

We’ll Cast Your Powerful Love Spells Targeted At Your Ex and Your Ex Will Start To Think About You, Desire You and Want You.



Step 3:  Get Results and Your Ex Back and Rebuild

The Spells Start Working at Full Force and Your Ex and You Get Back together.  Now the Two of You can Start Rebuilding Your Relationship and Getting Back to Where You Want to Be.

First Step is Your Consultation.

  Let’s Talk and See How We Can Get Your Ex Back Fast

Our Proof Love Spells Work . . . Our Client Results

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